It may surprise you to find out the traits that makes a woman high value to a man.

Even the most intelligent woman would be surprised to find out what a man values. For one, he most likely does not value her success or accolades.  He doesn’t even care about that. So don’t go stuffing yourself with degrees, thinking that will make you more valuable… Men operate a bit different. They are mostly looking for a woman who is soft, sweet, catering and feminine.

Another thing is, men value women who are not willing to do anything more than a woman is supposed to to. For instance, masculine men do not favor women who are wiling to go 50/50 on the bills with him. He has a very strong desire to provide for his family.

Below are 5 traits that make a woman high value in the eyes of a man.

1. She is happy, has a positive, uplifting attitude and builds him up. (There’s a way to go about this)

2. She is patient and kind, and not easily angered.

3. She is flexible, easy going and all out chill with no pressure.

4. She is passionate about her goals/her career and has a drama-free life. (Boys won’t value this)

5. She places a high value on loyalty, honest and communication. (Boys won’t value this.)

Many women are becoming upset by talks of feminism, but that’s exactly what men like. Sometimes you have to go with the flow. It makes things a lot smoother.

Remember that nothing is 100%, what works for one couple, may not work for another. It’s all about what works for the both of you.

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