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Your Divine Dream Life Awaits!

When You Embrace Your Worth and Unleash Your Potential, You Invite Abundance and Live a Life of Luxury Beyond Your Wildest Dreams…

You Are Worthy!

I help ambitious and visionary souls unlock their full potential, achieve unshakable confidence, and create extraordinary lives filled with love, luxury, purpose, and financial abundance.

Welcome to Kissy Denise’s Love and Manifestation Coaching. We stand on the cusp of a transformative journey where love and desire are artfully entwined with your destiny of living a fulfilling life. A realm where your ideal relationship and dream life aren’t merely whimsical fantasies, but a tangible, grounded reality. 

You desire more than just a fleeting romance. You yearn for a love that touches your soul, a partnership that fills your heart with joy and contentment.  Perhaps you once had this in your current relationship and want it back or you desire to experience it now.

When you transform yourself, you have the power to stop your divorce.

Here you will embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, unlocking the secrets to obtaining massive financial success while maintaining a deeply fulfilling and loving relationship with your soulmate.

Imagine living a life free from limitations and time constraints. Having more time to spend with the ONE you love and being able to ENJOY IT.


Are you a high-achieving couple who’s on the precipice of making an irrevocable decision? Do you yearn to restore the captivating bond that once felt invincible? You’re not alone. Your pursuit of rediscovering the harmony within your relationship echoes in this space – a sanctuary dedicated to guiding you towards a vibrant, fulfilling love life.

You deserve to thrive in every aspect of your life.

Through my healing guidance, we’ll tap into the energy of massive abundance and the frequency of love; empowering you to manifest more wealth and create the ideal luxury lifestyle you’ve always envisioned.

You envisioned having great love in your life.

While working to embody  more love and abundance, your spiritual journey will be enhanced by deepening your connection with the divine. Drawing closer to God will provide you with a profound sense of purpose and alignment, guiding you towards a life filled with meaning and fulfillment.

Imagine waking up each day, thriving in all aspects of your life. Picture yourself surrounded by love, basking in financial abundance, and feeling a profound connection to a higher power. This is the life you deserve, and it’s within your reach;

Together, we’ll rewrite your story to glory, transforming  your  heartbreak, pain, fear, worry, doubt, cloudiness and procrastination into love, clarity, confidence, CLARITY, success and fulfillment. You have the power to create the love, wealth, and spiritual connection you desire. Through personalized guidance and proven blueprints, I’ll empower you to step into your own greatness and manifest your dream life.


Giving your power away because you haven’t attracted the love & money you feel you deserve slows you down. When you connect back to your power and why you came to this planet both love and money will flow like a fountain of chocolate.

Now is the time to embrace your inner superstar, to radiate confidence and RECEIVE the love and prosperity you deserve. Embark on this transformative journey together, where you’ll uncover the keys to lasting love, financial success, and a profound spiritual connection. Say YES to a life of deep love, financial abundance, prosperity, and closeness to God.

Get started today, to begin your extraordinary journey towards thriving in every aspect of your life. The life you’ve always dreamed of awaits, and I’m here to intuitively help you see the unseen. Get ready to unlock your true potential and experience the abundant, joyful, and purposeful life full of LOVE you were meant to live.

It’s your turn  to

Manifest The Life You Want!

Here’s how I can help you

Play to Win!

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The dating playbook 'Play To Win - Become The Dream Man, Women Love, Respect & Submit' to will give you insight to her mindset and how to understand a beautiful, high value woman who legit loves, builds empires, and speaks life into Kings so that you may create generational wealth together and leave a legacy on this world.

Increase Your Value

Do you know that you are called for more, to get married, have a beautiful relationship, be wealthy, change lives, live your best life, experiences everything good in the world, and be close to God?

There is a reason you don't have the life you want. Take The High Value Woman Masterclass to GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY, and acquire the love and success that you desire.

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Improve Money Mindset

Of course money is always on your mind.

You always want more and more.

That's called expansion.

Lucky for you I already have something ready for you.


Ready for a quick mindset shift?

Get The Book

YOU CAN'T FORCE A MAN TO VALUE YOU. magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.

Improve Money Mindset

Of course money is always on your mind.

You always want more and more.

That's called expansion.

Lucky for you I already have something ready for you.


Ready for a quick mindset shift?

A 3-Part *FREE* Video Series
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“I did one of Kissy’s Soul Alignment Sessions. Kissy helped me face clearly WHAT I REALLY WANT but had denied for so long because I felt like it was too great and truly TOO good to be true. <3 Thank you, Kissy. She truly is a *dream activator* and helps you BELEIVE.
She also helped me be brave enough to SEE MY BRILLIANCE!!!!! It’s scary thinking you could be JUST. THAT. AWESOME.
Thank you for helping me see and face myself and my real desires, Kissy!! So much love!!! <3 <3 ”

Lizzie Lipovsky

“Kissy Denise has been absolute blessing to have entered my life. She’s helped me further my business, reconnect with the love of my life, and also see the beauty in all. She’s one of the most amazing Life Coaches I have ever met and I’ve met tons of them! Believe me, she’s one of a kind. Mark my words next year this time you won’t be able to book &/or hire her for less than $25,000. Get in now, thank me later. Peace 7 Love”

Fadie Hany Areny

“5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

There is NO DOUBT that Kissy Denise will change your entire world with her deep healing abilities, prophetic intuitive knowledge, and wise interpretation of God’s word!

My business became more profitable after I invested in learning from her, AND I gained inner confidence that physically manifested as THOUSANDS of followers in DAYS as a result of the mental shifts she provided me.

There seems to be a gift of knowledge and money that God gives to me every time I am in her presence. She also helped me heal from trauma with her spiritual tools and wisdom, restoring my faith in the spiritual journey. This is how I know she is the right coach for me.
Kissy is a gifted, pure soul who can help you change your life for the better if you are READY for a change!”

Chelsea Boddie

Social Media Manager

I know you

I’ve walked the path.

In my wild and wonderful journey as an author, relationship coach, celebrity blogger, and manifestation guide, I’ve uncovered the secrets that hold people back from living the extravagant lifestyle they’ve always craved. Picture this: a mix of vibrant energy, a touch of whimsy, a  dash of strategy and a sprinkle of enchantment—we’ll embark on a transformative adventure together.

You see, I wasn’t always on this path. Once upon a time, I was running a flourishing blogging empire, captivating an audience of over 500,000 with my witty words and magnetic personality. Money flowed effortlessly into my bank account, but something was missing. It was as if my soul was nudging me, whispering, “There’s more to life than this, darling.”

And so, I took a leap of faith into the mystical unknown. In the midst of this spiritual awakening. I heard God calling me to move forward. I was divinely guided to share my wisdom, my experiences, and my unwavering passion for helping others level up. It was as if the Universe itself tapped me on the shoulder and said, “You have a greater purpose, my dear.”

Now, here we are, on this mystic rendezvous. If you’re reading this, I have a hunch that you, too, are a high-achieving go-getter. You’ve tasted success, but your heart longs for something deeper—a life that ignites your spirit, fulfills your wildest desires, and leaves a trail of glittering magic in its wake.

Listen closely, my love. You hold the key to your own enchantment. The barriers that hold you back? They’re merely illusions. The Universe has conspired for us to meet at this very moment, where the pages of your life story are ready to be rewritten. It’s time to shed the cocoon of limitation and spread your wings as a magnificent, lavish butterfly, deeply in love.

I implore you, do not let this opportunity slip through your fingertips. Through my whimsical yet effective methods, my clients have experienced profound transformations that dance through every aspect of their lives. Together, we’ll venture into uncharted territories, breaking free from the chains of self-imposed boundaries.

This isn’t just about wealth and luxury; it’s about embracing a life that radiates opulence in every sense of the word. It’s about savoring moments of joy, basking in the glow of success, and relishing the experiences that money can’t buy.


We’ll weave a tapestry of abundance, fulfillment, and unabashed delight into your life.

As we embark on this enchanting journey, you’ll discover potent manifestation techniques, infinite joy,  tap into your inner power, and unleash the creator within you. We’ll banish fears and doubts, replacing them with unwavering confidence and unshakable faith in your dreams. Together, we’ll harmonize your energy with the symphony of the Universe, attracting wealth, opportunities, and connections that will leave you breathless.

So, my darling dream-weaver, if you’re ready to embrace the adventure of a lifetime, to let your spirit soar among the stars, and to manifest a life that shines brighter than the moon itself, then step into my whimsical realm. Explore the transformative programs, books, courses, and coaching services I offer, and let’s embark on this extraordinary journey together.

Are you ready to sprinkle stardust onto your dreams? The Universe eagerly awaits your answer.

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