Once you enter internet land and you actually become a staple, you become a celebrity whether you realize it or not.

If you’re not very attractive people will mostly pour love into you and tell you how beautiful and amazing you are. You can’t do no wrong. You can look terrible and they will be like Slay B*tch Slay!

But if you’re a badd chick people will judge you for every infraction you’ve ever made, every grammatical error, every thought and for even needing a nail fill. They’ll judge you for tripping over a rock 10 years ago, and tell you that you ain’t all that. People are so damn silly that they have talked about me for having braces. A $5,000 investment they can’t even afford. That’s the mindset of some people online. Heck they even judge my cleavage.

People often tell me that I’m a perfectionist and to just do things as is. And they are right, even though they may never have to deal with the pressure that I do. But I also know something else. If you want to be top notch. If you want to be the Don mthfkn Diva, then your branding had better be on point.

Sure people can sell a small product to thousands of people and make a few hundred thousand, maybe even a million.

But they will never be able to walk in a room like me and shut sh*t down. They can’t get men to do the things I can get men to do with very little effort. They can’t command high ticket prices. I honestly don’t even have to try to get interviews. I just decide that I want them and people would simply love to interview me.

People tell you that branding doesn’t mean anything, but it does. Oprah is a brand. Tylenol is a brand. Nike is a brand. McDonald’s is a brand. Louis Vuitton is a brand. They are all top notch for a reason.

Yet the Super 99cent store is also a brand that makes millions of dollars. You can make money any way you please. How doesn’t matter. It’s just all about who you are here to serve. People at my level only phuck with top notch, cause the places we are headed are beyond money. We are more so about position. Sometimes I really have to remember WHY I’m doing things, cause what’s right for everyone else, may not be right for me. 

Today a friend told me about my perfectionism, and of course she was right. But I had to ask myself “Kissy why are you like this? What’s the reason for your behavior?” I look back at my perfectionism and the way people online have dragged me, bullied me and everything else, and I see that they actually made me stronger. It caused me to put so much heart into my branding and everything that I do, that by the time I step out to say this is what I’m doing, I’m bullet proof. By that time my mindset is bullet proof and there is nothing they can say to me. I’ve already decided that I’m so good their opinion doesn’t count. I’m also aware that proper branding gives people a head start. 

For example, someone can come along and throw $22,000 into their website and say they are a life coach and people will buy in and take them serious, even though they may not know what they are doing. Meanwhile when I first started people were actually inquiring about my website, thinking it equivocated my value.  The truth is I’m a nerd, whenever I want my website to be pretty all I have to do is sit down and do it. But I’m constantly told to not worry about those things and to just do the work. 

I think I realize that as long as I don’t do the website and the branding, it mentally slows me down from doing the work, because I feel like there’s work that I’m not doing. Now that I know this, I now have a solution. That’s the way things go. You gotta come up with techniques that suit your own mind, that help you to get things done. 

Yet, branding isn’t important to a couple of my successful friends. They hate when someone even says you need it.  Yet I look at them and see their brands. We all have brands.  Yet the way they brand themselves isn’t attached to being fancy. They may even keep it simplistic and it works for them. So I realize it’s more or so a personality thing maybe. 

But wait, then there’s more, my friend told me today that I could look any kind of way and that I would still be powerful and attract people. Is she right? Ghandi definitely accomplished that, and so did mother Teresa. They both believed they could, so they did. So then I realized it’s all a mindset. 

But then there is this.  I see people running ads all day. Even if they make loads of money, I still have more power than them. There’s someone right now with $15 Million in the bank who can’t hop on Facebook and inspire people to do anything. Yet, I can.

That goes to show you that money doesn’t necessarily make you, but your branding does. It also shows that to brand yourself all you really ever need to do is to be you. Nike sells tennis shoes. They don’t try to be Louboutin. Nike is comfortable being who they are. Same thing with you. You gotta be comfortable being who you are. Once you do that, the success is yours, attracting the things and the people you want becomes as simple as breathing. Especially when you brand from the heart. It takes no thought. It’s also the most beautiful brand you could ever have.

But if you don’t brand yourself properly you’ll end up working extra hard for no reason. My branding does a great deal of the heavy lifting for me. It represents excellence. People already know what they are going to get with me. And my tribe we need excellence. We crave it. It’s just who we are. 

This is why it’s important to build a brand you love. 

Yet when I look deeper into that, and I look back at how I got started, I was nowhere near perfect, but at the time I thought I was pretty well close to it. Yet what touched people and ultimately built the empire I have today and continue to, is my heart. The same thing that build Ghandi’s and Mother Teresa’s brands. 

So people who tell us to stop being perfect are essentially correct. ,We actually don’t need the brands or the trinkets. You gotta pull up outside of that and really remember who you are outside of your business, outside of your brand, and replace that with your heart. We often attach our identities to our business without separation, and I know it’s important to somewhat detach from it. Who are you on the inside without all of that other stuff?  I think this is something that people who are not perfectionists seem to catch on to way before us perfectionists do.  But still the perfectionists win the game and outrun everyone else. 

That’s why Beyonce is on top. She relentless in pursuit of excellence. Except when it comes to her clothing line. 

So once again we return to having balance.  You need a little of everything to be successful. But then again you don’t.  We do things because we won’t to win the race fast. We realize the clock is ticking and our minds tell us the fastest route.  Yet Ghandi and Mother Teresa never used any of these branding tools we use today and they are still known forever more. 

I might be rambling, but I believe there is such a valuable message in here somewhere. 

I learn a lot of lessons simply by not dismissing what brilliant people say, and taking it all in.  Self-reflection is a beautiful thing.