Everyone is the world needs their soul aligned, here’s why

by | The Journey

When I get on calls to do soul alignment sessions with my brand new clients, it’s pretty interesting how they are sitting there ready. But they have no idea what’s about to happen to them. 

These women have spent their entire lives doing the work, reading, networking, investing in themselves and building the business. They are more successful than 97% of the population. They are more brilliant than 98% of the population.   They could’ve gone the rest of their lives happy to have achieved at this level. Most of the time they even have kids, a house and a supportive husband already.  But what they don’t have is the life of their dreams.  Something is missing. 

She could drive a BMW and that’s cool, but what she really wants to drive is a Bentley, and yes she could go get one and be irresponsible, but she wants to wait until her finances are to the point where it really lines up.

So to do that, she has to take her business to the next level. She knows this. She’s not even trying to take shortcuts. She’s been investing in herself the whole way through, mentor after mentor. Yet, she’s never landed in a spot where a mentor can see her the way I do. 

I’ve seen other women who have it all, their business is on point, making millions, wonderful kids on deck, friends on deck, could have any man she pleases, but she’s looking for the one.  She functions on a genius level, she also one of the most beautiful, deluxe, most fascinating, most vibrational creatures in the world. She’s a Goddess, a real one. One that most men have never seen before. Just any man won’t fit into her world. He has to be amazing, like the rest of her life.  She too will have invested heavily in this department and had dating coaches. But they didn’t see her the way I see her, so they couldn’t necessarily activate her magnetic attraction vortex to start calling in the men she wants. Which is a god. She’s looking for a god. 

All of these women are spiritually gifted.  It’s our connection to each other. It’s feel corny to say that it’s all divine and we are meant to meet. Cause that’s what spiritual coaches say “Girl. It’s 11:11 and you just hit me up. This is meant to happen.”  We laugh, but it’s all true.  When you become deeply spiritual, nothing is a coincidence anymore. Everything works for your greater good.

This women ultimately know this, which is why they have been so willing to consistently invest in themselves and still continue to. They know there is no such thing as a loss. They may get a big AHA, or shift from working with someone, or they may get a little one. Either way they will become better. 

Then they get to me.  Not only do they know not what’s about to happen on the call, I honestly don’t either.  I just talk to people. I free my mind before the call. I’m 100% present in it. I allow source to come in and work through me.  One minute we’re talking and then the next they are often crying.  Sometimes I almost cry too because the shift is so massive. The clarity that comes warms my heart. An hour later they walk away seeing themselves in a whole new way.  Even if they don’t (they always do), but that’s not the end of it.  I believe that I’m some kind of portal for God. After they get off the call with me, they literally start to attract the things they sought me out to help them with. The portal opens.  

If they were looking high and low for someone to show them how to tap dance on ice skates, while eating ice cream and learning a foreign language at the same time, such a person will magically pop up to teach them.  If they wanted soulmate clients I’ll give them a strategy which will also attract another soulmate teacher. 

Their vibration is shifted so much.  I’ve never seen anything like it. I try to study exactly how this is happening, because I’ve learned that although I am spiritually gifted, there is still a spiritual science to what I do. 

That science is something I will share with you. Being a life coach isn’t about the money. You could charge $16,000 an hour. It’s not about that. It’s about your heart.  Don’t take clients just because they pay you. Take clients whom you love to help.  Take clients whom you want to see win. Work with people who you truly want to see all of their dreams come true. 

And when you operate from that divine space, and you’ve done the work to allow source to use you, YES, you deserve to be paid your worth. After all when you give the shifts I give, your work is priceless. 

Access to me saves people at least a decade of struggling to figure it out. When I used to do free calls for my Krime with Kissy followers I can honestly say, many would’ve never figured it out in this lifetime, without me. But they were blessed to meet me and get my time, because they prayed, and God answered. 

That’s the most fascinating thing about God’s world. He truly answers. Why does it take us so long to understand that? Cause the world taught us that magic isn’t real and that nothing comes easy.  But in this world – in God’s world, yes indeed it does get to be easy. 

That’s why everyone needs their soul aligned. So that things get to be easy for you. That’s what God intended for you.