Don’t Let Negative People Inflict You With Their Negativity

by | Abundance Mindset

We stay away from germs, dirt, mud, unsafe conditions, as we should.

But if someone is angry with us or criticizes us, we respond in the same coin.

Strangely our minds gladly pick up the mental afflictions, due to our ego.

Like biases, picking up negatives are the habits of a poor, untrained mind.

There are always at least two worlds going on, on this planet.  The negative people and the positive people.

Negative people are at the bottom. Just as much as people with positive mindsets often attempt to pull people forward into the light, negative mindsets love company and seek to pull others down to their level.

A lot of people in general are angry and need something to complain about. They don’t like themselves or their lives. The internet is the perfect place to lash out and attempt to inflict others with their pain and misery.

Train your brain to not be weak. Do not pick up the bad habits of others.

Only focus on what you want. Thoughts, concepts, ideas and beliefs.

Have a blessed week. I will be having amazing news coming up for you.

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