Woman confronts ex-boyfriend who dumped her, after not seeing him for a year [video]

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One of my followers sent me this video, and I must admit, I have never heard a man say a woman made so many mistakes in under 4 minutes in my whole life.

A man who had sex with a woman and never took her serious, later broke up with her, to her detriment. Once he ended the relationship, by leaving a voicemail, the woman left her good paying job in order to chase him down and have a conversation with him. As if that wasn’t enough, she dragged him onto the Dr. Phil show hoping he would give her another chance.

The way this man summed up all of  her mistakes in such a short period of time is truly fascinating.

This 4 minute clip is legendary. It’s a must watch for all women.  It’s going to change your life and show you a reflection of the way  A LOT of men treat women and look at women.


A career woman’s greatest problem is often that she thinks that men don’t waste their time. She is shocked to learn that a man would spend his time getting a woman’s number and getting to know her for the purposes of sex and nothing else.

It took for her to drag this man on tv, just to realize that he didn’t want her.  This is highly embarrassing as a woman.

When you see the MINDSET of some of these women, you begin to understand why men call other women who go off on them and tell them about themselves, “crazy.”  They are used to sweet women who just beg for another chance, instead of a woman that’s like “WTF are you doing?”

Now we could say it was all so simple and that she should’ve known. But he took the woman to his mama’s house, used her up for her FREE BODY, and then told her that she needed to love and value herself more…

Chilllllleeeee.  He played on her emotions for the sake of receiving good S.E.X.

Do you have my new book, “You Can’t Force A Man To Value You – Becoming a High Value Woman & Attracting a Dream Man.”  This is a book that EVERY  woman should have rather you are single or married.  It also talks about this EXACT problem that happened in the video.

you can't force a man to value you

And men, PLEASE stop being a double-minded man. Maybe you think you’re only wasting the woman’s time, but you waste your own time and slow down your own wealth.