MEN: If you like a woman, take her shopping. A high value woman has a very difficult time accepting you like her and want to be with her until then. 

You have to understand the mindset of a valuable woman. Most men will say they LIKE her. They will take her to dinner and spend time with her. But most men also don’t take women serious. They play games. So women humble themselves and get used to men not truly wanting anything serious. 

So whenever you meet a woman you want to get serious about, be the OPPOSITE of other average men.

It will yank her mindset and get her to see you different and understand that you liking her is real. You have to speak to her on her level, and do some of the things she would easily do for herself. You have to show up and show her that you value her at her level. That is when a potential relationship with you becomes real.

Which means you have to remove the mindset that “you’re not ……..” Remove the fear of wasting your time. If you feel you could possibly be wasting your time, and that she’s not worth it, then you haven’t found the woman of your dreams in the first place. The woman of your dreams is created by you immediately taking action when you introduce yourself to her, and leading her on the path to marriage.

When a man doesn’t lead in the dance, it interrupts the clarity and vision of the dream.

A woman’s mind is always on a fairy tale. You must cater to this, dance with her, be strong, hold her back as you dip her over the dance floor smoothly.

Love is very much a seduction of the mind, a seduction of the heart, and a seduction of her 5 senses. She must taste you, touch you, feel you, sense you and deeply yearn for you, BEFORE she can SEE you.

Initially she may yearn for some of these things on her own, but without you leading as divine masculine she may shut down on you or doubt that you’re even real.  A lot goes on in the mind of a valuable woman who is truly looking for love. 

Many men are so used to focusing on gold diggers and worrying about being used, that he forgets to spoil the right woman when he meets her. Even if the woman has $22 Million in the bank, you still need to woo her femininity.  The sad truth is that most high value women, especially boss chicks, are actually NOT accustomed to being spoiled by a man. 

Men are so used to gold diggers that they expect women to be cool, calm and unemotional. Cause that’s what gold diggers do.  Other women will panic and all kinds of stuff, because real love is on the line and that’s not easily replaceable.  A gold digger will play for the long run, with no emotions, cause money is the gold.  Money doesn’t have an emotion. We all know this. 

Sometimes you guys think women don’t like you or want you. But the thing is you simply didn’t put in enough effort. Effort is not a one lane show. It’s like 5 lanes. It’s an explosion of a man covering all of his bases. When he does this she immediately loses interest in all of the other men chasing her, to which she really had no interest in them in the first place, because they behave so “normal” and don’t stroke her heart.

Women already see the man she likes as Number 1. To seal the deal all you have to do is constantly BE #1 in her life, by doing things #1 would do.

Be THE Man. 👑