Pick the man who is crazy about you, not the one who LIKES you

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I was sitting here sort of, kind of, working, promoting myself on social media, noticing how lit my inbox is. To say that men aren’t absolutely crazy about me would be a lie.  My social media inboxes are LIT! 🔥🔥🔥

Then I thought about my past, and the men that I chose to date.

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Something hit me.

In the past I always dated men who LIKED me a lot. Those are the men that I was attracted to.  I’ve never had a boyfriend who was absolutely crazy about me.

Now, let me explain that before some basic bish misunderstands what I am saying and that my blogs are for education and enlightenment purposes.

Men buy me all kinds of things and take me nice places. I get flowers. Men propose to me all the time. I’ve had two proposals this year alone. I get hand written cards with designs on them, and all my ex’s swore up and down that they loved me and that we would be together forever. Maybe they meant it. I don’t know. Their actions didn’t show it, so I dumped them. I’VE NEVER BEEN DUMPED. Mostly because I know how to treat a man and I’m one of a kind.

Yet, I realize that NONE of my exes were crazy  about me in a way that made me feel beautiful. They never made me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world.

I also realize how many men on social media DO treat me as if I am the most beautiful woman in the world. Often they actually tell me that I am.

I think many drop dead gorgeous women have this problem.  We KNOW we are beautiful. We don’t need anyone outside of us to tell us that. We don’t date men to get our beauty validated. We dump bad men because we know we are too beautiful to put up with their b.s.

Heart-centered, drop dead gorgeous women must learn to love themselves MORE and MORE each day. Because if you’re in a relationship with a man doesn’t think you’re the most beautiful woman in the world, and treats you as such, then you need even more self-love.

You want to know why? Because you are a GODDESS baby. Goddesses must love themselves at a higher level than other women. It’s commanded by divine law.

Why do you think being humble never worked out for you? Why do you think men often told you that you needed to humble yourself more? Why do you think lowly peasants never appreciated your kindness and graciousness?

Baby, this Goddess life ain’t no joke. You are called to rise!

Honey you are meant to be with A GOD.

A God is only going to fall for you IF he thinks you’re the most beautiful woman in the world.  

Chances are, like me, you know that there are lots of beautiful women in the world. None of us are the MOST beautiful. No woman could really get that title, because beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

It’s time that you get a man who thinks you’re just as beautiful as you think you are, and treats you as such. The only way that happens is if he can not only SEE your inner beauty, but also tap into it, nurture it, and APPRECIATE it.  So many women think men play no part in helping women heal and unleash your inner Goddess, but that’s EXACTLY what Gods do. Gods know a Goddess when they see one.

The man who is crazy about you is the one that’s going to give you the love that you desire. 💚 ~ Kissy Denise 

I find that most men, even sum Gods don’t appreciate a divine feminine woman’s essence.  They look for what a woman can DO for him, instead of simply appreciating her sweet, delectable, essence.  Or maybe you’re too busy trying to DO masculine things, instead of BEing a divine feminine woman.

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you can't force a man to value you