Casual Sex Is One of The WORST Things Women Do To Themselves

by | Confidence & Self-Love

Everyone is doing it………….

Women have A LOT of problems. I mean A LOT.  They don’t know who they are. They copy everything they see the next woman do, and they just go along and do any and everything, trying to figure out where they fit in.

One thing I’ve noticed about even the most beautiful women, is that they are all having an identity crisis, and that’s not the worst part. That’s common. But it’s deeper than that.  Women don’t know who they are due to all of the casual sex they’ve had.

Having casual sex is one of the worst things women do to themselves. It allows men to use you up and discard you. That’s why your self-esteem is so low.

Society has literally tricked women into not charging for sex and convinced them to be FREE.  Some women even desire to explore their sexuality and be sexually free like men. I guess it’s all okay, until you actually want a real relationship and you’re too tired to date, because you’re exhausted from letting men use you up.

Every time a woman has sex she is giving that man a million dollars. GAME OVER! She’s giving him energy and her life force. So when he turns around and rejects her, or tells her she’s not good enough afterwards, her self-esteem comes tumbling down.

She starts worrying about what’s wrong with her, and wondering why she’s not good enough. She later realizes that man has moved on, and when he gets married, he got married to the woman who made him wait. He got married to the woman who valued herself.

Women are so hot in the undies these days and can’t wait to express their sexual freedom.   And yup, they are FREE alright. Men love using freebies…..and tossing them in the trash like a used up napkin that’s now been soiled. 😖

But like I said, men get married to the woman they wined and dined without her putting out.

It’s not good for people to reject the bible. It literally tells you how to stop yourself from a lifetime of drama, embarrassment, hurt, pain, disappointment, and strife. But people reject it cause it’s “religious.”

Personally I realize the insanity of us humans who ignore clearly written out instructions that are to our own benefit, because we want to do our own thing. 

The Average Man Doesn’t Know The Difference Between a Goal Digger & A Gold Digger

You tell women to close their legs, and some unknown woman pops up to tell you how wrong you are.  So now women don’t know which way to go.

But let’s just say you are 30-years-old, and you started having sex in your late teens and you’re unmarried. Do you realize you just spent the past DECADE of your life, wasting your time, giving your p*ssy away for FREE?

Women love to brag how they don’t care about nice things and how they only need d*ck and time from men. And that’s exactly what they get.  They don’t even have bags, Louboutins, trips, a high end wardrobe, a luxury condo, nor a luxury car to show for all of that p*ssy they gave up. They don’t even have the MATERIAL goods or the FINANCIAL benefits to show for all of that, like the gold diggers who then fully utilize it to attract another high caliber man.

Then the freebie girls run into square men who want to know how many men they’ve slept with.   It’s such a draining, tiring, process.

Ladies, close your legs.  Have some value for yourself. Take a stand for yourself and get what you want from life. Chances are, you won’t get it by giving out free p*ssy. I tell you that much.

Do you have my book yet? If not, you must like not getting what you want from men and life. 

P.S. Smart people do not have casual sex these days. Sex is a SPIRITUAL CONNECTION to connect with the divine.