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Shaunie O’Neal Says She Was Never In Love With Shaq

Shaunie O’Neal Says She Was Never In Love With Shaq

Shaunie Henderson noticed the cracks in her marriage to Shaquille O’Neal long before their high-profile divorce shook the sports and entertainment worlds in 2011. In her new book, “Undefeated: Changing the Rules and Winning on My Own Terms,” released on May 7,...

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Play to Win!

“Play to Win: Become the Dream Man Women Love, Respect & Submit To” is your ultimate guide to mastering relationships. Discover the secrets to commanding respect, inspiring love, and cultivating fulfilling connections with women. From effective communication to unwavering confidence, unlock the keys to becoming the man of her dreams. Packed with wisdom, humor, and profound insights, “Play to Win” is a must-read for any man who is ready to step into his true potential, unlock his inner alpha, and become the dream man that women love, respect, and willingly submit to. Get ready to play to win in love and life.


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About Me:

I’m Kissy Denise – The Masterpiece | The Goddess of Love & Motivation, a published author of a best-selling relationship series, intuitive spiritual guide, and divine feminine alignment and embodiment specialist. My mission is to raise your vibration and instill unstoppable confidence, empowering you to manifest your dreams faster than you ever thought possible.

What I Offer:

Transformational Coaching for High-Achievers

Clarity, Confidence, and Consciousness: I help you gain crystal clear clarity on your goals, build unshakable confidence, and elevate your consciousness to attract the life you desire.

Rapid Breakthroughs: Using my unique spiritual gifts, I get to the core of your challenges swiftly, providing actionable insights and transformative breakthroughs that last.

Holistic Success: I guide you to harmonize all aspects of your life—mind, money, body, heart, spirit, and soul—so you can thrive in every area. So that you may become who GOD called you to be.


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Books & Courses

Welcome to my transformative world of empowerment and love! Dive into the expertly crafted resources designed to help you unlock the life of your dreams. My books and courses are tailored to guide heart-centered, successful women towards manifesting their ideal romantic relationships and achieving their highest potential.


My collection of books delves deep into the art of manifestation, offering step-by-step guidance to attract and sustain a high-value partnership. Each book is a treasure trove of wisdom, blending intuitive insights with practical strategies to help you align your mind, body, heart, spirit, and soul with your dream partner. Whether you're looking to embrace your femininity, overcome past relationship challenges, or simply open your heart to love, my books are your perfect companion.


My courses are designed to provide rapid, transformational breakthroughs, addressing and removing core obstacles that stand in the way of your happiness and success. Through intuitive and spiritual insights, you'll learn how to:

  • Meet High-Value Men: Discover where and how to connect with men who match your level of success and ambition.
  • Enhance Your Attraction: Understand why successful men may not show interest and learn how to embody your true femininity to attract the right partner.
  • Overcome Rejection: Build resilience and confidence to handle rejection and mistreatment, transforming these experiences into stepping stones towards your ideal relationship.
  • Achieve Financial Success: Learn strategies to make your first million in business while aligning your personal and professional goals.

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Ready to transform your life and relationships? Explore my books and enroll in my courses today. Take the first step towards living your dream life and attracting the love you deserve. Join me now and start your journey to becoming the Goddess Unleashed!

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1:1 Coaching

Personalized coaching sessions tailored to your unique needs and goals. Experience fast, lasting transformation in your career, relationships, and personal growth.


Group Programs

Join a community of like-minded high-achievers in our immersive group programs. Benefit from collective wisdom and support while working towards your dreams.

Workshops and Retreats

Deep dive into personal development with our exclusive workshops and retreats designed to elevate your mind, body, and spirit.

I know you

I’ve walked the path.

From being raised in the projects, becoming a single mother, experiencing homelessness, toxic relationships and feeling lost, to attracting 525,000 + followers and creating a multi-6 Figure blog from the comfort of my luxurious home in Las Vegas, I’ve experienced many lifetimes and have always been saved by the grace of God.

My biggest  financial shift came after getting on the bathroom floor, crying, praying, asking God to save me.

The next day I started making 6 Figures. Since then I’ve gotten baptized, became spiritually anointed with intuitive gifts, learned that I’m an empath and have used my prophetic anointing  to write transformational relationships books, and become a coach who has changed thousands of lives.

I’ve learned personal branding, the art of magnetism, how to have unstoppable confidence, to walk in my purpose and to command attention when I walk in any room.  I understand the peaks and valleys that life takes you though.  I’m not here to judge you. Only to give you a helping hand to manifest the dream/vision that God gave you for your life.


From Lacking Clarity To Excelling In Business!!!

I went from 6 figures years to 7 Figure months in just four weeks!

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I manifested my  soulmate within three months of working with Kissy Denise!

Amy – Investor/Business Owner