vintage alarm clock

Keep men on clocks so they won’t waste your time

Kissy denise red

Never fear love, God will always send you a reflection of your heart

Ray J Princess Love

EGO: Ray J tricked Princess Love Into Staying Married, Now He Filed To Divorce HER & Won’t Talk To Her

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Men need to realize that SMART women DO NOT let go of good men

Cardi B

Cardi B Files For Divorce From Offset, AKA The Migos’ rapper guy who loves to cheat

R. Jai Gillum and Andrew Gillum sit down for an interview with Tamron Hall

R. Jai Gillum upset that everyone knows her politician husband Andrew Gillum is bisexual

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Your man isn’t rich right now, and you believe that if he was, that he would take care of you

A writer dissed Cardi B. and it kind of pissed me off

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Here’s how focusing on what you THINK you did wrong, causes spiritual blocks

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Most men really are dumb. Which is why SMART men beat them out

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Please don’t expect me to be the same person I was yesterday

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You’re never going to marry a great man, if you keep dating mediocre ones


Men Are Something Else……

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The Reason Candice Owens Is Winning is Because She Has A White Husband

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A woman with a negative mindset is a danger to a man


Tory Lanez Texted Megan Thee Stallion An: ‘I Just Got Too Drunk’ Apology Message, After Shooting Her

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A Poem About That Time You Broke Your Own Heart, Again & Again, Yet GOD IS GOOD to you

Niecy Nash discusses HEARTBREAK & SOULMATE LOVE, during interview about WHY she married a woman

Stop hanging out with men who don’t break bread. There is a reason you’re not attracted to him.

B**tch, they lied to you when they told you that you could do it all on your own

Naomi Campbell

PETTY! Naomi Campbell Sued for $3 Million By Billionaire Ex-Boyfriend Vladislav Doronin

Jane Fonda Marvin Gaye

It was the right time: Jane Fonda Says She Regrets Not Sleeping with Marvin Gaye

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You Don’t Trust Men, Because You Don’t Trust Yourself

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The Truth of Why You’re Tired & Not Married Yet

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A guy I called to fix my tire talked crazy to me, and I didn’t go off

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If you mess up our friendship, you’re not getting back into my life

Joe Budden Tahiry

Stop Lying! Tahiry Accuses Joe Budden of Fracturing Her Rib, Breaking Her Nose & Throwing Her Down The Stairs, During Relationship

usher girlfriend baby mama

Usher and New Girlfriend, Jenn Goicoechea, Expecting New Baby

Neicy Nash Divorce

Niecy Nash Divorced Her Husband, and got married to a WOMAN