There are levels to everything. Fake femininity is not the way to go.

Your dream woman is exactly who YOU want to be. No one can MAKE you her. You must become her. You become her by changing the way you communicate with yourself and the way you communicate with the world.

Transformation isn’t about fitting into a box being what others told you to do and be. It’s about becoming the woman that GOD called YOU to be.

When you don’t have what you want as a woman or a man, it’s because you have yet to become who GOD told you to BE.

That still voice that’s in your head. Do you listen to it, or are you too busy working, trying to make money and satisfy your needs.

What about your spiritual needs? The things that God has for you, that he wants to allow to FLOW through you, when you allow him to bless you, simply by being THE REAL YOU.

The real authentic version of you. The one you’re holding off on. The one you’re afraid of being.

YOU ARE READY right now, at this moment, to walk, talk, speak and act like her.

Goddess, she is not the pitbull looking for a relationship.

I help people improve the way they communicate their value to the world in order to attract more love, success and abundance, live your dream lifestyle, and travel the world with your soulmate.