This has been such a huge week of shifts for me. This week I realize that my self-worth right now commands clients who pay me $1 Million a year to work with me.  I’m just that good at what I do, and just that powerful.

Now I know in order to command that, that I simply have to be unwilling to be available for anything less than that.  Which I’m not ready to do yet, but at least I’m finally on the path. 

I woke up the past two days with a great sense of calm. So calm that if you know me you may think I’m acting weird.  I looked around and decided that I wanted the life of my dreams already. I don’t feel like playing small anymore. I can’t. I won’t.  Even talking to people on social media everyday. It’s just not my thing anymore. I’ve done a great job of using my gifts to inspire thousands of people. I’ve awakened their conscious. My mind is so work, work, work focused.  Always work. 

WHY? Because it takes work and great thought to do what I do.  But in reality, I’ve been vibing too low.  I look around at my tribe, the people I help the most, and the people who appreciate me the most, and for the most part they already understand how to have healthy relationships. They know the importance of them. They are willing to do the work. They do what it takes, including investing in themselves. They simply need help past a few blocks, gaining some magnetism and a strategy to call in the amazing mate they want. In their business, they are already abundant at multi 6 figures or multi- 7 figures. 

When it comes to men, I either attract the God Kings who already know how to have healthy relationships and are abundant af already making multi 6 figures to 7 figures.  They usually need healing and remembrance of who they are, after a woman broke their heart. 

Or I attract scarcity minded men who think a woman’s worth is dependent  upon how much money she has. These men have absolutely no interest in learning how to have healthy relationships. Although successful in their own right, they are also some of the unhappiest men on the planet.  I look at them and shake my head and say to myself “Ya’ll so damn dumb.”  Judgement on my behalf. Which I know better than to do. 

So I go within and ask “Kissy why?” It’s a reflection of my own frustration. Of me trying to save the world. Somehow I’d slipped into that again. 

In a way, I just want to be like Oprah, put content out and let people receive it. Oprah doesn’t feel like she has anything to prove, and neither do I. Except I’m not at Oprah’s level yet, even though I know I belong there. 

Yeah I know to simply embody it and claim it. But yeah reality is reality sometimes.  I’m bored and need a break.  I need a billionaire to hand me $20 Million so that I can build my empire already. I already know what I want to do.  (Yes, I know I don’t need anything.) 

For life coaches the way they help people is by getting online every day talking to people, posting, going live, blogging and releasing the message. It works. It definitely works.  But after doing that I know that route isn’t for me. 

Once again, my path is different. So I know that in this moment it’s time for me to opt to be all that I AM, all I can be, and call it in. 

There is no more waiting on Dream Life to happen or to manifest. It’s time to Quantum F*cking Leap! It’s a real calm, strong decision. If I want my Dream life to happen now, I have to agree to let love in. I have to stop fighting it and denying it. It’s not very sensible of me.

I mean it’s easy for me to get away with not doing so. I’m easily one of the most loved people on the planet. I allow in lots of love. I give out lots of love. But I’ve never allowed myself to fully be loved.  I know this. It’s the first rule.  Which is why I got so frustrated watching some of the men who follow me simply ignore all of the rules of love in honor of what society has brainwashed them to believe.  But thank you Lord that is no longer my problem or focus.  I know that I AM GOD. But I also know I’m God’s special child, cause I am led by him in ways one can’t even imagine. 

These shifts used to come through and make me cry. But this time, for the first time, I am calm. I’m very calm and ready.  I’ve prepared for this. It’s reaping season. Dejavu 

I’ve opted out of answering my inbox, of explaining myself to people, of being extra nice and anything else self-sacrifice.  I accept that such behavior leads to things that are not of me. 

Today I decided to embody billionaire habits. Whatever those may be. 

Yet, I will always write. Writing is who I AM. I’m an author.  I wish so badly that my book was just done already. Done, published, on store shelves and selling like crazy. I’m ready. I am no longer getting ready to be ready.  I’m not even getting ready to walk into my destiny. It has arrived. 

I now allow in everything that God meant for me to have. I agree to get out of my own way.

I surrender.

I now allow billions of dollars to flow into my life. I allow this manifestation in with ease and grace.