The fastest way to lose a man is to love him too much

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Many heart-centered women are starting to realize that men don’t care about being loved.  What men care about is WHO THEY LOVE.

When a woman loves a man too much she is willing to mother him, teach him, coddle him, and tell him what to do. Men want to feel like they know everything and that you believe in them. So, it doesn’t work.

One man that this may not apply to is Grant Cardone. Elena Cardone does not play. When Grant gets low on dough, she tells him to get out there FIX IT, and to go make some sh*t happen. She won’t take no excuses from him.  I don’t believe the average man would be able to appreciate such a woman.

What men care about is being respected.  In order to get love from a man you must respect him, and not love him too much.

There is something about men that makes them care very little about being loved.   Men love women who can pretty much take or leave them.

I’ve never met a man who actually appreciated my love. Not a even my son or my brother.

All men want is RESPECT.

If you love him, show him RESPECT, more than you show him love. 💡 Respecting a man requires that you stay in your FEMININE place. 

And for most strong women, you are not going to respect a man who is not paying your bills. So, you may as well just add that as a requirement.

I’ve learned my lesson. I 100% do not have respect for the opinion of a man who isn’t paying my bills, because chances are, I am outworking him.

Men often have this thing about 50/50 and wanting a relationship to be even. Which actually weakens his position and makes a woman have less respect for him. Therefore 50/50 men shoot themselves in the foot.

A man’s lack of understanding, appreciation and value for love is why most men will never be loved. It’s the reason so many end up with gold diggers and women who don’t give two phucks about them.  Love even scares some men, because they don’t want to be responsible for your emotions.

why men love respect

If you detach from men a little, you’ll notice more men will suddenly like you.

Either way, it’s best that you BE THE WOMAN HE LOVES. Which means get with a man who loves you. Get the man who likes you. Stop chasing or dealing with the man YOU LOVE or LIKE.  Chances are your deep love for him actually turns him off. It makes you weak in his eyes.

Are all men like this? No. But most are.

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