The Average Person Is Poor Because They Haven’t Failed

by | Money Mindset

The average person is poor, because they haven’t failed. They are too afraid to introduce CHANCE or risk into their life. They want to play it safe and have job security.

Now allow me to give you an example…

Sometimes when I’ve done sales calls  in the past, and operating in the divine feminine energy, I think I’ve done some unconscious men a great disservice by not telling them to grow bigger balls!   You see conscious men buy in to work with me, but sometimes unconscious men who are starting to tire of their suffering are brought to me by sending out strong urgency signals to the Universe…   But they have no idea what’s going on nor do they understand how the Universe is assisting in the manifestation of their desires. I see people desperate for answers, and the Universe grants them their wish and points them in my direction. They find me. They contact me. They say they want help… But many of them seriously think they know it all…

People with a spiritual practice on the other hand can sense that they’ve found the key to unlocking their happiness and wealthy future. I mostly attract spiritually aligned souls…

One pretty dope guy recently was the first to say WOAH when he heard my prices. He’s unconscious, but I could literally see his destiny laid out for him. I saw him as the big star he wanted to be, inspiring people all around the world.  But maybe I had more faith in his vision, than he did.

For spiritual souls it’s common sense to buy in.  But for some unconscious people like him they may suddenly panic in fear, start running scarcity through their minds. Allowing fear to completely take over their thoughts. They want to hold onto their PAYCHECK money… The paycheck that they have be programmed to receive. 

Let’s pause for a second and explain that. 

So the wonderful school system.  It’s designed to teach people how to be poor. Have you ever noticed the school system doesn’t teach you about money or even love and relationships? The two things you need in order to successfully function as adult human..   

The school system is designed to teach you to be an employee or a doctor or a lawyer, or specialist. Doctor and lawyers often don’t realize they’ve been sucked into the system due to the hierarchy.  In the 3D Dimension, the Doctors and Lawyers have high ranking and authority.  Their job title gives them prestige.  They work long hours, spend years paying back student loans and are often tired and looking for a better way.  (The government doesn’t allow schools to educate about money.)

So because people aren’t being educated on money, poverty is being passed down in the family.  The beliefs are passed down. Like “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” When it’s common sense that money is printed on paper, and paper comes from trees.   Most of these beliefs are emotionalized. So It’s literally in the DNA of the family. The only way to break the curse of poverty is to actually become conscious and study money.

But back to team paycheck… Many are afraid to jump even when a proven opportunity to finally win big in life; by fulfilling their dreams of financial freedom and finally having that business they crave, is presented to them. They start saying what they “CAN’T” do, instead of asking How CAN they do… They make EXCUSES to stay put..feeling SAFE…afraid to FAIL. Held hostage to the system set up to keep them on the hamster wheel.  Especially the middle class. They start to feel like “Maybe I should just be content with what I have? How dare I want more!”  

Even when some athletes make millions of dollars they find themselves poor again years down the line.  So do lottery winners. Because money and wealth is a MINDSET. 

The moment an “employer” pays you, that’s the trap. You are trapped into believing that the only way to make money is to receive a check from your employer.  Meanwhile entrepreneurs basically in a way, work for free.  There are no guarantees. And for many it seems like pure insanity to live in such uncertainty. It takes a great amount of FAITH and BELIEF. 

I understand. As I was raised in the projects. At times my grandmother couldn’t afford to give us $1.25 cent to catch the bus. We walked hours sometimes to go from our townhouse in the projects to another family members house in the projects 90 blocks away.  Like from 6th street to 90th street or something like that. Heck we actually thought one project was more luxury than the other. ..  However, my soul wasn’t playing that. From a very early age I was signaled that something wasn’t right about not having money. It just didn’t seem right.  I was programmed to go after riches.  So, nobody ever had to beg me to help myself. I pay up like “Here you go. teach me!! Gimme Gimme Gimme. Run me that knowledge. I need that. Give me all of that!” I operate in that paradigm as an entrepreneur. We walk past fear.

But because I was raised that way, and deep down, I know that I was simply a light born in darkness, I often feel great sympathy for those who are poor, yet trying hard to figure it out.  

So while it seems like insanity that there are people who actually report to a 9-5 that’s killing their soul, have the money to invest, yet they are not willing to do what it takes… Once again, I look over my life and see how hardships pushed me into becoming an entrepreneur. There was no other way. I was going to win no matter what.  So being in the entrepreneur community, I know that most constantly invest in their business, brand and mindset, in addition to working tirelessly, in hopes of achieving their next level.  This technique of working in the masculine energy also burns out eventually… 

Personally I’ve walked away from multiple 6 figure gigs, just to start all over again and make more and more money each time. At times I’ve woken up in the morning and had already made thousands of dollars over night, without having any product for sale. It’s a really cool feeling. 

But, all of  the winning and reward is in the RISK. If you’re not willing to risk anything you can’t win big. Entrepreneurs risk, and put their money on the line time and time again… Not to mention having to ignore the judgements of family and friends, the pressures of watching everyone ball out on the internet; and stick with the vision.  It’s not easy, but it’s so rewarding beyond anything a paycheck could ever give you. 

Seeing how clearly I see things, I used to feel a great burden on my shoulders to awaken people, to get them to listen to me. It’s the real reason I started blogging. 

But recently i stopped feeling responsible to get people to change their life. It’s not my calling. My responsibility is to only make you aware of your sleeping state and lead you to seeking consciousness or direct you with a strategy to manifest your souls desire. I am not here to do the work for them.

Right now in this world there are thousands of people buying into various life coaches and life coaching programs.  For those people they are start a journey of deep self-discovery.   Most are buying a crappy program that will slow them down. Others will listen to their soul and align with the proper life coach. 

A few months from now these people, my clients, the clients of my magical life coaching friends will all  have new lives….  But 98% of the rest of the world will still be sleep. Because they are too afraid to CHANGE.