If you want to get married, don’t let him talk you out of it

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It pains me when I see people who’ve given up on love. Women who say they never want to get married, even though they really want to, but believe it won’t happen for them.

When you give up on love, you close off part of your heart. Life is a dream. We get some areas right, and other areas we have to work on.

Love is easy. What’s not easy is getting into a relationship with someone who isn’t crazy in love with you, or someone who is not heavily invested in the relationship working out.

Women get so tired of dating, and become so unconsciously desperate for love, that the settle for what a man says is good for him. They start living through the eyes of fear. So when he says he never wants to get married, she slowly comes to acceptance of it.

But if you’re not going after your dreams you’re not really living. Without pursuit of your dreams you’re not challenging yourself. Because the challenge is always figuring out what we need to change about ourselves in order to get what we want.

We need to change the vision. I understand women fall in love and you want that man to be your dream man, but he doesn’t want to. So you conclude that fairy tales aren’t real and you lower your expectations to basically nothing. And that still doesn’t work.

And guess what else you end up doing? You don’t expect him to pay bills either. Cause you become too afraid to ask for what you want. You’re too afraid to feel worthy of more. You’re moving into the realm of mediocrity. And you’re going to fall back asleep.

And guess what else? You’re probably slacking on your goals in business. When you refuse to ask a man for what you want, or admit that you want a man who truly values you like the Queen that you are, it affects every part of your life.

I don’t know why you think God sent you here without making a mate just for you. The right man for you is looking for you. He wants to give to you. He wants to be the man to put a smile on your face and make you happy. But you feel you need to solely make yourself happy, and only depend on a man for d*ck. Cause you know he LOVES to give you that.

Past relationships have lowered your ideas of self-worth so much. You probably don’t even feel pretty.

It feels so good to have an amazing man who treats you like a Queen. You wake up with a natural glow. Abundance touches every part of your life, including business. You’re way more helpful to other women. You’re more powerful. You’re more feminine. You’re full of love. You’re grateful that the past is what it was.

You deny yourself of so much joy when you let a man talk you out of your dreams. The truth is, he would be better off coming your way in the first place.