I’ve been trying to get this file to upload and it won’t. Spirit told me to WRITE a blog and then it would upload. So here I am.

Today is a very special day in my life. I’ve embodied understanding and implementation of God’s greatness.

But this isn’t about me. This is about you.

I’ve been on this spiritual journey for 5-10years now.  It was hard!!!! All of the toughness and resilience I’d built up over the years, I needed every ounce of it to keep going. God built me for this life, but at this moment I ask to be equipped better to withstand it.

Only the strong survives here on this earth.

Things are going to happen in life that you don’t like. Don’t take it personal. It’s not a sign to stop or give up. Unless you’re intuition is trying to stop you from doing something that really will hurt you. Hint: It’s out of alignment with your CHARACTER.

Self-Love is important AF. Just as important as work.

Your relationships are a reflection of the relationship you have with self. Nearly every judgement really does reflect you or show you how to stop judging.

You can’t do it all alone. So you may as well let Go and Let GOD.

God got you. Ask for what you want with reverence and expectation.  That’s actually way easier than working hard. But easier said than done… Done cause God already said it’s done, but the work is believing it, in order to achieve it.

If you want love, go ahead and be love. No matter what, walk away from a person who can’t receive that REAL LOVE from you.  Boundaries are everything.  If you feel they are worth staying for, then you should have a good strategy and get assistance from someone like me.  Your relationship problems WILL NOT be solved on it’s own without help. If they would, you would have the mate you want by now… Some people are a little more broken than others. Meaning you had a big heart and you got hurt. Or something in life hurt your soul and changed the way you feel about you.

Love requires worthiness. It’s really that simple. It also requires showing up for your person, because only your mama unconditionally loves you. Everyone else loves on condition that you fulfill their needs.

In fact, loving unconditionally is a sign of lack of SELF-LOVE.

No matter how far down the rabbit hole you go, or what your aim is, I’ve learned that it still and always goes right back to God.

In this second I must pause just to take it the grandeur of that statement. He really is all knowing and all being. Magnificent, like no other.

Do what you say you will for YOURSELF. Your word to YOURSELF is everything. You are worthy and deserving of keeping your word to treat yourself, well.

God bless.

Also, the lord told me to JUST STOP PROCRASTINATING today and I actually received the message.