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Kissy Denise is the best thing to happen to life coaching. She’s a 7 Figure Dream Activator who aligns high performing souls with the life of their dreams in the areas of business and relationships.

She’s a Celebrity Influencer with more than half a million social media followers.  She is one of the top celebrity bloggers in the world with the most studied, engaged audience around. Kissy became well-known through her viral 6-Figure blog called “Ask Kissy, ” before she created a new Multi-six figure blogging brand called Krime With Kissy.  When it comes to the psychology of social media, intuitive attraction,  and branding for monetization and positive influence; Kissy is the go to expert for spiritual entrepreneurs. 

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After building a massive following, obtaining financial freedom, and helping clients build 6-7 figure brands, Kissy Denise had a spiritual awakening that increased her passion to help other souls reach great success.  In 2018, she took a break from her celebrity blog to become a high ticket, spiritual life coach, in order to help her followers.   After training under some of the top millionaire life coaches in the world Kissy Denise quickly became one of the most intuitive life coaches in the world. She then got baptized which brought her deeper into the path of enlightenment, causing her to focus her branding business on spiritual life coaches who are called to serve on a worldwide platform. 

She now helps multi-passionate, wealth conscious, spiritual life coaches in several ways.  As a master life coach, prophetess, and intuitive attraction specialist,  Kissy is able to help her clients achieve their dream life in many ways.  Kissy who is also known as The Goddess of Love works from the heart  chakra to align you with your soul’s purpose of abundance in every area of life. 

Kissy is  all about strategy mixed with a little woo woo. She’s about being fierce AF, and overdosing on spiritual juice. She’s for teaching you how to be unapologetic AF about who you are, activating divine self-confidence, having a high self-worth, letting go of old storylines, and allowing the divine to transform and quantum leap you into a life of greatness.

Using her many gifts and skills to help you take your spiritual gifts and build a powerful 7 Figure online brand that gets noticed upon sight, brings clients to your door, attracts followers, and commands the high ticket prices that you know you’re worth.

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Most importantly, Kissy Denise is also The Goddess of Love & Motivation. She wants every woman to know that “You Can’t Force A Man to Value You.”  Get the book on Amazon and become a High Value Woman. 

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