2020 is the rise of the Earth Angels, the fairies, the unicorns, and all of the divine beings who inhabit this world with love.
It’s time to rise up and stop trying to save these people. Instead we must continue to rise and make them rise to meet and greet you.
You give so much goodness to the world. You’ve stored up a whole lot of glory. You’ve been storing up riches in heaven forever.
At one point in my life, I took that oath, and I remembered hearing that. And obviously you know, you get the whole thing that it feels good to have riches in heaven, and it feels good to feel heaven.
Heaven is the best place on earth. But unless you’re surrounded by heavenly beings and heavenly things, then you won’t know what Heaven feels like, and you’ll wonder away from home, with your GPS all thrown off.

And things won’t feel so good.

If you were to decide to come back home, everything will continue working out for you, except things would surely start working a whole lot faster.
When your GPS is thrown off, you lack clarity.
Would you like some clarity?
You need a spiritual coach for that.  Or you could continue to figure it out by yourself.
You know what, today is a good day,  you get rewarded with a free strategy session to discuss your love and business life.  Something tells me that you are ready to go to the next level.

You want to be a millionaire, with a million dollar smile, a millionaire dollar business and all while living and loving, inside a one in a million relationship. One that is anointed by God.  You came to have it all.

AND you know what? You deserve to have it all right now, in this very moment, just like you said.
You know why? Cause Kissy said so. #KissySaid

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