This morning as I took some time to clean up my Facebook profile, read some of the comments from the more viral posts, something dawned on me.

Some of us spend so much time trying to help the poor. We start these missions to help the poor. But it’s the poor who rejects the wisdom and knowledge.

They say you can’t get rich by studying the poor. It is the wealthy who seek wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Anyway, I suppose I had a bit of a Jesus syndrome. I imagine helping 22 million people and come up with all kind of creative ways to help people and to reach this number of lives changed.

For the past few months I did $33 LOVE calls instead of FREE strategy calls. It was genius to me. I booked more calls that way.

Anyway, I’ve been splashing the internet with knowledge for about a decade now.

I realize that 1. I’ve been creating my own strategies ever since I became a “life coach” instead of simply listening to God and implementing those strategies.

2. The revelation I received today is that it’s okay to be high ticket and expensive. For some people it’s simply not meant for everyone to access you. You deserve to be surrounded by only the best of the best.

This is such a cool learning process.