The real reason women don’t respect some men

P*ssy gets wet for generous men. It dries up on cheap men. Cheap men get disrespected and emasculated. Generous men get served and surrendered too. 

This truth feels icky to the masses. Which is why they experience mediocre relationships. 

Average men love money more than they love their woman.  S E X is a forbidden topic for most. Add money to the equation and people get uncomfortable… Meanwhile married rich men with happy wives already know… They don’t exactly spread the knowledge. 

I’m going to tell you the #1 reason why women don’t respect you, walk all over you, and don’t want to be with you. … Are you ready? You’re not honoring her femininity.

So you want a woman to be turned on, feeling sexy, and deeply wanting you right? Then you must honor her femininity.

When she’s working she’s in masculine energy most times, unless she owns her own purposeful business and has learned to operate in flow.

So as a man who wants her affection, attention, and body, you must pull her deeper into her femininity.

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Here a few things that work and what women truly need.

1. Give her some money – Women love money. No matter how much money a woman makes, she likes money and gifts from men. It makes her feel feminine. Because this is what men do. In the past I’ve gone to the club and many times and popped my own bottles, cause I’m a boss. But you know when I felt really good partying at the club? When I was partying with a boss and he paid for all of it.  It’s not about the money. It’s about a man being a King, making a woman feel safe, taken care of,  nurtured and provided for in her femininity. (She may turn the money down if she’s a boss. She’s not good at receiving. But offering will still make her look at you in a better light.

2. Take her or send her to the spa or the nail shop. My ex boyfriends were so accustomed to my femininity,  that they will take their girlfriends to the nail shop and sit there with her and even get a pedicure and manicure with her. They run circles around other men because if they can cater to a badd azz boss chick Goddess like me, then other women are easy pezzy. Sending her to the spa for a massage is life!

3. Take her shopping at the mall. Women love new clothes, perfumes and girly stuff. It makes her feel more feminine. Now you have a woman who is operating in divine femininity. Which is why when you see those drop dead gorgeous, super feminine women, they want nothing to do with average men.  I forgot to tell you PAY FOR THE CLOTHES. It’s so wack to see a woman walking in the store with a man, and pulling out her own man. I see women like that and I can see the look of disappointment in her eyes.. Sometimes when he pay for the man’s stuff, so she can keep the little boy with her happy and not feeling intimidated or emasculated by her boss chick money.

Average men don’t honor femininity, yet that want it so badly.  I’ve had random men who immediately take me shopping. I have men who offer to whisk me away on exotic vacations. They honor my feminine essence. So while the next man is honoring her femininity, an average man is bugging her saying:  “Can I take you to lunch, dinner, ice cream, take up all of your time, trying to touch you, grab your azz, trying to get some p*ssy from you,” after she has spent hours getting dressed, getting beautiful, putting on scented Victoria Secret Lotion with a matching lace bra and panty set, wearing expensive perfume, putting on expensive make-up and jewelry… Or you offer her a damn coffee date.

Such a man makes a woman feel worthless, less than and all knowing that other women are obviously better than her, as those other women have men who provide. NO WOMAN who is operating in true feminine energy, values herself and knows her worth will accept a cheap man. .She’d rather spend that time working and making money. Men who have access to dope women like me already know these things… Every woman isn’t desperate for a man… Even if you do get her and you’re cheap, fights and arguments will occur. She will start to emasculate you. She’s also not very proud to be with such a man. As her friends will laugh at her for not being spoiled.  Women are under A LOT of pressure by society, and it’s her rightful place to receive from a man period. 

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So Full Kate 100 Liège Pépite ankle boots

There’s also another layer of woman that men may not understand. That’s the boss chick who has passed the 6 Figure income mark.  Her mindset is quite different from average.  I have Louis Vuitton bags, I have Louboutin high heels. It feels so good to walk into the store and buy those for myself. But you know what feels even better? When a man buys me new heels, clothes or a new bag.  The bag doesn’t even have to be expensive. Nor the shoes. Go get her a cute combo from Aldo and watch how impressed with you she becomes. (Some women won’t accept any less than luxury.)   I bought own luxury car CASH, and I was really proud of myself. But you know what would be SUPER exciting? For a man to actually buy me a luxury car.   Men just make things better.  Women love men who love and adore them. Women appreciate when such a man shows that love not only through his words but his actions of generosity. 

4. Feed her. Women are greedy.  They love to eat. Take her some place nice to eat, with white linen table clothes, and low lighting. Make reservations. This allows her to put on her little black dress, her red lipstick, stilettos with the red bottom, her expensive perfume, maybe even a push up bra and look good for you.  This allows the divine essence to be lit and in full play. She’s in her femininity and you’re in the masculine. This is a minimum and the BASICS. 

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Now a lame man who women will totally disrespect will say something like “I’m not doing all of that. That’s tricking. I’m not buying a woman, and blah, blah, blah.” Well Sir, first of all, it ain’t tricking if you got it. Either get back to work or step your money game up.  That’s why you’re stuck with basic bishes now who treat you basic, and I know you’re tired of being treated like that. And ain’t no such thing as an old dog in human years, so learn some new tricks sweetie. Stop playing yourself. Cause badd chicks ain’t playing these games with you and most of boss chicks buy men gifts that exceed the average man’s gifts. So you’re simply meeting her at her HEART-CENTERED level.

A badd azz boss chick would rather work, than to spend her time with some basic man, with a basic offer that doesn’t set him apart from other men.  She’s working on her dream life. Basic isn’t an option. Plus, truth be told, women are so tired of basic men.   A lot of women are actually unhappily married, rather they admit it or not. Lots of married women settled. Other women stay single, until they figure it out. Be smart and snatch up the single woman, by doing the right thing. Don’t wait till you see another man wifing her, before you wake up.


If you want a woman to feel free to share her body with you without all of the  emotional guilt and repression that society lays upon her, learn to make her feel special.  Before a woman even has sex with a man she has to run through her head the emotional repercussions and if he’s still going to like her and respect her afterwards. Or what he’s going to think of her. Is it too soon? OMG, is my religion going to be okay with this? Am I honor myself if I do this?” All of the behavior of the previous silly men who didn’t honor her run through her mind.  She’s in fear and distrust. It didn’t work out for her, so now she feels like something is wrong with her and holding her body and sexually repressing herself is the answer, according to society.  Set her soul free by simply being a divine man.  This supersedes her trauma and helps to heal her. It also allows her to be comfortable with the desire to have you deeply penetrate her and submit to you. 

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One lovely, brilliant, long-time married woman told me that healthy men don’t spend their money on women right away because they are afraid to be used. But see as a single woman who has been in and out of the dating game for a while now, I can assure you that I am not long-term turned on by men who are not natural providers.  I have my choice of men to marry. Most aren’t good enough for me. However, she is right. Many a man has been screwed over because he hasn’t learned who his tribe is yet. But I can’t stop knowing my value for the sake of those men. They have to get over their past and meet me at my level. Men who worry about getting used, get used, because they scare off HEART-CENTERED women with their FEARS.  In return they get what they wanted, a woman who only wanted his money.

A person with an abundant mindset understand that money is simply a tool to live a better life. That’s not giving a woman wife benefits.   How do you think that taking her shopping is giving her wife benefits, but sharing her body and taking d*ck from your isn’t??? Meanwhile you want her body is exchange for you telling her she’s cute. 🤣 Selfishness and not going all in is insanity, and keeps people from joy and finding real love. Why would a woman act right for a man who obviously does not value her?

See how backwards that is. You absolutely can’t value your money more than you value your body and matters of the heart.  Plus if your d*ck is really worth anything, you can’t lose by spoiling a woman then following it up with putting it down in the bedroom too…  Which will lead to a woman being obsessed with you. Winning! Trust me she will walk around wet for you, without you even touching her.  She will respect you or learn to respect you, because she wants to keep you. Even when a woman wants to keep a man, if he’s not generous, she’ll just go with her mind that says “You gotta let him go. He doesn’t provide anyway.”

One time I had a woman who was losing her house tell me “Kissy, you don’t know how it feels to have a man who takes care of you, provides everything for you, buys everything for you, takes you all around the world, then you break up and you have to do everything on your own.”  She was correct. I’ve always provided for myself and pretty much spoil my boyfriends. Gifts are my love language and I simply don’t depend on a man for finances, but I’ve also learned to stop dealing with men who aren’t into financing me. I will financially outperform a man with that mindset and so will my heart bore of a person who isn’t as giving as me.  It’s not about the money.  It’s about a man matching my heart. 

But if I did have such a man, then I suppose I would’ve done what it took to keep him, if he was really that good of a man. She didn’t necessarily know how to talk to that man, and he was also abusive, which only made her mouth worse. But the point here is she was devastated when that NBA man broke up with her. Meanwhile I was dumping every man I’ve ever had.  A man has to be worth keeping… 

You see when a woman is provided for, she doesn’t want to let that man go! A man who is not providing is often like a clown to women. Most high value omen don’t take men who don’t provide serious. She doesn’t grasp that the relationship or her connection to a cheap man is real, because her mind is still looking for the dream. You have to make her FEEL it and see the dream, WITH YOU.

Women talk so reckless to men who don’t spend, cause losing him isn’t necessarily a loss. It’s restoration of her pride and no longer feeling worthless cause she’s having sex with a man who sees not real value in her, which is why he hasn’t invested in her. . Her male boss has more power than him. She’ll get wet for him, because he PROVIDES former. That’s why most boss men teach their woman how to start her own business. A man who doesn’t provide can easily be replaced with new d*ck, cause that’s about all he’s offering. And if that’s all he’s offering she may as well go get a man with a 6 pack who is really putting it down. A woman can get love from any man, but every man’s love isn’t good enough. Valuable women have standards and date above average men. She wants Daddy!

man give woman gifts

There are roles in society and each sex must play its part. Men are born to give, which is why they have a sexual organ outside of their body, while a woman’s reproductive vessel is inside her body. She was created to receive. Take That, Take That!

These dynamics must be in play for a healthy divine relationship, that’s above average. So men, I encourage you to be above average. Only basic bishes like basic men. And truth be told, those women really want more. They are just too afraid to admit it or they feel they can’t get it, because they don’t have their LEVEL UP game on point.  Trust me, you are better off with that high maintenance, heart-centered woman. That woman wants something out of life. Her mind operates on a higher frequency. THAT is of benefit to you. She will actually appreciate you not being average and treat you as a King. 

Not to mention, all heads turn and respect is given to you, when you walk in the room with the baddest chick. I’ve been in environments from corporate, celebrity, white, black, elite and everything between.  All of the attention is always on whatever man is with me, because he’s with me.  I’m the star of the show.  Except I’m not a trophy. I have a divine brain and we’re walking out that room with business deals. Men who have beautiful women advance faster in life.

A lot of of women have been spoiled by real Kings. They’re now accustomed to eating steak. Don’t run up on that woman with peasant behavior that worked for those basic bishes who will spend the rest of their life lusting after some man on t.v. because they married Mr. half azz who does not show up and show out. Don’t show up with hamburger darling.

Any woman worth her weight in gold wants a man who makes her girlfriends jealous. The envy of all women is the woman who has a dope man. Why do you think so many women follow Blac Chyna, Amber Rose, instagram models, basketball wives, baby mama ballers,  and all the badd chicks who date ballers…. Women dream of being with such men. They don’t dream of growing up to marry Mr. Basic. 

After all we’re all living a dream and building it as we see fit.  Except the average person fails to realize that LOVE is very much apart of this.

Wake up Fellas. 


Listen to me discuss women and dinner dates  below: 


Women are not quick to let go of a man who provides.  They will ring the alarm, get some act right and beg you not to go.

Okay Men. So cut out that “women don’t like me because I’m a nice guy crap. Take the chick shopping and learn to put it down in the bedroom. Done deal. Badd chicks are kept by men who respect, honor, and nourish her. And a brainiac boss chick more than likely also needs a man with a genius IQ on top of that. She needs a nerd with swag.

She’s more than likely to go for the man who invests in her business above all. We’ll talk about her crazy emotions, some other time. 😂

P.S. This is just the BASICS. 

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