Dear Men: I Don’t Know What Your Words I LIKE YOU Mean

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This blog that I am about to write. I feel a need to write it, because God tells me that it’s going to help a lot of people.

Lately I’ve turned my light up a little bit, and I admit to finally actually being ready to attract my divine soulmate.

Before I was simply getting ready to be ready. Or at least I was TRYING to talk myself into being ready. But honestly, you can’t make the decision, until you actually are ready.  Before, it was all in my mind. But now I perform the ACTIONS necessary to attract my divine soulmate.

A few awesome men have popped up this week, saying that they have interest in me.  One guy told me that he was ready to fall in love with me. Others offered me flights to places.

The flight guys, I get them a little bit. But not really. And the rest I don’t get them at all.

Now that I am in a place of wholeness, I honestly already know what it is that I am looking for. But that goes against dating rules.

See dating is where people slowly talk, get to know one another, and MAYBE decide that they like each other. It is what NORMAL people do. I am not normal. I am 5D and of God.  I FEEL connections.  I connect with people quite swiftly. There really is no need to prove who they are. I just get them, and often they get me.

So this whole thing with men LIKING me. LOTS of men like me. I can open up my inbox at anytime and get any man to take me out of a date. Men would drop everything they are doing just to fly to Vegas to take me out on a date. I can open a dating app and accept the request of numerous men who ask me out on a date.

So, enter the high value woman who has found herself, knows who she is,  is fully walking in her purpose in life,  doesn’t look for validation outside of herself, knows her power and how much she adds to any man, understands the value of her vibration and the REQUIREMENT to keep her high vibration and I find myself rather in this space ALONE.

I don’t feel alone. But I know I’ve created this beautiful space around me. It’s filled with so much peace, clarity, hope, passion and love.   So at this point a regular man doesn’t have a chance with me. He has to be extraordinary and know HOW he is going to add to my life. He has to be spiritually inclined and know not to ask me a million questions that leads down a path of a past that’s irrelevant to the future that we could be creating together.

At this point, a man has to know who he is, and what kind of legacy he plans to build on this earth. All because I know my worth.

One man randomly inboxed me and asked me when did I want to go to lunch.  See that’s how a man from the past would talk to me. They think I’m the same Kissy they met.  Maybe they even remember when I wasn’t always doing so well. Either way, I am not that girl no more. I do not wish to be treated average, normal, less than or any way that is not of a Goddess.  So a man ASSUMING that he gets the right to take me to lunch, will be denied.

I will go to lunch with the man who asks if he can have the HONOR of my presence for lunch.

Another guy invited me out on a trip, and I thought about all of the trips I’d been on with him. He’s not a bad guy at all. But his value of my worth just doesn’t cut it. Not that he hasn’t given me money, but not I LOVE KISSY kind of money.  Not that I believe that he REALLY appreciated my divine presence on those trips. In fact he has no idea of my spiritual power.  And it’s not that he doesn’t treat me like a Queen when I am in his presence. If I say I want to go to dinner, and dinner costs $500, he is with it. No complaints. He’ll make reservations and take me wherever I want to go. He’s all about EXPERIENCES. And if he can experience something with a beautiful woman, that’s even better. See it’s not really about ME, it’s all about HIM.

I thought about how if I hung out with him on a trip, how much I would once again be going backwards.  He’s a good friend, but it’s not like he doesn’t want to date me.

See the things that I learned in my abstinence from dating, taught that even the way I allowed my male friends to treat me were a reflection of me.   If I had a male friend who doted on me, and took me to foreign places on private jets, took me shopping when we got there, and pursued me like I was the one he really wanted, the truth is I would have a COMPLETELY different view of life. That view would be more in alignment with my highest self.

I am starting all over. I am going to love again, like I’ve never been broken-hearted. I am going to be sweet, kind and feminine, despite the madness in the world, or the thoughts of men in the past who didn’t appreciate me.

So to make my shift, I will only be aligning with my dream man. If a man isn’t showing up like my dream man, and I’ve already given him access to me, I won’t be going back that way.  This decision is going to change my life and help me manifest my desires way faster.

Women have to realize that men who don’t come to worship the ground you walk on, are a waste of time.  I know the kind of effort that a man who really wants it is willing to put in.

So a man saying he likes me or he’s interested, actually doesn’t mean anything to me. It’s just words. A man telling me he wants to fall in love with me are just words. I have completed orbed out of HEARING the things men say. I only see ACTIONS these days.

So for men who seek relationships with healed, high performing women, I would suggest that you do your work and actually be ready to put in work.  High value women want charming men. While some women are willing to forego their desires and give up on their dreams, some of us have learned the hard way to never, ever do such a thing. We learned by trying to settle for less than what our hearts desired.

As a man, it is your responsibility to know how to be a charming man, and get a woman to open her heart to you. I know you want things to be easy, but God is not going to give his greatest creation to you easy. A divine woman has to be earned by a King.  As a King is looking for a woman who arouses something deeper in him, than he’s ever felt before.  He too wants divine love.

So if you’ve never felt divine love, you don’t know how to embody it, and THAT is exactly what you need in order to marry a spiritual boss chick.

Beta men who are alpha tell men to let women chase them.  And that’s all cool, but the minute she is introduced to a real man who puts that charm on her, she will notice that her first pick was a fraud.  She’ll notice that he really wasn’t her knight in shining armor. She’ll notice that he really isn’t all that and don’t actually know what it takes to win in life.

Beta men give you dating strategies that are not of LOVE. In order for those strategies to work, it often requires that a woman not love or know herself.

A King wants a woman that knows what she wants and where she is going. He’s not looking for a confused little girl.

The KNOWING is what separates the real from the fake.  Just like I know what I want, a man should know what kind of woman he wants, and what kind of woman is going to best suit his needs. Which means he needs to know what his needs are. Most men don’t. But when he does the work to get really clear on what he wants, he becomes a beautiful brilliant man full of light, love and purpose, he can then spot what he wants, and go after it, because its a must have.

See 3D people get involved in take it or leave it relationships. It doesn’t matter to them either way. Which is why the relationships fall apart.  Just like manifestation of anything else, you must desire it deeply within your heart and be living there already.

Men need to find a woman that you not only want to date and get to know, but you want to bask in the beauty of her essence, cause you can feel just how much it uplifts you and brightens your soul.

Unless you can feel energy, you can not keep a spiritual boss chick. She will swiftly outgrow you.

Men who can’t feel are on a never-ending search. A search for something they are never going to find. Because it first has to be found within you. You can find nothing outside of yourself that’s not already in your spirit.

I noticed that most of the men who say they like m or ant to date me, haven’t entered the spiritual realm, which is why they can be round me and not FEEL anything. Their heart chakra is blocked.

No man can receive a woman as powerful and divine as me, if he has not first received the God within. A woman like me can only be found by first seeking God.

I noticed that men who are not connected to MY LEVEL OF GOD, want me to be less. They’ll start picking at my hair, my hair color, my clothes, my high confidence, and things that are a waste of time.

Men who are connected to my level of God, actually see me higher than I see myself. They help me stay focused on out performing my best self. They feed life and love into me.  These men are of my tribe.

Both men and women must find a mate within their tribe. When you find a million and one things wrong about a person they are not your tribe or maybe you have a negative mindset.  Because real love require that you think a person is absolutely AMAZING as a person, even if you don’t necessarily like some of their traits when it comes to dating them.  Cause that’s the REAL LIFE way it’s going to be in a relationship.

Trying to visually make someone meet your IDEA of perfection isn’t soulmate love. Soulmate love is a connection so deep, that you want to get along with them and figure out how to maintain that connection for the rest of your life.

What I talk about is so deep, and most people don’t understand it. Most people still engage in the act of sex, just to get a nut.

Not to mention that women date for husbands, and men date or fun and sex.  While I completely understand the way men think, my  soul tells me that my King thinks above and beyond such simple thinking. I refuse to believe that all men are the same. Some man has to stand out. And they always do. That’s how I’ve found myself in relationships.  Now maybe those people didn’t appreciate the soulmate connection we had, or maybe I was the only one KNOWING. Who knows. I just know that there is a man out there who values love the same way i do, and he’s been looking for me his whole life, the way I’ve been looking for him.

Now imagine not showing up as that man and how uninterested I would be.  See dream man already knows how to get me. God will tell him.

Fellas, if you want that divine woman that you know you deserve, seek God.

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