Never marry a man who doesn’t DO for you with his money and his hands

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God continues to heal me every day.  I continue to learn how I’ve violated myself in the past.  I am so grateful for God’s presence in my life. No way I would’ve made it this far without him. Just like many of you, I was once in a deep sleep. As God heals me, I continue to heal my tribe. 

It is said that if you teach a man how to fish, you teach a man. But when you teach a woman how to fish, you teach a village.  Through my own life coaching business and social media presence I have been able to see just how true that is. 

Every day inside Unicorn University Tribe and Goddess Unleashed, women are having breakthroughs.  The men in Unicorn University are quite though.  I think I am going to make a separate University for them. 

Anyway, on to this BREAKTHROUGH that you are about to have. 

Never marry a man who doesn’t DO for you with his money and his hands.

I used to value men who gave me INFORMATION, until my sleep awakening epiphany that I had to this morning. It woke me up out of my sleep, and I ran to type the download before I forgot, inside my Goddess Unleashed group.

Basically men who give you INFORMATION only, without investing the energy of his money and hands into you, DO NOT care about you the way you think. He’s faking it.

Men who only give brilliant women with VISION, information, slow her down and cause her to THINK more. She already thinks too much. Thinking and PUSHING is masculine energy. Masculine energy that masculine men are not attracted to, yet rarely do men see how they too cause the problem. It’s exhausting.

Men who DO for a woman keep her in feminine energy and receiving of her FLOW state.

(If you’re in Goddess Unleashed, go to the group and check the posts. It’s going to change your life… 🤣 I know it’s funny. I keep doing this every day…. That’s God for you.)

God continues to heal me, and I continue to heal my tribe. 🙏💜

Don’t forget to thank God for the information you just received.  You prayed and he delivered the answer. 

This gif makes me so happy.