‘Raising Kanan’ Star ‘MARVIN’ Says Draya Michele Is ‘Passed Around Goods’

by | Celebrity LOVE

Draya Michele’s relationship with Jalen Green and her pregnancy has the internet going wild.

Days after Draya Michele surprised the world with her pregnancy announcement, ‘Raising Kanan’ star, London Brown, who plays the character “Marvin,” hopped on the internet to let everyone know the many men have had dibs at Draya including him.

The actor directed this statement to Draya’s 22-year-old baby daddy, Jalen Green of the Houston Rockets.

London issues a public service announcement for Jalen saying:

“Bro, she’s passed goods…passed around goods.

Oh, so you think you’re the guy because you got a pretty woman and she’s pregnant.

You don’t know. Oh, you got to the party late. You don’t know.

She’s done…she done topped all of us off.

But, congratulations on the newborn.”

Watch the clip below:.


No Marvin did not hate on Draya…

I’ve seen countless people wonder if Jalen watched Basketball Wives with his mom as child and sought after Draya as his fantasy girl, and others saying that Draya was simply too old for Jalen.

All opinions are understandable, but as to mine, I noticed something.  Draya’s pregnancy clearly tells women that as long as they keep their body, health, confidence and looks up that eventually they will capture the bag from some rich man.

Kevin Samuels was wrong about women over 35.  Eventually a man will appreciate you.  As to what the internet is saying about Marvin’s reveal, nobody cares.  Men open their legs for nearly any and every woman who will have them, yet talk about women being used good as if they aren’t used up themselves. It’s crazy. Mavin is pretty well liked as an actor, this dig at Draya makes him less likable as a person.