I dozed off listening to an audio book as usual. Most of my days are spent getting knowledge in my head.  Anyway when I awakened in the middle of the night, I felt the clouds lift from my brain. I could feel space up there again. CLARITY! 

I have given so many clients clarity, but feeling it for myself is something else. It feels so good.  For the first time I know how they feel to have that veil of fear, doubt and confusion lifted off their shoulders after years of trying to figure it out. 

Us geniuses can truly feel things going on in our mind. We can feel space being created. This time the shift came from TRULY understanding the depth of how I’ve manifested my life.  Which means I now feel better about my self-worth. I know why I charge so much. I know like I know that I can give almost anyone the shifts they need. Heck if Oprah herself needs clarity I can make it happen.  And I said that as simple as that. It’s a fact. But you know what? I’m not bsing you. I mean it straight from my heart.  It seems so simple to just say it. It’s a whole other thing to know it 100% and you’re not even just talking yourself into it. To finally get to the point where it’s like saying you’re going to walk in the kitchen and make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 

This great shift started the other day after I spoke to this divine man that told me what a few of my problems were with how I treated him.  After that another man voluntarily hopped in my inbox to drop some knowledge on me about how I could improve my business. Another friend asked me if I wanted to go out of the country with him, again. 

When I wake up in the morning I have two appointments. One with a soulmate client. This woman is so freaking amazing! 

Later this week I get to finally see this amazing guy! 

I am finally closing in on a book cover. I have the first draft of a good one. That gave me so much clarity. I just needed to see the vision so desperately.  It will be for sale on Amazon within the next two weeks. 

For the past year I have been confused, trying to figure things out, helping people along the way, telling people to hire my soulmate coaches if they needed help, cause I was honest about my sh*t, trying to figure out WHO I was called to serve.  It wasn’t just about doing anything for the heck of it.  I wasn’t about to get caught up in chasing money. For I learned that once you find your heart the money will come anyway.

So I decided that I’m here to serve geniuses. The Gods & The Goddesses. I want to pair them together and help them find each other. They belong together.  They’ve been misaligned with the wrong people all of their life. 

Like today I had another man call me and give me some random advice. I noticed he said something to me that the 2nd guy who randomly gave me advice also said to me. He said “You can take this how you want to but I gotta say what I need to say.”  These men weren’t even saying anything negative about me. They were simply giving me their opinions and advice on how I could improve my business.  They are so accustomed to trying to help ungrateful women who can’t receive, and don’t value or appreciate their help, that they avoid giving it out.

Meanwhile I went my whole damn life basically helping myself cause I didn’t have many people to help me. I was helping boyfriends and everyone else. You see what I mean about the misalignment?

Even more I think of how I’m finally writing this book. Now I can clearly see my path to $300K months.  What’s even crazy I know that I’m going to hit that $300K months and quickly be onto $1 Million months. I know how my mind works, and I know how fast I move and grow once I get a system down. 

I’m about to quantum leap. I’ve done this before.  I’ve went from being homeless to living in a luxury condo. I’ve went from not having $700 in rent to getting checks for $20K a month.  Even then I didn’t stop there, the checks kept getting bigger. Higher and higher. Until big money became my norm. 

But what very few people ever understood about me is that when I talk about God, I mean the things I say about him. I’ve always been guided. I didn’t necessarily know how I was pulling off the things I did. I mean sure yes, I keep a positive attitude. Yes, I even believe in myself greatly.  Yes I’m confident. Yes, I still sit down and do the work obsessively. Yes, I even live from my heart and love people, despite most people thinking that being a loving person is weird. Despite having men who broke my heart. But the vision that’s in my head, I didn’t give myself that. That’s implanted by God. Maybe he gives us all one. I just know that I have visions of being at Oprah status and I know with 100% certainty that I’m up next. I can’t take credit for that. That’s God talking to me.

But damn! The sh*t that I had to go through to make it through to this space…. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. I’d rather show them an easier way. 

Like my first mentor was so bad (I don’t like to talk bad about people) that I developed a fear of failing my clients. I didn’t want anyone to ever experience what I did. She also taught me some things. She’s a lightworker kind of stuck in Hollywood. She’s been programmed. So she was programming me and pretty much was all about the money, yet at the same time she did instructs us to give clients full transformation. So I appreciate her for that.  However, she literally told me to stop blogging.  I mean it’s not hard to see I’m a gifted writer. Who would tell me such a thing?  She had another gifted girl in her program that left too.  Some of these coaches have simply been coached by a coach and they are passing the same info down. That ain’t me. I align with source to get downloads for my clients. I operate in the spirit realm. 

Anyway, I tend to think people are stupid when they mismanage me or mismanage their access to me.  In my head it’s common sense that I’m going Oprah status. It just seems like common sense to do right by me. 

But whatever, I’m not one to stick to a victim story, even when maybe I was victimized… I mean even rape, I won’t stick to that story either.

I’ll tell my story in a book soon. I’m just happy to have finally arrived in this space of pure abundance.  It feels so sexy. With this new level of consciousness and awakening, I’m forever unstoppable and will forever joyously live from my heart. 

A friend told me today that he was so proud of me. I met him right after I’d broken up with the last boyfriend. He reminded me of how hurt I was, but how I kept a positive attitude and told myself that everything would be  okay.  This past year has been one of the greatest transformations of my life.  And I did it. I changed my life again. I’ve changed other’s lives along the way. I humbled myself and went through the process. I can go back to being me now. I can stop giving everyone easy access to me. 

I see the beauty of my life again as it unfolds. My gratitude, hope and love for life has been restored.  I see men in a whole new way. I’m surrounded by Kings. I see in a way I always was. They just weren’t for me, because my King goes hard. 

I have an amazing, beautiful, talented gifted female friend who pours love and support into me the same I pour support into her. She’s not judging me, being jealous or trying to find fault in me.  She’s all heart, completely angel. She’s the first female reflection of me I’d ever encountered. 

My soulmate family drops in just when I need them to help me.  Whatever I need simply shows up when I command it to and trust.  But once again, getting here was no easy feat. 

If I can tell you any lesson to learn from this is to never doubt God. The process may be crazy, but just know, it’s going to be beautiful on the other side. He will provide and give you everything you need. Surrender.