If HIS FATHER didn’t take care of HIS MOTHER, There’s a very high chance HE WON’T TAKE CARE OF YOU. 💯

Sons of 50/50 men do 50/50 things. But instead of saying that society will instead blame the woman for growing up without a father. MEN LEAD. Women follow. Everyone has to learn how to play their part.

A divine Queen can not allow a man to lead her if he shows up as any less than KING. She is encoded to worship THE King. 👑

So men, if your earth daddy wasn’t a King, recode your DNA to that of your heavenly father, who PROVIDES. You can not call yourself a God, if you don’t take care of your woman.

Now, are you a God or are you a mortal, son? #KeysByKissy 🗝💋