Men Love Women Who Control Their Emotions, Until…….

by | Love & Relationships

Women are told to master their emotions and men REALLY like that. Until they witness another woman who is in love and emotionally enchanted by her man. That’s when they suddenly want a woman to love them and look at him like that.

Smart men know to marry a woman who looks at him with immense love in her eyes.  This can not be faked.

The funny thing about women is that most smart women will only marry a man who is deeply in love with HER. But most men marry a woman HE is deeply in love with. He forgets to make sure that she too is deeply in love with him. In fact, the average man feels that a woman who lacks emotion is love, because of the chat and how it gets the serotonin moving in the brains.


You came to earth to FEEL and experience. If you only come to observe without actually FEELING, then you’re walking dead. Which is what the average relationship entails.

My relationship is always full of fire and passion. When it’s calm, it’s a wave of relaxation. At all times, our hearts beat. Without your heart, you are dead. Without deep feelings of love, you are a sociopath.

When you’re having a conscious conversation and the connection is deep, but of course there’s not an overwhelm of erratic emotions. The emotions are a bit more stable. But LOVE always runs deep in such a relationship, like the ocean waves.

Love is limitless and unbounded. It’s a feeling and an energetic connection. Life is an explosion of love and appreciation. It’s EXCITING.

If more people truly went after their soulmate, then everyone would know what true love feels like.

As a human, oftentimes you can even FEEL God’s love for you flowing through your veins. You get high. Naturally high.

When you look deeply into the eyes of your soulmate, you FEEL love.

YES that person has an impact on your emotions. I would never advise anyone to turn into an emotionless robot.

What I would recommend is finding someone who makes your heart beat, who you feel like you can’t live without them. Embrace that equal love and appreciation that is shared between the two of you. You’ll both be inspired by one another, expand, feel exhilarated and feel encouraged to give more of yourself to the world.

It’s because you share a deep appreciation for one another. Both the big things and the little things. You feel so blessed to be so in love, and to be loved back, in a conscious way. You both will continue to work on yourself as a couple and as an individual. You grow in ways unimaginable to the average human.

When a man is wealthy and conscious, that’s the woman he chooses anyway. The woman whose energy he doesn’t want to live without. The smell of each other is intoxicating.

When you’re in a place of wholeness, you are going to CHOOSE LOVE. 

What I described to you is a love only witnessed by two people who deeply love themselves. When you deeply love yourself, you’ll deeply love your mate, just the same.  You will have an amazing, vulnerable, intimate relationship, with beautiful conversations, raised vibrations and a connected experience that feels really good.