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You Can’t Force A Man To Value You is the book that every woman and man should be handed at the age of eighteen-years-old. ~ Kissy Denise

It now comes with a free copy of Kissy’s Dream Life Manifestation Planner for Boss Chicks.


This book is the authority on love and conscious, high value relationships.  It’s the book for perfectionists who want to be the best mate you can be. It’s the book for everyone who wakes up every day to take over the world on some Pinky & The Brain legacy type ish.   You Can’t Force A Man To Value You is the book for every power couple who wants to stay together forever.

Let’s face it. You want a great mate. You want the big house, the luxury car and to meet the love of your life. You’re looking to find your purpose and manifest God’s purpose for your life.

But the love part hasn’t gone so well.  You’re tired of being ghosted, tired of being misunderstood, tired of being undervalued, unappreciated and taken for granted.

You want your next relationship to actually work out.

This book not only teaches a woman how to value herself outside of a man and find her worth, but also how to be a good woman and have healthy relationships with high value men who will honor, cherish, and pull you deeper into your Goddess throne. If you’ve been trying to figure out the keys to men or not knowing why your relationships went wrong, or watching other women land their dream guy or other women who seem to get the rich men who provide, take them on exotic vacations, buy them cars, completely adore them and do whatever they want, while you meanwhile pay half the bills, and end up in relationships with ungrateful men who aren’t even half as smart as you, then this is the book for you.

If you find yourself asking why do men seem to choose the needy women over you, the boss chick who doesn’t need a man and can do everything on her own, then Sis this book is about to change your life. If you’ve suffered from a broken heart after pouring all of your love into a man who failed to provide for you, this book will not only heal you but send you back out into the dating world fully equipped to attract the man of your dreams. You Can’t Force A Man How To Value you helps a woman step into her purpose, become a high value woman and finally understand how to become an alluring Goddess who understands men and is able to capture the heart of the man of her dreams.

You will learn the key to enlightened relationships and develop beautiful, nurturing communication skills that will have the strongest man not being able to get enough of you. This book helps powerful women Unleash The Goddess Within. This book is perfect for the beautiful soul who craves an open, loving, supportive, growth oriented, empowered relationship with a soulmate. You desire to break generational curses, show your children and future generations a better way by being a living, breathing example of kindness, wholeness, confidence, and self love, within a healthy relationship that grants you an honest mate who will grow with you in both love and business.

You continuously choose love and the call of your soul, over logic. You have a habit of dumbing yourself down, in order to relate to people. You tend to be the smartest person out of all of your friends. 9/10 you’re way more smarter than your chosen partners.Not matter how much love you pour into your relationships, they tend to end really badly. They move on fast to the next person, meanwhile you’re left crushed, heartbroken and having to pick up the pieces of your shattered life all by yourself. Yet, you understand that you are not a victim in your relationships.

If someone treats you poorly, you reflect on what this experience is trying to teach you and and why this manifested without being hard on yourself.No matter how many times you’ve been hurt you live from your heart, and have great vision. Often you attempt to help activate a man’s King DNA to no avail. You would rather be alone, than to play with anyone’s heart. Because you know the kind of love you and everyone deserves.You love hard and want to find someone to spend the rest of your life with. Femininity is something you are a bit iffy on but you would love to become more of a lady. I got you Sis. This book is for you. It’s the answer to your dating problems.

You will receive a COMPLIMENTARY copy of Kissy’s Dream Life Manifestation Planner to help you get started with your shift. Valued at $67.


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