vintage alarm clock

Keep men on clocks so they won’t waste your time

Kissy denise red

Never fear love, God will always send you a reflection of your heart

5 Bible Quotes That Will Help Stop Emotional Suffering

woman with money

MEN: Please STOP worrying about how much money a woman has

Makhosi Candiss Pitts

How A Shaman Showed Me More of Who God Is

I don’t think it’s smart to call brilliant, heart-centered people TOXIC

I never in my life thought I would have so much fun, talking to men who love God


10 Ways To Love A Man or A Woman

vulnerable woman

The problem that occurs when men don’t respect a woman’s vulnerability

We need to talk about the way MOST black men treat black women

Only women, children and dogs and loved unconditionally. A man is only loved on on condition that he provides.

Goerge Floyd Funeral


black couple king and queen

How To Attract A Divine Masculine King

married couple wedding

If someone wants to date you, then they need to love your soul right now. Not tomorrow

God does not choose your soulmate for you

Spiritual Awakening & Enlightenment: Why Am I Always High?

deep spiritual love

Men Love Women Who Control Their Emotions, Until…….

how to make money blogging

Home Based Business: How To Make Money From A Blog

sunset meditation

How to Tap your Vivacious Inner Childlike Energy Reserves

Jack Dorsey Twitter

Twitter employees now get to work from home FOREVER, Millionaire CEO says


How Tekashi69 Inspired Me To Step My Game Up With His Slim Shady Level Trolling

Once upon a time there was this girl who had four boyfriends

Every man doesn’t want to be Kobe, Lebron or Jordan, some are just happy WATCHING the game

jamar camper 50:50 men

Man breaks down the loss of time and money for 50/50 men who chase multiple women

never marry a non rich man

Never marry a man who doesn’t DO for you with his money and his hands

Ciara Russell Wilson

Dear Average Men: Please Stop Chasing Beautiful Women

$100K life coaching mastermind

How I found the courage to launch a $100K Mastermind

women abusive relationships boundaries-4

Women who wind up in abusive relationships abuse themselves

masterpiece bible ephesians

Someday you’ll see that you are a whole masterpiece