Teyana Taylor Says Iman Shumpert’s Sleepovers With SideChicks Confusing Their Kids

by | Divorce

Teyana Taylor is seeking professional intervention in her divorce from Iman Shumpert, as she believes his relationship with another woman is negatively impacting their children. In court documents obtained by TMZ, Teyana requests permission to bring in a child psychologist to testify regarding an incident that occurred while their daughters were visiting their father.

According to Teyana, Iman had a female friend and her daughter staying over during his parenting weekend, which she discovered through a FaceTime check-in with her daughters. She alleges that her oldest daughter was confused after witnessing Iman and his female companion sharing a bed, with Iman explaining that the friend was staying due to her own home being “broken.”

Teyana expresses concern that Iman’s behavior is affecting their children, especially considering his limited time with them. She seeks the expertise of a child psychologist to evaluate the situation and provide insight to the court.

Additionally, Teyana wants a financial expert to testify, as she alleges that Iman has withdrawn nearly $4 million from shared accounts. Despite attempts to reach out to Iman’s representatives for comment, there has been no response, indicating the ongoing complexities of their divorce proceedings.

I understand how Teyana feels.  However this is a reflection of being petty and scorned.  Yet, I understand she’s hurt, because Iman did cheat on her and doesn’t appear to be being kind to Teyana.  Yet, this is what happens after a break-up. Although it doesn’t feel good a woman must accept it.

After all, a man is more than likely to have females with kids around when he has his kids, so that they have a mother figure there and that he doesn’t have to do everything alone.