People treat you like a basic b*tch when you fail to stand in your power

by | The Facts of Life

When you don’t stand in your power people will come at you all kinds of ways. In that moment you gotta look within and see where is it that you’re not showing up for yourself.

All this meek and humble sh*t you’ve been taught is holding you down like heavy metal boat anchors tied to your legs.

I talk about a lot of things, but I talk about them from experience. In this path only the strong survive. You pretty much die along this journey. And when you’re reborn, you just ain‘t for play play no more. You’ve made it through too much pain. You finally feel you’ve EARNED the right to not give AF. Then you come into alignment with the truth, that you never had to earn sh*t in the first place.

It’s sad the way society rocks us to sleep. People meet me and they actually think I’m the crazy one. And it’s like “No. baby cakes. I’m actually the sane one.”

God must’ve placed me here to disrupt the coaching industry, cause ain’t none of my clients playing Patty Cake. They learn so fast, that they are coming back to me reporting how they are shocked they are smarter than other coaches and have way more confidence.

I activated them so fast, they had no clue what hit them. That shift came so rapidly, that I’m tickled as they are starting to see their own superpowers.

For me that’s what this is all about me. It’s not about me. It’s about what my presence does for others. It’s about helping others see their own light and getting comfortable with shining.

I came to liberate you.