The Monogamous Way To Attract Love, Great Sex, Commitment and Companionship

by | Love & Relationships, soulmates

Being against love, great sex, commitment and companionship is not normal.

LOVE is the most natural thing in the world. It’s a gift from God.

A chance to tune in and live from your heart. A chance to be free and experience an earthly heaven.

Both love and fear can not exist on the same frequency. You get to choose.

Even self-love is a choice. It’s the greatest choice.

The amount of love you have for yourself determines the life you will manifest. When you live from the heart you have a greater chance of experiencing a beautiful life.

Therefore valuing yourself and believing in the best of yourself should be your greatest focus on earth.

When you make self-love and experiencing love with others a priority mountains turn into molehills.

Challenges dissolve.

Your health improves.

Life gets better.

You attract more money.

These are just a few reasons that God gave you love.