Often as you go through life, you’re making moves, while failing to make other moves, because you’re waiting for something. 

You’re waiting for something material to manifest or a certain result or time period to manifest.  You say I’m going to do this when this happens, or when I get this or that. 

You get caught up in waiting, not realizing that time is simply an illusion. Whatever you’re waiting on to manifest already exists in an alternate reality.  To get it to the current, present, 3D reality, you simply receive it. 

“How do I receive it Kissy?” By accepting it.  “Okay Kissy, How do I accept it?”

Acceptance is like getting up to go get a cup of water, but deciding to put it off, because you know the faucet will give you water whenever you feel like it or want it. So you go about your day with no worries that you won’t get water. You know it will be there whenever you are ready. There is no need to rush. 

Life is the same way. Whatever it is you seek in your heart, you already have it. No desire is placed into your heart without its existence already being done and completed in your life.  All you’re doing right now is either getting ready or getting ready to be ready. 

But when you don’t know this you may notice loads of procrastination in your life.  You constantly put off tomorrow what you could do today, because you’re waiting for something to manifest before you perform a certain action. As you wait, it rarely ever happens. Instead you cause delay.

But if you simply accept that it’s already done and take action as if, you’ll get it a lot sooner. 

Wanting something causes delay. Instead you must detach from the outcome the same way you detach from the outcome of getting up to go get a cup, to get water out the faucet. Once you place the cup under the faucet and turn it on, you instantly receive water into your chosen cup. Cool right?

Your wants and desires are just that simple. It is done! But to get it done ACTION has to occur. When you look around and you’re living a new life, different from the one you lived 5 years ago, what got you there?

ACTION did. So ACT as if darling.