Lately when I scroll Instagram I kind of get the feeling that I’ve been cut off from the world for a while.  Like I have to get reacclimated with the world, and figure out how I fit in. But then maybe I don’t fit in.

Sometimes I tell people that everything about me, all of my success, even though I do work extremely hard, is all God.  I’m equipped with a good heart. I love amazing people and I love helping people.  I’m rather guided to do what I do. Even in my awakening I was instructed on what to do.

When it comes to love I am able to easy see what people are doing wrong. I also know what they can do right to maintain a healthy relationship.  I also see there is a space in the world for my future company. One that’s very needed. 

But you know what trips me out? My gifts. Like I don’t have to do anything special to make money. I simply walk in my gift. When a client hires me, God is going to equip me to help them. I don’t have to figure it out alone. It’s like the information just pops in my head. 

Now that I’m launching my Love / Dating / Relationship empire I’m having to deal with a more limited beliefs. However this time I know once I wipe these out, these path will forever be easier. 

I realize more than anything, what I like to talk to people about is God, spirituality, manifestation, abundance and how to live a fulfilling life.  Sure I’m good at branding, but God & Love is my heart center. I want to create a $100,000 a year package for someone to hire me as their spiritual life coach.  I want someone I can give advice to in relationships, life, love, and even business too.  The package will include 2 in person 12 hour sessions and bi weekly video phone calls, including unlimited texting support for the year. 

Now I only have to create the package and prepare my mindset to receive the clients that will surely come. 

The reason why I’m so brave to do this is because I know it’s what God called me to do. Things get so much easier for you, when you simply walk in your purpose. There is nothing to think about or worry about.  You start to understanding that the only thing you really must do is do the work, set the price, have faith and call it in. 

Amazing how this all works. 

KissyDenise Gold