by | Confidence & Self-Love

Just because someone doesn’t have what you want, doesn’t mean they can’t help you get it. The difference between millionaires and average people is that they know this.

My first coaching client wanted me to help him create a blog. At the time my blog probably made about $1600 a month.

This man was already a millionaire and I remember him being the first successful man that was impressed with me. He was fascinated that I was both beautiful and genius. He used to tell me that he got off by showing people pictures of me saying “This is my business coach.” While others were blind, he could clearly SEE.

He was like “You mean to tell me you make $1600 a month from a blog?”

At the time, that money wasn’t much, and I didn’t understand why HE was impressed with that.

Anyway, he hired me to build him a blog, build out his target audience and write out the content. I did it all.

The first month, he was like “Is it done yet. He was really impatient. He didn’t understand how much time all of this took.

The second month we launched.

I was already writing relationship content on my own blog, but people mostly ignored it. 🥲

I’ve always had this natural thing for understanding relationships and LOVE.

Anyway, I would post the same thing on my blog that I posted on his blog sometimes.

I would literally watch MY FOLLOWERS share the content on HIS PAGE, and say that he was dope and that the content really helped out their relationship.

He texts me: He’s like “Kissy, I made $48,276 on my blog this month.”

I was like ‘Huh???”

Second month “Kissy, I made $73, 486 this month.”

He literally sent me the screenshots of his account.

I’m like “Yo, how is he making 6 figures from the same content I’m posting on my page, but I wasn’t”.

Within 7 months, that man made a million dollars off of his blog.

After that I began to understand what was going on, and I was able to call in a multi- 6 Figure blog income for myself.

Then I decide I want to help people, so I become a coach for real.

My first few sales calls were with people in the WORST relationships. Men in and out of jail. Women who deeply loved but were totally masculine and lacked self-love.

I talked to people who were poor poor, Like preachers who’d never been out of town. I found it fascinating that I knew the bible better than them and had to teach them about God’s wealth.

Then, one day I go and get baptized. I come out of the water with magic powers. I become softer, more graceful, my light got brighter.

So then I started attracting clients who were already making 6 Figures and were spiritual. I would do ONE call with them and they’d come back in 30 Days having manifested a million dollars. Their marriages would also improve.

I’m like WTH is going on?

Then I had 5 figure clients who were struggling and I would coach them for several sessions and they would get a ton of sales and increase their income.

I would go on to write relationship books and show women how to go from dusty men to high value men who wined and dined them. They attracted men who paid bills. This didn’t surprise me as I’m a natural at relationships.

What I ultimately learned through MYSELF, is that some people are simply gifted. I am a Prophetess and Highly Intuitive and an empath, plus I stay prayed up. When a client comes to me, commits, pays in full, it seems they get their desired result or even beyond that. (COMMIT = Doing what I tell them to do.)

I’m writing this post for those of you who have a gift that you may not understand. You do the impossible that people say you should never be able to do.

LOVE & ACCEPT YOURSELF. The right clients will find you. Many of us are heart, mindset and energy healers. This is what is blocking people anyway. So if you are good at healing those things, you can get people whatever results they want.

The key here is that I moved from seeking validation, to validating myself, because suddenly I KNEW that my writing WAS GOOD. This made me feel worthy of making the money I desired.