This week has been a week for me where my knees started to buckle. So many fears came up. I can see success knocking hard. I pushed, I kicked, I worked, I studied, I cried, I fought and jumped over many hurdles. 

I came, I saw and I mthfkn conquered! I left so many things behind to step into the new and find my worth. 

They say God will never put a burden on you that you can’t handle. But that’s a damn lie. The things that were placed on me, I wouldn’t wish on anyone. But I made it through to the other side. I now have Dream clients, soulmate followers, soulmate connections, amazing friends and relationships with the most amazing men.  I’m not dating and I don’t have a man per say, but I am surrounded by love in abundance. Opportunities are everywhere, my first book is about to be published, and I see my success clear as day.  It’s going to seem to others like it all came overnight, because suddenly the energy caused rapid transistion.

I have to wake up every day now and accept this new life. That this is all real, that the old is no more. That God really did come through for me. That everything is going to be more than okay.  That I can trust that all of my needs will be provided for and met. That I indeed can give my clients the love and transformation they seek.  That yes a person can come to me and have their whole life changed. That yes I can take a person and teach them how to start a profitable 7 figure business.  I went from looking for a millionaire mentor and for someone to teach me how to become wealthy, to being the person who does that. 

But I’d rather focus on teaching people about love, because love brings success, money and everything else you want. It’s my mission on earth to make people understand that. To get people to see that love is important, that it’s not to be tossed to the side in the name of work. I want my tribe to experience being fully loved and for them to have authentic relationships.

I want my tribe to no longer miss out on memories because they are too busy.  I want my tribe to have good friends who simply like them for them, and not because they are rich.  I want my tribe to fully live the life they came here for, and to experience joy, wealth, love and perfect health, in abundance. 

I wanted to do this a long time ago. But I was told that I couldn’t make money doing it. So I became a celebrity blogger instead, and it still lead me down this road.  Celebs are cool, but I’ve always preferred to focus on my own life instead. However the average person loves celebrities. It gives them something to talk about. 

I look at my life now, and I want you to know that you are never to allow people to hold you hostage to your past. You gotta jump over that lever the devil put in front of you, when his employee pops up reminding you.  Even your own mind may try to turn against you and remind you… Making you feel bad so that you don’t jump. So that you can continue to feel safe.  Safe isn’t something that’s handed to you in this lifetime. 

Because of the way we are rocked to sleep, safety is earned.  Then once you earn it, you realize you had the right to feel safe the whole time. 

And your past decisions lead you here to this moment where you’re reading this blog. Do you realize how hard you worked to get here, where you would even click on a blog that you know is about knowledge and actually read it? Do you know what kind of person that makes you? I mean even if you only clicked to be nosy, to see what I’m going to say, the fact remains you’re still in my vortex.  My vortex ain’t no joke. It’s full of love, brutal honesty that triggers, lots of knowledge, healing and the deepest love you’ve ever seen. 

I’m not for everybody. So if you can deal with me and love me, and keep coming back for more, you know you gotta be one of the greats. Us greats know that the truth hurts, but we gotta figure it out one way or another, because once we do, then it’s no longer our truth. We don’t live in denial. 

But people will try to hold you to the past as if it is your truth, when it’s not.  You can’t hold me to being a poor girl from the projects. I’m not her anymore. I was on a route to transcend her the moment I walked into my first computer class and learned how to type. It was on the moment I made my first flowchart work. It was on the moment I lived in a household with a computer. I’ve been reborn time and time again. 

But I want to tell you a truth. This time I wasn’t reborn. I died. The only way I can explain it to you, is to let someone else do it, because I really don’t want to talk about it. Just know that if you want this level of greatness, you really gotta lay it all on the line and give your life to God. And when you do, just know, a storm is going to come through and make you new. And no it probably won’t be something you’re equipped to handle. So you gotta get on your knees and ask for help. Because it’s the only thing that will get you through to the other side. And that right there is really what this whole thing is about in the first place. Surrender. I heard that word so long…. But for the greats who truly understand it. It’s the reason we have so much love and empathy in our hearts.