I help conscious couples reach your highest potential


When You Believe in Yourself & Have Massive Confidence, along with a CLEAR strategy You Attract an abundance of love, money and …

…Unstoppable Confidence.

Being a highly successful soul who marries your sacred soulmate, coaches, speaks, or writes, travels and impacts people all around the world, is something you are more than deserving of.


Of attracting authentic, high-vibe friendships, having the best, happiest clients in the world who make you appreciate how phenomenal your work is.


Kissy offers a proven soul aligned strategy to make  things happen faster in your life.

Things like having the financial freedom to take more vacations with your family, spend more time with your beautiful spiritual friends, be more of your authentic self, and not be stuck working in your business all the time.

I am here to help you deeply connected with your highest conception of love. Both self-love, romantic love and love for God too.

I am here to help you feel so much love that you  manifest your dream life and BE SURROUNDED BY PEOPLE WHO LIKE & VALUE YOU for who you truly are, without trying to squeeze you into a box.


It all starts with getting reacquainted with your heart, HEALING, building your business around YOUR SUL BLUEPRINT, and get paid for who you are, while building multiple sources of income.

I AM intuitive to your next level so that you may utilize your empathic abilities to gain clarity to see your next level of success.

Follow the path of least resistance to shift into your luxury lifestyle of LOVE & ABUNDANCE.

Transformation doesn’t have to take forever. It can happen in 30 Days or Less. Some clients walk into their new millionaire lifestyle in 30 Days or Less.

This could be you!

It’s your turn now to

Change The Game!

Here’s how I can help you

Play to Win!

You are tired of meeting beautiful women, but not being able to keep them.

The dating playbook 'Play To Win - Become The Dream Man, Women Love, Respect & Submit' to will give you insight to her mindset and how to understand a beautiful, high value woman who legit loves, builds empires, and speaks life into Kings so that you may create generational wealth together and leave a legacy on this world.

Kissed by KISSY

Do you know that you are called for more, to get married, have a beautiful relationship, be wealthy, change lives, live your best life, experiences everything good in the world, and be close to God?

There is a reason you don't have the life you want. Take The High Value Woman Masterclass to GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY, and acquire the love and success that you desire.

A 3-Part *FREE* Video Series
To Manifest Great Love
and Double Your income

“I did one of Kissy’s Soul Alignment Sessions. Kissy helped me face clearly WHAT I REALLY WANT but had denied for so long because I felt like it was too great and truly TOO good to be true. <3 Thank you, Kissy. She truly is a *dream activator* and helps you BELEIVE.
She also helped me be brave enough to SEE MY BRILLIANCE!!!!! It’s scary thinking you could be JUST. THAT. AWESOME.
Thank you for helping me see and face myself and my real desires, Kissy!! So much love!!! <3 <3 ”

Lizzie Lipovsky

“Kissy Denise has been absolute blessing to have entered my life. She’s helped me further my business, reconnect with the love of my life, and also see the beauty in all. She’s one of the most amazing Life Coaches I have ever met and I’ve met tons of them! Believe me, she’s one of a kind. Mark my words next year this time you won’t be able to book &/or hire her for less than $25,000. Get in now, thank me later. Peace 7 Love”

Fadie Hany Areny

“5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

There is NO DOUBT that Kissy Denise will change your entire world with her deep healing abilities, prophetic intuitive knowledge, and wise interpretation of God’s word!

My business became more profitable after I invested in learning from her, AND I gained inner confidence that physically manifested as THOUSANDS of followers in DAYS as a result of the mental shifts she provided me.

There seems to be a gift of knowledge and money that God gives to me every time I am in her presence. She also helped me heal from trauma with her spiritual tools and wisdom, restoring my faith in the spiritual journey. This is how I know she is the right coach for me.
Kissy is a gifted, pure soul who can help you change your life for the better if you are READY for a change!”

Chelsea Boddie

Social Media Manager

I know you

I’ve walked the path.

In 2016 at the height of running a blogging empire with over $500,000 followers and making more than $300,000 a year from a blog, I quit, had a spiritual awakening, and got baptized, after having this nudging feeling that I just had to BE more and DO more? Even when I started trying to silence the crying of my soul, the lights in my house started blinking one day and I was told that it was time to wake people up. I wanted to do more to help people all around the world anyway. So that’s what I’m doing.

Chances are you are going through that same thing right now. You’re highly successful, but money doesn’t move you. You want more of it, mostly so you can live a great lifestyle, while helping people. You’d prefer to travel around the world, and work from your laptop.

I want you to know that YOU are the only thing standing in your way. Your income ceiling was created by you. It’s no coincidence that you were lead here. It’s time to butterfly and being your transformation. The Universe has already said YES to your greatest desires.

I’d highly advise you not to miss out on anything that I’m doing. My clients report MASSIVE results.

"Kissy has an amazing gift to see the highest potential in others and inspire you to look within to find your greatness! She has been an amazing resource to help me break through my own blocks to see my infinite value!"

Makhosi Hefisah Nejeser

“I’ve met Kissy Denise only 30 days ago and because of her guidance and knowledge I was able to manifest a 7 figure deal with a major player in the concession industry. She’s very insightful and helped me get a major breakthrough in my Finances. She’s definitely a Gift.”

Todd Jones

"I HIGHLY recommend Kissy Denise! She is the real deal. My life completely changed since working with her & I am so grateful! Work with her in whatever capacity you can. It is the best decision you could ever make for yourself! You will see your whole world shift!"

Carlene Berg

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