Cheating on your spouse won’t fill your empty void

by | Love & Relationships

It’s Universal Law that a lack of love for yourself, will result in a lack of love from others. Yet, many people still attract an empath or someone who loves really hard. And the first thing such a person does, is cheat on the miracle mate they have.  To cheat on your spouse inside a relationship or marriage is insanity.  It’s going to cause so many problems. Yet the cheater seems to think it’s going to “fix” something, that they need to fix within themselves. 

Often times cheaters are running from something. They have a mask, deep emotional trauma, and a wall that holds them prisoner from experiencing true happiness. 

When they say hurt people, hurt people, these are the kind of people such a statement refers to.  

If you have problems in your relationship, please DON’T CHEAT. It really hurts your spouse. It breaks their heart and their trust. It makes them feel not good enough for you. Even if they decide to stick with you, chances are they will grow to resent you, which will result in emotional abuse at the least.

Once you cheat, people feel entitled to say any kind of thing to you. And you will believe that person is so wrong for what they’ve said to you. But you don’t weight in how much pain you’ve caused them. You don’t weight in the fact that they didn’t throw you away even after you hurt them, embarrassed them and possibly made them feel less than. 

When someone gives you their heart, they are giving you A LOT.  It’s sacred. It takes a great deal of trust in order to give someone your heart. Take care of people’s hearts.  

Communication is very important in relationships. When you have a problem sit down and discuss it. Sometimes discussions aren’t easy because your spouse may not understand the depth of what you’re attempting to explain to them.  Work through the uncomfortable parts until you understand one another. Communication is all about getting on the same page. Often times that takes a great degree of work.

It’s not wise to ruin a beautiful relationship by cheating. It’s actually insane that you went through the whole dating process, decided to be MONOGAMOUS, and then boom, you cheat and ruin it all.

When you have a habit of cheating you need to understand that the love you seek is not outside of you. No one else can fill the empty void brewing in your mind. You must fill it yourself with self-love. Only then will you be able to love, care for and have deep compassion for someone else who you claim to love. 

If someone cheated on you, really look at yourself and see if there was anything you could’ve changed. Sometimes people THINK they are being a good mate, but they feel cold, and make their partner feel isolated, so they go outside the relationship so they can FEEL something.

Most of these problems are also a result of people getting married or getting into relationships for everything other than LOVE. 

You don’t get into a relationship for the sake of bills, security, so that you won’t be alone, so that you won’t feel lonely, or so that society will approve of you. You get into a relationship for love FIRST. It’s the most important essential of the relationship. 

Get in a relationship with someone you feel completes you. They should be enough for you where you have no desire for anyone else outside of the relationship. It’s the only way you’re going to experience the deep spiritual connection. You must put your all into it.  With trust, love and honesty you will experience the most divine love. 

It’s not up to anyone to fix you. You gotta fix you. If you get lucky enough to come across an empath who will take time away from their mission to TRY to fix you, perhaps you should take the assistance and appreciate them. For they could definitely spend that love on someone else who will return it in full.