Amazing Men Do Amazing Things… What Women Really Want

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Women really want amazing men who do amazing things

Woke up in the middle of the night, and had some free time, so I decided to check my inbox. I do a lot of things online, and one of those things is running a healing soulmate group. I’ve seen many people in the group heal, raise their consciousness and learn how to have healthy relationships.
But sometimes I’m online watching some men’s behavior and it all seems like pure insanity to me. This man has been literally offering to fly me to London for 4 years straight. One time he even said he would fly me, both of my sons and a friend there.
I have no shortage of men making a decent effort to get my attention. But most men have no understanding of women or no idea how to get and keep a woman excited about him. It’s like no one has taught the average man how to protect, provide and be charming. Those 3 simple basics that a woman needs to develop a deep love connection to a man.
The average man’s education on the needs of a woman, have came from basic women who simply settled for whatever man was nice to them. Women whose #1 request wasn’t “A man is going to provide for me.” Then you have men who are providers and take care of that part, and they end up with the worst women. They don’t realize what’s missing…
One thing I know is that most men need a dating consultant and you need a high level one. Because the ones ya’ll go to who supposedly help you, actually have no clue of women outside of the basic woman whose only request is that a man SAYs he likes her and pays her some attention. Heck, some men even fail at paying a woman adequate attention.
I look at my past relationships and at the time I was with those men no other men would ever compete with them, even when they were at their worst. Why? Because I pick men who run circles around other men. Even when they were doing the 1 thing that’s a solid relationship killer for me (failing to respect my Queendom and Goddessness) they were still putting it down in MANY other categories. I don’t pick men who only seem to do 1 thing right.  Of course a one show pony can’t keep a woman pleased. That’s common sense.  But many women will chose the 1 show pony, while lusting after the next man.  

I’ve consulted with LOTS of women and most of them in relationships wanted a better man. Most of them wanted a man who would provide. Even if she’s a boss chick making $500K a year. Others wanted a more intelligent man , or a man who was more intune with his emotions. Most of the women barely even got gifts from their man. 

Other women wanted a man who would turn his sex game up a notch. Some men fail to master the craft of sex, yet it’s the first topic they bring up with a woman before actually providing anything for her, in order to make her feel safe enough to even want to share her body with him..  But I blame the women for that, cause she allowed him to pick her, and chances are before they even had sex she really wasn’t feeling him deeply like that; but she settled because of whatever 1 show he was putting on.  So now he’s a filler, that she’s light weight disgusted with,  until a better man comes along. 

Most of the men who know how to do more than average are older men.  But I also have some male friends who are in their early thirties who are amazing men. The kind who run circles around average men. They are finding out a woman’s needs and providing for her plus so much more, on top of generally being a well dressed, goal oriented, money getting, empire building gentleman. There are some really dope men out here!
I hear some women even say to remove your emotions from men altogether and simply date an older man who provides.  That definitely works out for them, cause their life goes smooth financially and they have a stable home for their children. It even makes them feel loved so they grow and can create things in this world. It’s the “safe” bet. 

But one thing it doesn’t do is unlock the heart of the soul.  Only deep love will give you the transcending human experience that you were sent here to live. 

Falling in love, regardless of the outcome has done things for spirit that the average person can’t even imagine.  My spirit has experienced some things. So maybe it’s no wonder that I’m able to also run circles around the average human.. Maybe that’s why I understand the power of love and know what people are missing out on. 
People are almost programmed to remove LOVE from their mind and replace it with a $ sign.  Money can’t replace love. Money is simply one way to show love and make a woman feel safe.  A woman needs both.
money vs love
If a man comes with only love, she’s going to be admiring all of the instagram models on instagram who get the ballers who provide for them.. A notification that her own relationship is lacking.
If a man provides for a woman, but doesn’t spend time with her, she will feel lack, due not feeling she’s not fully being loved. 

Amazing men understand these dynamics, which is why they wouldn’t dare be a 1 show pony.  Yet the average man is like “Love me for me. My love alone should be more than good enough.”  As if a woman can’t get another man to show her “love,” if love is all that matters to keep her happy. Heck even in the caveman days a man had to go out and hunt and come back with dinner to impress his woman and keep her happy.  Sex alone wasn’t enough to feed her.  Yet some men truly believe that all they need to do for a woman is have sex with her. Sex that she barely wants to give him, cause he doesn’t do enough for her, but society has programmed her to share her body with a man for nothing. She’s taught her worth is in how much she can sexually please any man who will give her the TITLE of “girlfriend” without the benefits of wife. And she will literally allow such a man to take her off the market, have her solely focused on him and his needs, while neglecting her own. 
Relationships actually aren’t hard. What makes them hard is a bunch of men who have no idea what they are doing.
Then I look at the men who have booked dating consultations with me  when I offered that service.. Those men are thriving. Most importantly they are choosing women who adore them, and know HOW to get those women to adore them.
If you want to know how to keep a woman happy and not just end up with a woman who will settle for you while secretly wishing Chris Brown would wife her up; you need dating advice from a badd chick. Badd chicks are the only ones who live in their truths and actually get their dream man and not just settle for a filler. A badd chick does the work on herself and requires that a man actually meet her needs. 
Just basic actions aren’t good enough for a woman who truly wants a deep long-lasting love connection. It takes more than that to get an amazing woman’s heart and keep her excited about you for years and years.
But average men don’t listen to women. Which is why they end up with women who treat them like dust.
When the average man is in the badd chicks inbox with those simple “hi sexy’ messages, I wonder how they don’t know that there is another man offering her trips, gifts, romance and things women actually like.