If you focused on love you wouldn’t feel like you NEED money

by | Love & Money

Believing you don’t need anyone else is a damn lie. Staying single for 7 years is you being a damn fool. It’s baggage and allowing your past relationships to steal time from you. Please stop acting like you’re going to live forever. Either you want a mate or you don’t. Either way you’re going to keep aging.

Thinking you have time and 15 more years to find a mate is another lie to keep you focused on the LOVE and chase for MONEY. That’s how the powers that be get you to enslave yourself. The wealthiest people in the world are married.. Even Oprah has Steadman. Which is still COMMITMENT. Why don’t you feel deserving of love?

Money should never be more important than love. Real love brings you more money, when you are focused on your money. INVEST in people and relationships.

Stop trying to heal yourself of all of your relationship problems. You may die before you figure out all of that information. You’d be shocked to learn what’s truly holding you back.

It’s not the fault of the opposite sex. iT’S YOU not talking to the right people who will get you straight. It’s you thinking you can do it on your own. Which you most certainly can, but it will take you 20 more years.

Personal happiness is a choice. A choice to reject others ideas of what’s fulfilling for you. Put your own happiness first. Allow your heart to think only of itself. Trying to take care of everyone else will drain you, and people won’t appreciate it anyway. They will complain about you because you are self-sacrificing yourself.

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