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In this day and age, if you’re not a woman who is leveled up, you will be left behind.  It’s time to balance your life and get into alignment. What a man dreams of these days is having a total Goddess by his side.  He wants a woman who is not only beautiful, but smart, spiritual, wise, sweet, feminine and sexy. He wants a woman who knows how to get, keep and cater to the King in him. 

It’s all about being a power couple. In return a woman wants to be valued, loved, appreciated and adored. 

This 4 week course will teach you all the required skills needed to Level Up, Manifest your dream relationship and Unleash Your Inner Goddess. It’s all about becoming an alluring woman that gets what she wants out of life. 

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Who is this for?

This course is like nothing you've ever seen. It's going to give you the transformation you seek. It's for the brilliant, gifted, heart-centered, spiritual Queen who simply wants an amazing man who loves you just as much as you love him. You're tired of the games with basic dudes and ready to experience being loved by a King. You want a high value man at your level. You're ready for a true King! He's divine masculine. You want a man with whom you can converse with. You refuse to play dumb just to keep a man.
You're sweet as pie, an introvert, a little bit shy, a bit reserved as you observe, but also a cutie pie who comes alive when it's time. You're fiesty, cinnamon and spice, with a heart of gold. You also tend to be extra AF! You're far from basic, but Pumpkin is a good flavor.
You've experienced success in every other area of your life, except the love department. You give, give, give, pour out your heart, circumference men in your loving vortex, and still it doesn't work out for you.  Men mostly take from you and fail to appreciate you.

You are intimidated by high value men. Rich men scare you. Yet you know you want a powerful man. You don't need his money. What you want is to finally meet your equal who will appreciate everything you bring to the table. 
You've tried 50/50 relationships and you've even paid for expensive dinners with men, because you know they can't afford to do the things you like and can easily do with your own money. 
At this point you're ready to fall in love, settle down, and get married to the man of your dreams. You want THIS time to be the last time you ever have to enter the dating world again.That's where I come in at. I got you!


Hey queen,

The Masterpiece | goddess of Love & Motivation


Do you believe in Angel numbers? Does this sound familiar?

You would love to learn how to have enlightened conversations and communicate your needs to a man.

You’re tired of going to vacations by yourself, or hanging with your girlfriends who you probably pay for.  It’s not the life you imagined. Your preference is to travel the world and sit on sunny beaches with bae. 

You know it’s time to stop trying to carry men your  back and walk with them.  That’s not the position God called you to play.

You seek to express yourself in divine feminimity.

You get tongue tied and nervous when you see a cute guy looking at you?

You fear you say the wrong things to men.

You turn your head whenever you see an extremely hot guy looking at you.

You wonder if you too much or not enough, and spend most of your time with men trying to be in between?

 You know you’re a good woman, but you need healing and sacred soul alignment in order to Level Up,  Unleash The Goddess Within and manifest your soulmate.

You’ve been letting  the little girl in you, run your life.  She still has you playing house with little boys. It’s time to let her go.

You desire to experience the deepest, most loving, spiritual connection you’ve ever felt with a man.

You know that getting in a relationship with the wrong man pulls you out of alignment. You don’t have any more time to choose wrong.  You’re fully ready to Unleash The Goddess Within, in order to attract your Divine King who worships you. 

You know God  created someone special just for you. You’re ready to meet in sacred union. You know it’s all divine timing, and that the time is now. No more heartbreaks, no more procrastinating, no more research to perfection, and no more getting ready, to be ready, before you find your self-worth and begin to fully love yourself for all of your fabulosity. You’re ready to stop playing yourself short and let the world know how fabulous you are. 

Kissy Denise Dream Life


The truth is, the reason why you don’t have this magical, fantastic, soulmate, God King husband that you seek, is because there are some things you don’t know. Like how to please a man and how to talk to a King.  You need to learn the secret art of feminine seduction and how to keep a man’s attention. There is both other and inner work that needs to be done, including healing and stepping deep into your heart core.  Sis you need to vibrate higher in every way, and increase your confidence.  

You need anointed spiritual advice and support, from a Goddess who can help you finally get it right.  For some reason you believed that things had to be the way they were.  There are some limiting beliefs and blocks that must be cleared. 

You need the source codes to becoming an Infinite Woman and  Unleashing The Goddess Within.  Sis you are coded for a King.  That’s why those other relationships didn’t work. Now you gotta do the work to attract him. 
scious relationships, in order to Unleash  The Goddess Within. 

Kissy Denise

The Goddess of Love & Motivation


  • A 15 minute one on one personal session with Kissy (VIP upgrade available to receive extra 1 hour sessions )
  • Bi-weekly group live (one live training every week ) training and coaching calls, recorded if you cannot make live (60 min) 6 week online program.
  • Lessons on conscious dating and relating
  • Weekly activities and exercises that are specifically designed to call in your masculine match.
  • Soulmate Manifestation Techniques
  • Access to a private Facebook group, where all questions and daily interaction with Kissy and your like-minded tribe of Goddesses will transpire.
  • Healing From Heartbreak & Trauma
  • Self-Love guidance and pdf downloads for improved communication in relationships.
  • Feminine Confidence, Empowerment, and dating strategies that attract and keep high value men.




Kissy has taught me a lot about attracting a high value man while also becoming a high value woman.

Her advice is priceless and really couldn’t have come at a better time in my life.


Kingdom Woman

Kissy has completely changed my life.

She’s truly a God-sent multifaceted manifestation Goddess, & I’m forever grateful that our paths crossed!!!

If you need help with love, life, career, relationships, etc, you should hire her- you won’t be disappointed! ❤️


hispanic empowerment coach

Kissy has helped me make sense of all the pieces of information I have learned from different sources. 
Her help has touched all aspects of my life. She helped me regain my confidence in myself and I am now putting my soul purpose into action. Divine Confidence and flow is where it’s at!
Kissy has helped me a lot more than any medication, therapist, or psychologist combined.
She is priceless, her wisdom is priceless.
She has helped me put my dreams into fruition.
I’m eternally grateful for her. ❤️🙌🏾😭




This course will help you get into alignment, and download your personal divine feminine codes, in order to vibrate on the right frequency as your soul's mate.You will learn better communication skills and how to relate to a man, make him crave you and never able to get enough of you.


Inside this course you will learn how to align with the desires of higher self, attract conscious relationships, and become the dream girl you always wanted to be.


You win in business and should be winning with men too.

You’re the kind of woman who prefers a few close friends over many.

You would never marry a man simply for the sake of money. Your soul will have no parts of that. You’re not a gold digger. You don’t use men. You simply want a man who does what God called him to do. That’s to love you, and provide for you.

You don’t need a man’s money. You’re a boss chick. What you need is a high dose of masculinity that matches your juicy, succulent femininity.  Sis, you’re turned on by a man with testosterone. He’s going to romance you. That’s your type. 

It’s hard to ask someone to teach you how to be more feminine. But let’s be honest, there is something about women who are ultra feminine. Just by looking at her, you can see there’s something special about her, that you can’t quite put your finger on.

You’ve tried just about everything with men, and so far nothing has worked for you.  Sometimes you feel like giving up.  

You’re smart and wondering where you fit in a world where women are told to dumb down.  

Sometimes you feel like you may never attract a man who is worthy of you.  

You’re interested in spiritual deelopment, but you also want to learn how to do your make-up.. You know self-love is important, and that there is always more work to do. You’re tired of meeting men who take from you and leave you feeling drained. You’re tired of being smarter than the men you date, and feeling like you have to drag them into growing with you. You’re tired of working on yourself in order to attract “The One.”  You’re ready to change your patterns, acknowledge your self-worth, heal from the past, open up your channels to receive, stop being ghosted by men, and be in a conscious relationship.  You want better standards and boundaries. You’re ready to increase your VALUE.


You’re the type of woman who chooses soul over dealing with a man just because. You want a high-value man, but you would never be with a man simply for the sake of money. Just like you want real love, you believe that everyone else deserves real love and you’re not interested in wasting anyone’s time.

But you know in order to attract the relationship you want there is a shift you need to make.

You’ve been cheated on, taken for granted, and found yourself angry after self-sacrifice and healing a broken man who probably turned out to be a narcissist
You’ve questioned if you’re good enough, worried if you’re too much, and if it’s even possible to manifest the relationship of your dreams because you’ve gotten a bit used to it not going your way.
But there’s a whisper in your soul that despite your insecurities and fears you believe in the possibility of a divine relationship with an amazing man.
Which is why you’re here on this page. 
Now? You’re ready to confront your insecurities, your fears around relationships, self sabotage, become more seductive, feel good about yourself, get excited about dating, and heal on a deep level.
Not only does manifesting the relationship of your dreams really matter to you but you’re also  the type of woman who knows she’s not a victim in relationships and wants to figure out why you’ve manifested those experiences. 

Learn From The Very Best

Some women call themselves a Goddess, but no one sees her when she walks into a room.

There is another type of woman who brings the room to momentary silence upon entrance of her.  She’s the Marilyn Monroe type. Men fall at her feet and get in line to talk to her. Even women wonder who she is. That is the high value woman you will learn to be during your journey with Kissy.

Blending in is for basic chicks, and not being heard is for the meek.

Join Infinite Goddess and start vibrating with feminine magnetism that comes across both online and offline, along with  walking in divine confidence. Learn conscious communication, how to  easily understand men, and attract them, and manifest the things you want into your life.

Kissy Denise
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you can't force a man to value you

VIP & Rose package comes with a free copy of my new book “You Can’t Force A Man To Value You.  The Rose package comes with a special edition, autographed, white cover of the book.

This transformational course is valued at $5,555.

Course includes high value beauty techniques to help you level up and get your glam together.

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  • Free copy of book "You Can't Force A Man To Value You"
  • 1 private Question Answered


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  • 20 Ways To Make A Man Fall In Love With You (PDF)


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