All of a sudden I have paid sponsorships. What have I done? I wrote the book that God told me to write a long time ago. I wrote the book despite others telling me to focus on creating courses instead. I tried to avoid writing the book. For a while I actually listened to others. But one day I sat down and I got the sense that things just weren’t going to go my way until I wrote this book.
I saw my final edits of my book cover this morning and I started crying, I got queasy in my stomach for a second. I had to tell myself to breathe.  I worked so hard to get here.  As I think about it, looking back at the signs, I was always supposed to be an author.  I know how to tell a story and draw the reader in. This first book is going to do amazing things, but the next few books will also be masterpieces. 
The minute I finished “You Can’t Force A Man To Value You”, I haven’t even published it yet, an immediate shift came in. I’m literally just sitting down like a foreigner, watching things transpire around me.
I had myself shelled up in order to transform and let the transformation take. I surrounded myself with just a few people who would back up my new belief system. I absorbed content from people who would help me cement my belief system. My bestie Candiss has often had to keep nudging me saying “Come this way.” Without her I’m not for sure that I would really believe this world that I’m in.
Now I’m slowly moving back into the world again, and seeing who I AM in this new world.
This new world is what I would like to call Heaven. It’s where things just go right for you. I sort of lived in this world before without realizing it. I wasn’t conscious. This time it’s WAY better because I have understanding.
In a way I don’t even know who I’m writing this post for. In a way I sound crazy to even me. Like what are you talking about Kissy? Yet, I know I’m not crazy. I know something has changed and it’s major.
I won’t dare say it, cause last time I said it, sh*t went cray. So this one thing I’ll save it until it is in full fruition.
But I seriously have to tell someone how fascinating my life is right now.
Do you believe in miracles? Do you believe in God? The Kingdom is so real.
I keep thinking back to that time period when I opened up a New English bible and started reading and absorbing the words with thirst, needing to know what every single part meant. To think I’ve actually read the bible front to back at least 3 times.
I’m not going to preach to you. But God is where it’s at.
I told someone the other day that I was lucky, and we both looked at each other and corrected me. She and I both said “Kissy you are blessed.”
Even to say I’m lucky is cray, cause I used to feel so unlucky due to the experiences that popped up in my life. I once even researched “How To Change Your Luck.”
Mindset is also a major part of it, but I’ve always had a positive mindset and believed that I should win, could win, and would be rich. The way my life transpired despite that lets me know that I was called to walk that path and live the life I did because I can now help soooooo many people with so many things.
I’ve only been a life coach for one year, and all of my clients will tell you that I’m a master life coach. I still continue to study daily.
I’m still kind of moving around the world realizing I’m seriously no longer in 3D, and kind of having to understand this is all indeed very real and that it’s only going to get better and better. But man, when God moves, God moves!!! Like when that shift comes it’s like a rapid win of riches and success just sits on your lap like “Here You Go!” But you know you worked hard af to get there, and it came the moment you surrendered to his will.
I could go on forever. I’ll stop here, cause I don’t even know why I’m writing this. I think I’m supposed to tell you to hang in there, keep your faith, continue believing, and all will be well. You will get everything you came here for. Stick to the plan. God’s plan. Not the plan others tell you to follow.