Dear Average Men: Please Stop Chasing Beautiful Women

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I saw the above video and soon as I saw him and her, I said to myself “He doesn’t have a chance in hell!”

To someone like me it’s clear as day that their appearances are just WAY too different. It’s a complete mismatch.

So then this RANT came next.

MEN: Stop chasing these drop dead gorgeous women.

They like men with money, swag, flash or good looks.

I see way too many men who are not PHYSICALLY the most attractive, chasing women who are highly sought after.

You are better off chasing a million bucks, then pulling up to a bbadd bish like “Whats happening!”

Giving her $50,000 is not enough to convince her into a relationship with you, but millions will.

There is a saying that goes “Don’t chase women, chase money and the women will follow.”

Some men only get it partially right, where they then expect women to chase them and they end up being with whatever masculine woman chases him.

But what you are actually supposed to do is GET MONEY. Then once you get the money, you have access to better women. Women period like men with money, but most won’t admit it. Women are naturally attracted to a man she can call daddy, who provides.

There is a reason that men marry basic chicks or starter kit wives and then later leave them for a beautiful woman. He wanted the beautiful woman in the first place, but knew he couldn’t afford her.

Beautiful women are expensive. They are investments and prizes for successful men or men with a good mouthpiece. Please stop listening to all of these people lying to you.

Being a beautiful woman is A LOT of work. Especially being a beautiful BOSS CHICK. That woman does not work hard as hell in life, just to end up with some basic man who can barely afford her upkeep.

Being basic is EASY AF. So of course a beautiful woman wants a man who goes hard in life and will treat her like a Queen. Basic women are accepting of basic men.

You handing a beautiful woman a few thousand dollars, and not understanding anything about HER MIND, and the way she thinks, is not going to make up for people laughing at her when they see her with you. SHE wants a prize.

NO, her soul won’t be caught dead with a funny looking man most times, unless he’s rich like Tamar’s ex husband.

Beautiful women have SYMMETRICAL features. Therefore her eyes are attracted to BEAUTY.

Prince Harry Meghan Markle

You being a nice person quite often isn’t ENOUGH. But STATUS is power.  A beautiful woman wants a man who can make her life beautiful in many ways.

Take Seal for example who married a VERY beautiful woman.

seal wife

Seal has MONEY, PURPOSE, FAME, STATUS and obviously a whole lot of charm.

He went after a beautiful woman with a beautiful HEART.   He sings from the soul and touched her DEEP in her heart.

Are you truly connected to your soul, or are you still trying to find yourself?  When you find yourself, is when you become beautiful to a woman. 

Men who complain about beautiful women, NEVER pick the ones with good hearts. Nope. They get into relationships with pretty women who don’t love them. But they think the women love them, even though obviously the women cheat on the and prove just how not into him she is.  (Self-accountability for your decisions is everything.)

There is nothing beautiful about a man who is not on his purpose and his money. If you want access to great women, then you too have to be great honey. Then you have to make great decisions, stop being lazy and go after that bright shining light of a beautiful woman with the big, beautiful heart and mind to match.  Stop falling for sweet words only, because any woman with immense power has some powerful words in her.

I’m not trying to discourage you, because anything can happen. But when it comes to beautiful women, you can get one, but not the one that thousands of men want. Get the beauty who isn’t fully formed and doesn’t know herself yet. You have to get one who is not so sure of herself. That’s why many men date younger women, because he can get over on her or mold her. You can take an average looking woman and transform her, if you want a beautiful woman that badly. But even then, that transformation takes MONEY.  So once again, beautiful women are expensive. Either you are going to finance it or she’s going to finance herself and be single until a man on her level comes along.

So you have to ask yourself, “Is my money long enough to keep up with this woman?”  Boss chicks fund themselves, but still she wants a man who can do nice things for her on a CONSISTENT basis.

We want to be so nice, and weave lies over people’s head. When you listen to average people, you listen to LIES. Average people do not understand the way beautiful women think or their belief system.

Go get you a woman on your level, who you can afford or pray for a miracle. My ex crackhead uncle once came up on a badd lil young chick. We all wondered what was wrong with her. Then even had a baby together. But SHE NEEDED him as a father figure in her life and she needed a roof over her head.   A badd azz chick with 20K followers needs a man with some real money who can really up level her status in life. Most times she doesn’t want to break the pockets of some men whom she knows she won’t ever fall in love with.

Slow men, be sending money overseas to gorgeous women thinking she is lonely and can’t find no man. ANY badd chick can get a man at anytime. Trust me, her inbox is FILLED with more men, just like you, who don’t know they don’t qualify.

If she was going to settle for less, she would’ve done it already.

Personally I’ve dated two men that others maybe didn’t find highly attractive, but I did. They were tall, smart, knew how to dress and spoiled me. I was attracted to their SOUL. So you definitely have a chance. But you have to do the work to TRULY find a woman who is HIGHLY attracted to you.

She’s never going to be attracted to a man who doesn’t understand her MIND. Men be practically going after the Beyonce’s of Instagram, with not a chance in hell of ever being her man.

I repeat, go after a woman who doesn’t have 20,000 men wanting her already. Cause the one with 20K followers wants the best of the best. You just being NICE, isn’t enough for her. She wants your clothes to be nice, your mind to be nice, and you bank account to be nice too. You spending $8,000 on her is not going to be enough.