Why I rarely ever do sales calls

by | High Ticket Sales

I haven’t done a sales call in a long time. I’m not advertising. I go live only when I feel like it.
Yet I still close sales for thousands of dollars, weekly. Thankfully I’ve learned the coaching process the hard way, and I know what works. I felt weird being on sales calls. After I got good at them I was closing deals out. But the amount of talking I did on those calls, I felt like I was on those calls to prove myself. So once I got good at them, it didn’t feel right anymore. The truth is if people have the money and they really want the breakthrough, they’ll spend the money.
There is really nothing for me to prove when it comes to female empowerment, confidence coaching, clearing blocks, spiritual manifesting or even social media. I have reviews on everything on my business page, plus reviews you’ve never seen.
I did everything I was told to do, just to realize it’s all this thing of feeling like you have to prove you’re good to others that causes many coaches to not feel like you’re good enough. It starts you on this journey of people pleasing. Then you have to wake up and snap yourself out of it.
I was charging $997 an hour to consult with me and I even quit that. I’m worth way more than that. That’s too cheap a price for the instant transformation that I give people. I transform people so fast that sometimes they don’t even realize the power I’ve helped them uncover. They go using it, then later it goes “Well, let me do what Kissy does.” And it’s like don’t copy Kissy, I just gave you your own unique strategy. But then they go buying into other coaches AGAIN, and the confusion comes back. You know what happened? The shift that they’ve been searching years for, finally came, and it was so easy, that they don’t seem to realize that YES, It gets to be this easy. Now go with it. They instead go back into confused land, because that’s what they’re accustomed to.
Not to mention Kissy does Kissy. Kissy isn’t trying to be like anyone else. I can give you rapid shifts BECAUSE I work in the flow of source. You won’t have the same affect on people by trying to do what I do. I’ll even tell you another truth. My tribe can see my heart a mile away. So no matter how much sh*t I talk, they just know. I’m a real life LIGHT.
So after watching the after affects, and I know for sure, that one call simply isn’t enough. People need to be reminded of things over and over and coached through deeper layers. A shift can happen instantly, but oftentimes it takes time to ground it in. People need multiple sessions.
My clients who have had multiple sessions, are WAY more confident than most people in the world. They are not out here playing patty cake, and they are BEING themselves. It’s so beautiful to watch them. They often report back to me how they’ve talked to coaches they recently met, and realize that they are smarter tan those other coaches.
My clients have been taught to operate in THEIR genius zone. I don’t train them to act like me. I coach them how to be them, and then be like me to get what they want out of life by being unmtknstoppable. I don’t place them in a box the way my first coach did to me.
All of the mistakes I made and the lessons I learned benefit my clients. It’s my deepest desire to break the chains, break the cycles and get people to see that anything is possible and that YES, you can make loads of money being your kind-hearted loving self. YES you can get the things you want out of life. YES you can attract people who generally love you.

and most of all, YES, you can do things in a manner that feels good to your soul, and still be successful. 
Sidenote: I got my nails done really long and girly. It took some work to type this. 

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