Don’t work for MONEY, Work for LOVE, and the money will come

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I wrote a post on Facebook today that said DON’T WORK FOR MONEY, WORK FOR LOVE, and THE MONEY WILL COME.

I am very well aware that people are touched by the things that I say, so I seek to be responsible for my words.

Therefore I felt the need to give some clarification for the people who follow me.

Let me give you some background about me first. 

1. I am the best blogger in the world.  Not only do my blogs go viral, but they change the lives of my half a million followers, and impact them in profound ways.  Some of my blogs have stopped people from committing suicide.

2. In 2018 I quit my infamous blog cold turkey. I had a spiritual awakening and walked away.  When I walked away, my blog was making $350,000 a year.  But I was tired of the drama, chaos, stress and overwork that came with it. I started to lack gratitude, because in many ways I was trying to SETTLE for a life of mediocrity.  $350,000 a year was never going to be enough money to make my soul happy. My soul knew that it was worthy of a million dollars a year per year minimum. I also desired to be more of my authentic self online. If I had to be someone I wasn’t to make money, and to suppress my heart, I decided that it just wasn’t worth it. More than anything, I wanted to be closer to God. That became my most important goal. 

3. In 2018, I became a life coach, but along the way realized that I am not a life coach.  What I do for people can’t quite be explained. It is FELT by those who are of my tribe.. I am a motivational muse, a Prophetess, a spiritual guide and a divine healer of millionaire mindsets.    When a soul DECIDES to ascend on their journey, God them makes them away of my presence. If they act on their intuitive hit, they will receive healing.  This healing comes from me getting grounded in every day and staying on a high frequency of love in order to be a conduit for God/the source of all there is.  I love people. So therefore God has gifted me with the ability to heal them, shift them and help create miracles of CLARITY in their lives.  The CLARITY AND CONFIDENCE I give my clients is worth millions of dollars.

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4. It took me seeing so many healings and quantum leaps of multiple clients leaping into making millions of dollars within 30 Days of meeting me, for me to truly accept my own spiritual gifting. I ALSO got baptized at a church for the first time in my life.

5. In 2018 I was heartbroken, and spent the next 2 years not only healing myself, figuring out my own trauma patterns, but also working with millionaire mindsets from around the world to acquire new knowledge and heal my tribe from their love and confidence problems.

6. I am a 5D being on this earth and something like a guru. I am one huge magnetic force field that calls in called souls. Everyone close to me on social media has reaped the benefits from meeting my tribe.  Therefore their life has been changed just by knowing me. I have introduced people to being loved by perfect strangers. I have introduced people to their highest selves and got them comfortable with their magic, even if their magic is accepted by the masses.

7. It doesn’t matter who I meet, once people become aware of my presence, they become inspired. It could be a billionaire. My presence will inspire and motivate them.

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8. Having such great power doesn’t come with humility. I had to find my own level of humility, by accepting myself and gravitating towards those I work best with. Which is those who allow me to stay in my positive vibration, without tempting me to backhand them.  My roots are from the projects. So emotionally I am a tough cookie and will win a word fight effortlessly. Therefore I attract other tough cookies who are also some of the most beautiful souls you will ever meet, like Katrina Ruth. A total badd azz multi-millionaire spiritual coach.

9. When I was blogging, I never truly knew why I made so much money and other bloggers didn’t. I didn’t know why my stories often get more traction that the Shade Room stories on Facebook. I didn’t know why people were so immensely drawn to me and literally become obsessed with me. Only after quitting and focusing on healing and ascending in my spiritual journey did I truly begin to understand myself and my gifting. Only then could I CLEARLY see the HOW I do all of the things that I do.

10. Everything I do, is done with LOVE. I am not copying others, doing things I see others do because it works for them. I have no desire to be like anyone else. I have such a deep desire to do what I want to do on this earth, that it leads me into phenomenal things.  It has lead me to follow my heart.

There is nothing that I do right now, that I don’t truly want to do.  But when I felt like I HAD TO BLOG in order to make money, I was tired. I got drained. Nobody around me appreciated the life that I provided for them.  They all thought it was easy, slaving the way I did. Now I wake up every day and look at the money I’ve made in my sleep from my blog, and I am so grateful and appreciative.  Millions of people read my blogs every month, and i don’t even have millions of followers yet. I am detached from the entire blog. I just DO me or the work that is required of me that day, regardless of whether people appreciate my presence, which most unconscious people don’t. They have no understanding of the magic I am giving them, just by ALLOWING them to read my writing.

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Now, about me quitting my blog cold turkey.  

I would suggest that you never do such a thing. 🤣

I thought that things would take off fast for me, as they usually do.   At first I worried if I would be able to give my clients RESULTS, because my first life coach was terrible in many ways. SHE actually told me to stop blogging. She saw every gift that I have, except my main gift, which is the gift of writing. Without writing, I am nothing. Without writing, I am not doing God’s work. It is easy as pie for me to write these long blogs. It’s nothing. I am so connected to source that they just flow out of my effortlessly, with ease and grace. Yes, they are quite profound and life changing. It is my connection to God that allows these things.

I have now started 6 new companies, outside of my first blog.  Depending on my blog to make me happy and bring in certain amounts of money had me not seeing life correctly.  Through becoming life coach I learned immensely the secrets to controlling your life, living your best life, how to attract wealth, experience deep love, and literally just how to live an amazing, authentic life and GET PAID TO BE YOURSELF.  That’s some REALLY COOL STUFF.

These companies that I’ve started are making me a billionaire.  But I didn’t start ANY of them to make money. I started companies that were dear to my heart for reasons that will make my heart sing.  Remember I said I am not copying anyone. I am literally creating my soul blueprint in the 3D realm. It was already given to me in the 5D realm, but I ignored it for years.

For instance, I have a make-up line coming out soon. I always wanted a make-up line, but instead I encouraged one of my beautiful friends to start hers. She never did.   See, God fills me with so many divine ideas. I can literally do, be and have, anything I want. But don’t underestimate how much work, reading, research, meditation, bible reading, crying, stressing and a million other things it took me to reach this mindset. I have TRULY done THE WORK.

So when others come to me with their dreams and goals, it’s a piece of cake for me to align them with their true hearts desires.  Because I really love people and want them to succeed, God then shows me their soul blueprint and tells me what to say to them.  But when I am doing this work, it all seems like it’s just coming from me. In a way IT IS. I am god. I’ve connected so deeply with God that I am a divine embodiment. I am his assistant.

I see many women call themselves a Goddess, but i’ve only encountered very few Goddesses. Women who have truly done the work, come out speaking like it. Others just replicate what others do, which is why they have no healing powers.  You can not heal what you aren’t called to heal.  Most people would say you can’t heal what you haven’t healed within yourself, but because I helped my first client over 5 years ago make a million dollars a year in his writing business, while mine struggled at the time, I know that sometimes God calls you for positions you are not qualified for.  That’s the way it goes.

So here is the thing. When you seek LOVE & GOD, God will bless you with the desires of your HEART.

I won’t pretend this journey has been easy. It wasn’t. I had like 10 people helping me through my spiritual awakening. I went through the dark knight of the soul and was forced to transcend my own big ego.  I wouldn’t wish that experience on anyone. I would pray that you get to skip it. 😭  Only the VERY strong would survive what I went through; and I only survived it with God’s help and grace.  Altering your belief system is the hardest work you could ever do. 

You could be making $300,000 today and tomorrow be making $1 Million, all because you made a decision, got some clarity, and some understanding.

To see what I mean, visit to see my reviews. I don’t have all of them up there yet, but I want you to read into the ENERGY of what people are saying, so you can see how much they have been TRANSFORMED by my LOVE.  As this mission isn’t about ME. It’s about the PEOPLE that God called me to SERVE.

People have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to figure life out. Often with 1 call I give client the miracle they needed to shift into clarity and divinity. I AM CALLED to work with millionaires, which is why I am able to heal so many of them.  I am called to work with the top 1% of spiritual leaders in the world. The more I help them see themselves, the more they can do to serve the world. 

You too can do this too.  Here is how. 

Right now, maybe you have a six figure job that’s killing your soul. You know you are called for more.  The first thing you need to do is hire a spiritual guide to start your healing and discovering  of your highest self.  The second thing you need to do is hire a business coach to teach you how to start your own business.

You already know what kind of business you want to start.  Either you doubt yourself and don’t feel good enough, or you have a million ideas and don’t know where to start.  Right now you’re feeling tired, burned out, you are losing your edge, your motivation is decreasing. Money no longer excites you.  You don’t know what to do next.

Take your money from your job and INVEST it into two mentors.  Now, you will be able to have more gratitude for your job, and utilize that income to start a business doing what you truly love.

Now here is where people go left. They hire a BUSINESS COACH, while trying to copy everything the spiritual coach does for free. They invest in BUSINESS and chasing money, but skip over their soul. So therefore they  go right back into the rat race of having a business that stresses them out, that’s also not aligned to their soul. 

So if you can find a spiritual guide who can also light-weight teach you how to build a SOUL ALIGNED SYSTEM for your business, you will be 1000X better off in life and move a lot faster than others. Even if you don’t move faster, within 2-years, you will have a solid foundation of a multi-million dollar or billion dollar business. That’s the level of money required to create the VISION of IMPACT and lifestyle that you were given.

By solid I mean it’s so soul aligned that no one can talk you out of it. You no longer need anyone to tell you what to do. You only need motivation and someone to help hold you accountable to get things done and do the work of being yourself. 

So a Business coach, and a Spiritual coach who also understands BUSINESS is your best bet.  People who have these PEOPLE in their lives win.

See life is all about PEOPLE.  The mistake is thinking that life is all about MONEY. Money is just a tool to connect with people and live the life your highest self is called to live.  When you put more value on money, than that, you lose.


Once you understand these things you have more gratitude for money, which then begins to attract more of it.

If you are ready to hire a spiritual guide to change your life, now is the time.  Working with me will help you to attract everything you want out of life in business and relationships.

Right now I have space for 10 high performers to join my new mastermind for spiritual millionaire mindset souls who desire DIVINE CONFIDENCE.  The price is $100K per year minimum.

If you are ready to discuss how I can help you, click here to sign up for a free strategy session. 

Everyone else can visit my course/store area and sign up for a course or monthly program.

Through this blog you should now be able to see some of the process of ascension and some of the things you need to do in order to ground in your own worth.  When i tell you that me charging $100k a year for a mastermind is peanuts, believe me. People in my mastermind are going to make millions of dollars, just by the healing, clarity and understanding that I give them.  My highest clients barely need business advice from me. That’s the smaller amount of work that I do with them. The spiritual work is what causes Quantum shifts.



Here are 5 Tips To Help You Get Paid To Do What You Love 

  1. Get out a piece of paper, write down 5 things that you would love to do, or things you would do if you were already rich.
  2. Walk away from the opinions of others. You can’t afford them right now. You’re about to leap. You can only care about what you think of you.
  3. Develop a spiritual practice to get closer to God.
  4. Pick something off that list, and get started now, not tomorrow
  5. Pour more love into people who pour love into you. Move away from the ones who don’t. Keep them at a distance. In order to own your highest power you need positivity in your life.

P.S. The greatest love you could ever dive into is LOVE FOR YOURSELF.

We don’t make work hard to make others love you. We mean work hard to DO WHAT YOU LOVE. But one can only do that when you know who you are, and are willing do DO THE WORK of fully being YOURSELF.

This is why the things we say on social media or in blog posts can never be enough. You literally need to get on the phone and work with a healer.

I wrote this blog, it will make me money. How much? It doesn’t even matter. That’s irrelevant. I wrote this blog, because that’s what I felt like doing, in the middle of my day, when I have more things that I could be doing. More things that I may believe would bring me more profit. But I love to WRITE. So I write, and brilliantly enough, I’ve created a SYSTEM to monetize my writing.

A system is what every entrepreneur needs.  A soul aligned system that’s specifically about their YOUnique brand.  And the best, most fastest way to get it, is through the KISSY METHOD. It helps you to create a MONEY MAKING SYSTEM, that frees up your time and allows you to FOCUS on doing what you LOVE. Which means it most being in CONSISTENT TRAFFIC and CONSISTENT INCOME.

The love of money is a sin, because it takes you off your own true path. Had I loved money so much, that I didn’t have the courage to walk away from my blog years ago, I wouldn’t be the woman I am today. Only loving money, takes you away from loving YOURSELF.

love of money

True abundance revolves around you being your best SELF. That’s when the money floods in.

Can you imagine living life this way, and being SUPER SUCCESSFUL, AND EVERYONE KNOWING YOUR NAME?

I can help you with that. 

Now to wrap this up, the gift I have given you today is great understanding of one of the greatest bible verses ever written. I real life FOUND GOD.