My awakening was some of the most painful sh*t I’ve gone through in my whole life. I hope these blogs save a few women from going through the things that I went through. Or at least help you wake up sooner, rather than later. 

But today, I’m going to keep this short. I’m also going to send you back to your soul for answers. I’m giving you some journal prompts. 

First of all, you need both your masculine and feminine. You ain’t the prissy b*tch who can’t do nothing for herself. Get that up out of your head.

Secondly, you don’t dumb yourself down for nobody, unless you’re in the mood to entertain yourself and play that role. 

Kissy denise red

Now, what is YOUR type of man?

What kind of man do you REALLY want?  What kind of man do you DREAM about?

What does he do for you? What does he buy you? Where does he take you? What did you do there?  Did ya’ll have sex on a private jet?

Did your ex kopp that for you, or do that for you? Probably not. WHY? Cause he wasn’t your type. He only came with good d*ck. You do a whole bunch of sh*t for yourself though…. 

What do you have to show for your last relationship? 

Why don’t you have the man you want?

What must you change? Perhaps you should start by being honest about what you want. That’s a serious delay. 

P.S. 5 Figure Fools can’t even keep up with your rapid rate of consciousness. 🤣