I get to love myself the way that I love others

by | The Life of Kissy

Don’t pay too much attention to content creators who tell you they’ve made a ton of money on FB and know something special. What they don’t know if that the ALGORITHM was in their favor because FB gave it to them, and then after a while FB shut them down. That’s how it goes.

As someone who has been creating content for years, and making a ton of money consistently, I do know the secrets of breaking the algorithm. But obviously that’s not my big message.

The thing is I see people trying to flaunt money and make others feel bad and less than, when seriously it was simply LUCK on their side.

But when it comes to making money as a coach, author or consultant, now that takes SKILL.

What most people need to win online is a 1 o1 1 coach or group coaching program.

You need coaches for social media strategy, motivation, accountability, clarity, confidence and expansion.

A part of becoming good at sales is transforming your mindset and becoming your highest self.

It also comes down to increasing your self-love. Last night I was going through my IG. I hadn’t really posted in the last 2-years except recently. I was deeply into my healing journey.

I looked back and see that I’ve really changed. I made it. I transformed myself!  I healed. I AM WHOLE. 

It’s not something that can be seen in the physical, but something that can be seen in the spirit.

I am the embodiment of gratitude, calmness, love, fearlessness, abundance and strength.

I had to learn to love myself a little bit more by changing people’s access to me.

Because I’ve been a thought leader since I was like 6 years old, was the black sheep fo the family, and have been on the internet forever, I was quite accustomed to dealing with abuse.

I was very understanding of people not liking my thoughts and ideas. Especially when they are bold and honest. I have a deep understanding that we are all different and put here to do different things on this earth.  We are not all meant to think alike.

In my personal life I would quiet myself and accept everyone for themselves. Even if they were difficult to get along with I still loved them for them and accepted them without judgement.

But most of them did not give me that same unconditional love and acceptance in return. Instead they got upset at me if I gave them good advice. Because I interrupted their belief system. Many people want to play victim, instead of taking full accountability for their lives.

Recently, I decided to give those types less access to me. Period.

I get to love, value, accept and appreciate myself and the power of my thoughts, just like I give to everyone else.


That’s a big thing with heart-centered, Godly, anointed people like me. We need to wish for ourselves the same greatness, confidence, love and good life that we wish for everyone else.

We make excuses for everyone else, and then we turn around and be hard on ourselves. I’m not like that anymore.

On Instagram today, I happened to catch a notification of someone saying something, and I wondered which post they were commenting on because a few of my posts are currently going viral.

It was a post I made last year. One of my personal videos were I guess I offended people for saying that beautiful women don’t get all dolled up to go out for coffee dates.

That comment was attached to some thread of a woman saying that I wasn’t pretty and that my looks were all filters and the usual of claiming that I’m unmarried with no man and blah, blah, blah.

Anyway, it’s the same thing I’ve heard on the internet for years. Always something about my looks or my relationship status.

There were 3 such comments and I noticed that all 3 women were actually FOLLOWING ME.

I was like “Why are they following me if they don’t like me? That’s weird.”

So I blocked them.

They won’t have access to my content, my vibration nor my brilliance anymore. They are going to miss a shift because they are now blocked.

See my new level of self-love says that I choose a life filled with love, peace, prosperity and abundance. I don’t even feel any type of way about what people say about me. But at least now I feel worthy of blocking them.

Like I said, I notice how accepting I was of abuse. People not loving you, but being close to you is ABUSE of SELF if you allow it.

They give you little room to see your own greatness.

Many of you are gifted. But because your family members and friends don’t see it, you doubt yourself.

This is where I effortlessly change lives. I help you see who you truly are and embody the woman that GOD called you to be.

Complete Goddess Activation and transformation.

Anyway, that’s my ramble.

P,S. I also get to be kinder to others and less judgmental…  See, the more you love and accept yourself, the more you will love and accept others.  By loving me I get to help people at an even greater level.

Message: Embrace your journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Invest in yourself, seek guidance, and cultivate a mindset of abundance and self-love. Remember, by valuing and accepting yourself, you unlock your true potential to inspire and uplift others. Take the first step towards your transformation today.

Ready to unleash your potential and step into your power? Reach out for personalized coaching and guidance to embark on your journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Let’s elevate together, creating a life filled with love, peace, and prosperity.