I realize some people read my relationship writings, and those who aren’t exactly heart-centered, may misconstrue my writings as to be about money.  I write for those who are spiritual and high vibrational in their heart. 

This blog is going to teach you many things.  I used this blog to heal myself from  heartbreak. I now clearly see my new loving, prosperous, kind world. Each day I receive new source downloads and messages that I share with the world.  

Pink and purple office

This business of transforming lives has completely changed my life and my own mindset.

When I want something I get it.  My goal is to be  the #1 enlightened talk show host in the world. Anything else is just a delay. I’m also an author, but I blog too and I’m naturally a great life coach due to being intuitive and compassionate.  I’ve lived my life in many different dimensions. 🤣

Most of my blogs are written for my tribe to help you reach your dreams and goals. I did’t always live life on this remarkable frequency. Therefore,  I remember where I come from and write transformational words that also help aggressive women who may not necessarily know how to treat a man… 

I am clear on my purpose and my business is in position.

This journey has taught me something. At no time should you EVER put love on the back burner, in pursuit of business. For without love you are disconnected from yourself.

You can love yourself all you want to,.  but when you have a huge oak wood door up to any man who tries to date you, you block love from finding you.

When you don’t feel worthy of love, you ignore dating,  in the name of healing, needing more time, and are usually too busy WORKING..  

People get tired of being pushed away.

Many women are too busy being “friends” with men, instead of focusing on your goal of LOVE & MARRIAGE.

I do not believe that any man who truly desires a woman would watch her be with other men for 5+ years under the guise of friendship.  However,  one of my male friends said that was his exact plan. He said “I was like. She likes rich men. So I’ll let those other dudes take care of her. Then when I get my money up, I’ll take her from whoever she’s with.😂 (He makes $500K yearly.) 

That’s not LOVE.  A man can want you and even marry you and provide for you. But that does not mean  he loves you.

We have some control over our lives, but I also know that God has a special purpose for my life and will send me a special Husband just for me. He’s a King. 

Perhaps you have  this idea in your head of my King coming at the perfect time. When things are perfect for you. When you have clear space in your mind and life to receive him.  

That sounds like it’s what you should do. However, that’s a violation of the law of love.

You do not need to be perfect in order to receive real love, or to be loved.

“The truth that for our life one law is valid — the law of love, which brings the highest happiness to every individual as well as to all mankind.” This is what Leo Tolstoy wrote and the contents of this letter eventually ended up in the hands of a certain Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

Where there is love there is life. Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into friend. Our human compassion binds us the one to the other — not in pity or patronizingly, but as human beings who have learnt how to turn our common suffering into hope for the future. Philosopher Baruch Spinoza once said: “Men who are governed by reason — that is, who seek what is useful to them in accordance with reason, desire for themselves nothing, which they do not also desire for the rest of mankind, and, consequently, are just, faithful, and honorable in their conduct.”

The act of making your work more important than your love life is only a violation.  You desire good for everyone you meet. How  dare you put your own love life last?  

😭 Even with the excuse of healing and becoming a better person, you will still learn better ways to love , while you re in a relationship. 

My first book teaches you how to find love.  The reviews are amazing. 

Entrepreneurs often put your love life on the back burner. Especially after a bad break-up. You feel you have no more time to waste. You’re in a rush.  There’s a reason why so many brilliant, beautiful, amazing, successful, heart-centered souls are single. They are too busy trying to get their lives PERFECT enough to receive the mate of their dreams. 

It’s a really sweet reason. It may even seem righteous. Also society will say “Good Job” that’s what you’re supposed to do.  Men may need to do it to a certain extent, but it’s not  for a woman to do at all. It’s up to the woman to decide WHAT she wants and CHOOSE a man in alignment with that. You don’t have to do everything by yourself.

Not knowing this fact keeps women fiercely independent and unwilling to submit to a King.  You don’t want a man to save you. You want to save yourself, and most do.

Then suddenly most men don’t measure up ENOUGH to ever submit to. Some women will submit to the right man, but others have no intentions of EVER submitting.

With men, if he is in the process of getting his life to a certain point,  he should simply find the woman of his dreams and start working towards her.  If you are meant to truly be with someone, it’s a heart match. Even if it appears to be a material match, good hearted souls really match up in heart and soul goals. Material potions are merely a result of being on an abundant vibration.  For example: Two wealthy people may both drive a Bentley. But are they married to one another because they both drive Bentleys? Absolutely not. It’s the connection and the internal things that attract them to one another.

People often feel like they need to acquire a certain level of success or get something done in BUSINESS before they find love.  Because they listen to society.  You know it takes money to live. If love is money, why would you think it’s cool to put love last? 

Then there is this question…

love or money

Here’s a story: 

Three men walk up to a home and knock on the door.  A woman answers and they ask if her husband is at home. She says no, but tells them they can come in and wait for him. They say no, that they would dare not enter a woman’s home, without her husband being around. They instead say they will sit outside on the porch until her husband comes home. 

Now let’s pretend the hubby comes through the back door or just divinely appears in the home. The wife immediately tells him that three men are on the porch.  He goes out to talk to the three men and tells them to come in.  However these are not regular men. They are three wise men. They tell him, we are Success, Love and Money.  You can only invite one of us into the home. Which will you choose?

The man goes back into the home to confer with his wife.  After pondering their choices, they both decide that they will invite Love in because love comes with money and success. So they invite Love in and live happily ever after with riches and success.  This couple understood that love is abundance. 

Now everything suddenly makes sense. 


 I received this aS I was writing this blog. 

Do you see what’s going on here?

No matter what people say, it’s all FEAR of not being good ENOUGH for who it is that they seek.  😭

Everyone is trying to work their way into enoughness. It works. It definitely works. But that’s such a long route.   YES, you do have to feel you are  ENOUGH before you receive anything. Even to get the super luxury car you want or the multi-million dollar mansion, you have to feel good enough to receive it, before you can actually receive it. You must be an energetic match for it. We as humans tend to forget about God, and try to EFFORT our way into everything, in order to feel good enough to receive it.

Hard-working people don’t feel worthy of good things simply being handed to you.  

You question anything that comes too easily. ( That’s why many put themselves through bad relationships, or subconsciously lead their relationship into toxicity… It’s important to appreciate your soulmate. 🤷🏼‍♀️ )

Energetically the guy above is successful. He makes 6 Figures. I’m positive he could help her with her brand. He’s good at that stuff. If she actually likes him, it’s a match. But he feels she won’t like him until his money is a bit more stable. So he’s going to keep working on himself with the IDEA of being good enough for her LATER. When by then her standards will have increased, and he may not be able to add as much value to her. She will then be seeking her soul’s mate at the next dimension level. 

There is a window of opportunity that one must take. ( I saw my ex in a club 2 years before we ever spoke. We didn’t talk, but we did run into each other again. Now we’re exes.. So…um yeah. ) When that window opens you must make the most of it, and do the work to stay together. God is not going to force anyone to stay together, and if you don’t keep up, high trajectory souls go on to the next dimension level, without you. 

People think divine mates are concrete. They are only concrete if you talk to them. If it’s meant to be, you still have to make a decision for it to BE.  Once you SEE them, then God and divinity has already done the work. Just like anything else you gotta go into ACTION mode. Your love life is simply not going to work without you working on it. 

We all have these IDEAS of what success means to us. For many 6 Figures isn’t success. Millions of dollars is success to them. So because they equate success with a certain level of finances, they essentially block off meeting their soul’s mate.  Due to not being open to it, and feeling not good enough to receive the love they deserve. 

money over love

This goes right back to men and women working together as teams in love. It’s the natural order. 1+1=2. 1+1 in marriage equals 3. 3 is a trinity of love, which equals abundance, success and money. 

How the phuck did people miss this?????  They don’t. They never did. People chose mates who did not know.  Many women tried this with men, only for the men to later leave them after obtaining success. So then she gets off her mark, sets high goals, and believes the hard work is going to actually get her, her desired mate this time.

High performing women want both love and success and your future mate does too.  So then you calculate in your mind what success means to you. THEN you DECIDE that WHEN you get there, to that point, you will THEN  be available to receive love.  

That’s nothing more than silly FEAR getting in the way of your dreams.

Once heartbreak hits, you literally begin to feel like you must do everything perfect. You feel like this is the last time. It HAS to go right. Everything has to be perfect and lined up. You start trying to control your life, you start doing God’s job, not leaving space for him to come in and do what he does best.  

We lose our childlike innocence and start being serious. But at least we still believe in real love. 

This is definitely a pattern. Many new clients who work with me told me they were waiting for their company to get to a certain level before dating.

Some of those clients are  millionaires still chasing their future idea of success; with all of their time going into their business.  – A business that could easily be reorganized, to free up time and space to date. Which would also make more money.

I’ve helped a ton of clients spend less time in their business, make more money and attract the love of their life and finally feel successful and fulfilled. 

The man in the text should  continue to study that woman. He now knows what she wants. He could take that woman out to dinner and reveal that he’s interested in her. He then needs to find out if he can meet her current needs.

There is nothing wrong with people wanting completed packages, but honestly nobody is complete when you meet them.  We are told that we are perfect, whole and complete, and that people should like us as is, but that’s not the elite way to go.

You will change. So will your mate. High vibrational people love to change and grow. Wiithout growth we are not fully living. Therefore of course our relationships are going to grow us and change us. They are meant to.

They must. If they don’t, they are not good for us. 

With a divine mate, you will manifest your goals a lot faster.  

Many of you have been going the long way. The society way. Yet believing you’re better or different. Just another layer of societal programming by the powers that be, who control the masses.  Come from under that. 

god love over money

The term equally yoked is about being equally yoked in heart and spirit. When you actually are equally yoked chances are you want the same things out of life. You’re already on your path, and they are already on their path, and you’re basically going in the same direction.  

But who did you mate with in the past? People who didn’t have your same heart value for love or purposeful success.  People who weren’t aligned with your values. 

One of my followers, Cynthia, made this meme for me.

We laughed and had a good time over it.

I even made an iPhone vs Android joke.

It was indeed a joke. But the joke woke many people up.  It helped people go back and see that even on the surface there were signs of incompatibility of two people going in two different directions; having a different set of values.  Obviously it’s not about the phone. It’s deeper than that. It caused people to really go deep, and in a flash they saw everything that they couldn’t see before. I know they did, because I have my secrets of commanding things and giving people shifts…

With all of that being said, know that your divine mate will show up when it’s time. It’s not about your time, it’s about God’s time. When you’re on the right frequency of your soul’s mate they arrive. Simple as that. It doesn’t matter whether you FEEL you’re ready or not.  Your lack of  not FEELING ready, is simply that LACK OF ENOUGHNESS.  You see how LACK is so prevalent?

Hopefully you’ve heard enough and get it now.  This massive download is a million dollars worth of love and money, when you apply it. 

Be blessed. 

Written With Love,

KissyDenise Gold