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In their words…

See the results for yourself! My clients tell you how they changed their lives working with Kissy Denise.

“Can I give Kissy 100 stars?!
This magical goddess is absolutely a masterpiece. I know, I know…you think it sounds cliche and overblown right?
Well, you’re wrong here!
Kissy will heal you, activate you and help you draw the love of your life in. No joke.
After being single for four years after a bad marriage and with a lifetime of awful relationships and disrespect with me, I bought ‘You Can’t Force A Man To Value You’. And oh I was full of skepticism!
Before I had even finished reading the book, I was loaded up on dates with a caliber of men that I had NEVER encountered before! We’re talking entrepreneurs & high flying business men who wined and dined me like crazy.
Just as I was getting into the swing of things, BOOM. In popped the man I’ve been dreaming of my whole life! He’s everything that I ever wanted and far, far more!
That’s not even to mention how Kissy has healed my confidence in business. I’m attracting incredible clients with literal dream projects who are excited to pay me amazing prices.
Thank you so so much, Kissy! I love buying from you. Please keep creating awesomeness forever and take my money! 😍😘💜💃🏼🦄👑”

Caitlin Drachen

"Kissy has an amazing gift to see the highest potential in others and inspire you to look within to find your greatness! She has been an amazing resource to help me break through my own blocks to see my infinite value!"

Makhosi Hefisah Nejeser

“I’ve met Kissy Denise only 30 days ago and because of her guidance and knowledge I was able to manifest a 7 figure deal with a major player in the concession industry. She’s very insightful and helped me get a major breakthrough in my Finances. She’s definitely a Gift.”

Todd Jones

"I HIGHLY recommend Kissy Denise! She is the real deal. My life completely changed since working with her & I am so grateful!
Work with her in whatever capacity you can. It is the best decision you could ever make for yourself! You will see your whole world shift!
Since working with her, I called in my soulmate QUICKLY & I have never ever been happier! So many other changes, too and many more on the way. I will forever stay in a state of gratitude, love, and joy for the happiness she has brought into my life.
Thank you so much, Kissy Denise!"

Carlene Berg

“Why won’t you just slow down??” – this was the only advice people in my home country could give me. They just didn’t get the high achiever’s mindset, so I learnt to navigate through my shit on my own. Much easier, safer, time saving than listening to judgmental advices, watching eyes rolling with disapproval, or dealing with other side’s expectations to explain my point. A little heartbreaking too.

When I came to Kissy, I signed up for the Soul Alignment Session and Goddess Unleashed program, the highest package. At that time I could barely grasp the magic Kissy had prepared for me.

She healed my heart, to start with, she healed all these wounds and scars in me that I even forgot I had because it’s been so long… so long since I met someone who could FULLY understand me. Someone who could LOVINGLY SEE ME. Not judge me. Not eye roll at me.

And then, one by one, well very quickly to be honest – the miracles started to happen. My business skyrocketed, my financial results doubled within 30 days (very smooth transition to 7-figures business), my relationship improved. We moved to the mountains, found a beautiful royal apartment, with the view on the forest from a bathtub.

My programs started to fill up themselves, clients don’t even use words like “cost” or “price – they just want to know which my program is next they should buy. They deeply desire to be in my energy. And the best piece – I lead by example. Right now I am birthing the second wave of spiritual leaders in my country. I redefine and set new standards in the industry in my country. The other best piece – finally, after a few years, I can easily ground and birth to the world the new project – the Blueberry Goddess.

This would stay in a forever dreamland had I not worked with Kissy. If you are a leader, it’s very likely you had forgotten how many times your sweet heart got broken by judgmental and basic mindsets. Please do yourself a favor and talk to Kissy, she will heal you in the ways you simply cannot imagine right now. You will become such a great and magnetic leader that your own mind will explode! There is something unexplainable and truly magical about Kissy’s energy and mentorship – she will surround you with the deepest love you could ever feel in your heart as a human, she will remind you the deepest truths of your heart. She will SEE you.”

Katarzyna Jola Butryn

“I did one of Kissy's Soul Alignment Sessions. Kissy helped me face clearly WHAT I REALLY WANT but had denied for so long because I felt like it was too great and truly TOO good to be true. <3 Thank you, Kissy. She truly is a *dream activator* and helps you BELEIVE.
She also helped me be brave enough to SEE MY BRILLIANCE!!!!! It's scary thinking you could be JUST. THAT. AWESOME.
Thank you for helping me see and face myself and my real desires, Kissy!! So much love!!! <3 <3 ”

Lizzie Lipovsky

“Kissy Denise has been absolute blessing to have entered my life. She's helped me further my business, reconnect with the love of my life, and also see the beauty in all. She's one of the most amazing Life Coaches I have ever met and I've met tons of them! Believe me, she's one of a kind. Mark my words next year this time you won't be able to book &/or hire her for less than $25,000. Get in now, thank me later. Peace 7 Love”

Fadie Hany Areny

“5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

There is NO DOUBT that Kissy Denise will change your entire world with her deep healing abilities, prophetic intuitive knowledge, and wise interpretation of God's word!

My business became more profitable after I invested in learning from her, AND I gained inner confidence that physically manifested as THOUSANDS of followers in DAYS as a result of the mental shifts she provided me.

There seems to be a gift of knowledge and money that God gives to me every time I am in her presence. She also helped me heal from trauma with her spiritual tools and wisdom, restoring my faith in the spiritual journey. This is how I know she is the right coach for me.
Kissy is a gifted, pure soul who can help you change your life for the better if you are READY for a change!”

Chelsea Boddie

Social Media Manager

Are you next?

But I’ll be honest with you. Those people are FAR from normal.

For others it takes more healing of trauma, past life regression, mindset shifting, limited belief removal, immense confidence, and divine clarity, before they are able to shift into their highest self.

I saw many people failing, and not getting the results they desired.

I wanted to change that.

What I spent years doing is coming up with a system where anyone could obtain massive success if they simply applied themselves and did the work.

This applies to both relationships and business. As you did come here to have it all. 

Are you ready to do the work?

NOW is the time to

Manifest The Life Of Your Dreams!

Here's how i can help you

Play to Win!

Play to Win – Become The Dream Man That Women Love, Respect & Submit To


A dating playbook for good men who deserve high value women who legit love, build empires , speak life into Kings and create generational wealth with men who want to leave a legacy on the world.

Kissed by KISSY

Kissed By Kissy: A collection For Boss Chicks


Every Queen & Boss Goddess feels beautiful, when she has flawless, high-end make-up that matches her luxurious lifestyle.

Head on over to kissedbykissy.com to order your new favorite luxury lip-gloss line.

My Courses Library

My Course Library - A course isn’t a course without Kissy being involved.


Would you like to catch a real shift that gives your CLARITY and causes you to take MASSIVE ACTION in pursuit of your goals and dreams?

Kissy created a line of courses to get you unstuck, and show you how to be your authentic self, while providing you with everything you need to build a successful 6-7 Figure online brand with along with an aligned following, who loves to buy.

Billion Dollar Mastermind

My Courses Library


You made it to the top of the mountain we call success. You realize there is more to life, like getting closer to God and fulfilling his will for your life.  This is for successful CEOs and entrepreneurs who are already bringing in high profits into your business. You desire a boost of motivation, expansion and to be in a heart-centered container of your peers, who are doubling their income, launching passion projects, increasing your influence and impact, becoming an ICON. This will also bring you spiritual enlightenment, more peace, pleasure, joy, and a beautiful, aligned heart-centered, wealthy network. Apply To Join The Manifestation Secret Garden