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celibate relationships

Being Celibate Doesn’t Mean You’re Going To Attract A Good Man

Today ladies and gentleman we are going to discuss the topic of celibacy.  Many women go through bad relationships, then decide to go celibate afterwards. They hear the blasts from various preachers and social media experts telling them to close their legs.  Then they walk around believing themselves to now be high value and virtuous. Being

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50/50 Men Use Good Women Up & Rob You of Your Youth

When you think about all of the years you’ve spent cooking, cleaning, having sex and giving blowjobs to a 50/50 man, you can’t help but think about how much of your time and youth has been wasted.  That’s because that is not how Queens roll.  Not only was your time and youth wasted, but you

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divine feminine and masculine

A spiritual Goddess must be careful with her words

If you’re following this blog you’re hard headed.  So am I Sis. Or at least I used to be. But today I am reformed by the father, the son and the holy spirit. I rebuke the spirit of not listening to the Gods, the universe and God himself.  I rebuke thine ears that clearly hears

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Kings show up for women when crisis hits

There is nothing like an international pandemic to show women how a man truly feels about her.  The average woman right now is faced with fear, anxiety and tiredness, because she simply doesn’t know what to do. Therefore she feels unsafe.  Kings are aware of this and will intentionally show up in your life RIGHT

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love notes on sidewalk

I don’t have time to be half-way loved or part-time loved

This thing going around the planet, has really made me look at the men who pursue me and their true intentions.  I realized that I have time for some good love. I have lots of time available for sacred love.  I also noticed that you beautiful, brilliant, sophisticated, empowered, divine, magical, spiritual women full of

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