Become so full of love for yourself, that your highest tribe of influence shows up

by | The Power of Love

I’ve had the most earth shattering, soul shifting, beautiful transformational last few days. Did everyone I meet treat me well in the last few days? Nope.

But every human interaction can show us just how much we are loving ourselves.  When you love yourself, you place yourself around people who make you feel good about the work of being you. Or at least you try to find a little extra joy in people.

Sometimes you meet them.

Hey, Do you want to wake up each and every morning and LOVE THE PHUCK out of yourself?
DM me, I am talking today. Just you and me. Let’s have a conversation, about how I can help you do just that.
Many believe that looking good is a must.  But, so is FEELING good. When was the last time you made yourself feel really good?

I am here for you, to help you get answers to the things you prayed for.
Speaking of praying. 
Jesus is the way, the truth and the light. Many spiritual people have it confused as to exactly what Jesus means.
Jesus is the representative of everything you came here for. You came to have it all, so that we may _______________, according to__________…
“to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.”
Philippians 4:19, NIV: “And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.”
Now listen. You can have Jesus needs and hang out with the mortals, who quite often irk your very soul, because you don’t understand them, and they don’t understand that you’re just trying to help them.  
Or you can be a God like boss and send the help. B*tch you need a TRIBE. You can’t do this all by yourself. Even Jesus knew that, for Pete’s sake.  Funny how so many black people watched the movie “The Help” and don’t get the deeper meaning to stop being the help, to everyone around you. 
Come on, you know this. There’s levels to this sh*t in every way. It’s time to SCALE UP, so that you may help a greater number of people, faster. You have a deep seated need to be helpful. But there is someone you may be forgetting in all of this. 
It’s time to back up, and stop doing all the work of work and do the WORK of BEING YOU, instead.
Are you ready to go from ZERO to one hundred in doing your best to do the world of being paid to be yourself?  Are you ready to go where God is calling you?
It can get a little confusing to which is you….
Let me tell you something. Most people are out here trying to be somebody else. They’re just going in the direction of success. Success is success. But each person’s success is different. Each soul must be on their own path, in order to truly win.
But you baby are a success in whatever you choose to do. You are one of the original ones. The 144,000. So yeah, You got this, cause you are called according to his purpose.  You move with LOVE. Love is your motivation. And God is love. 
Sourced and written with love by Kissy Denise | The Masterpiece – The Goddess of Love & Motivation.