the world awaits you

Hello Divine One.  The Universe wants to bless you with more abundance and space to meet your sacred soulmate.  Otherwise, what’s the point of you dressing to impress and being fine as wine, if you’re not going to bless that special person with your divine presence?

Deep in your heart you want a million dollar business, beautiful friendships, and a conscious relationship with a brilliant, high vibe mate who simply gets you and adores you.

It’s time manifest love, cultivate beautiful relationships, increase your confidence, heal, vibrate on a higher frequency & spend more time on your spirituality.

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You are here because you are ready to experience more joy and freedom.   You need some motivation in your life.

Would you like to have a supportive group of high-vibe entrepreneurs that will encourage you and support you in your dreams and goals?

Would you like the pleasure of being around people who understand the importance of love?

Unicorn University Tribe is a spiritual community full of millionaire mindsets and people called to birth change in the world.

Inside you will learn your gifts, create boundaries, learn to consciously communicate, find more joy, and birth your purpose in life.

We are here to help you make the most of your time, be productive and get things done.

You will learn how to divinely love yourself and get you off that merry-go-round and endless cycle of not getting your life and relationships quite right. 

Everything happens for a reason. God has better for you.  You finding me is not a coincidence.



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Hi. I am a Love & Soul Coach.  I came to awaken you to your divinity and help to set your soul free. 

I am a light worker who understands how hard you work, and the difficulties in dating while birthing your purpose.

As a master life coach for spiritual entrepreneurs I am here to increase your consciousness and provide a safe container for your expansion. 

The book that started my journey is “Eat, Pray, Love.”

Would you like to start your own spiritual journey? 



Do you believe that you have the choice to live as you please?  Have you been told you have to do things this way or that way? Are you tired of not holding a vibration that gives you what you want?

Would you like to say “I am living the perfect life for me?”

Would you like to go on a journey of owning and EMBODYING  your TRUE AUTHENTIC SELF?

Would you like to feel REALLY good about your life?

Do you imagine having the confidence to walk past your fears and leap into the dimension of your dreams?

You are here because life has caused you to expand.  You didn’t come here to listen to what other people have to say about you. 

God has called you to live a great life full of abundance, love, joy and prosperity. 

Have you been shamed and told you were too much your whole life?

Are people telling you they have a problem with you being YOU?  Do they beg you to be less of you in order to please them?

Do you ever find yourself in a room full of people, yet feel so alone?

Do you feel you have to hide your true thoughts an opinions to be accepted in this world?


The things Unicorn University does best

Awesome support

Connect with your tribe who vibes with you. It's a safe place to be your true authentic self.

SOUL happiness

Any contact with Kissy is known to alchemize and align you with happiness.


No more fear. Activation of divine strategy to accomplish your dreams and relationship goals.

Spiritual Connection

Establish a closer connection to God and spiritually evolve.

people talk

Hold on, chillax! We’re not trying to sell you on our membership. Instead, here are some clients who will do the hard work for us.

I'm usually grossed out by fluffy Unicorn stuff, but this tribe is legit! I am actually getting sh*t done. Try it, why do I care?
melisa pamuk
product designer
So, the first time I heard of of Kissy Denise I was like: what? But now I'm more like: Hell yeah, give me more of her.
marina dalmas
marketing manager
I don't even know how I got by without this stuff. This right here is the bomb. Especially the high vibe members.
denis maceoin
music producer


All this awesomeness could be yours to experience at an awesome price, for a limited time period.

Our Membership Services

You can go your whole life unaligned, afraid of your own light, or you can join Kissy and catch a rapid shift of confidence, love and divinity.

Time Managment

Learn techniques that will keep you productive and focused on a daily basis.

Conferences & shows

Yearly conferences and seminars for conscious couples, entrepreneurs and singles all around the world. 

Business Budget

Learn how to manage your finances, while still enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Online marketing

Learn advanced sales and marketing techniques from Kissy Denise herself.

Content Marketing

Learn how to put out content that attracts an aligned audience.


Learn how to make time for joy and remove the belief that you don’t have time.


Kissy Denise is lovingly known as The Goddess of Love & Motivation. Her tribe calls her The Goddess Queen. 

Kissy’s gifting is working with powerful spiritual souls to give you the miracle of energetic healing. By signing up for Unicorn University Tribe you are setting the intention to unleash your magic. 

You can ask a million and one questions, but here is the answer. Do you want healing or nah?   Would  you like to experience better, high vibe relationships and attract your soulmate?

This isn’t your typical membership. This is a divine fraternity of fabulosity. The women rock red bottom stilettos, and the man lovely to wear custom tailored suits. 

Is your purpose in life to be wealthy, experience great love and get everything good this world has to offer you?

Well this is the place.

Learn More

Time is money

You spend all of your time chasing money. It’s time to scale up your business and devote some time to attracting the right high vibe mate. 

When your business is right you have more time for relationships.  Your business problems are deeply connected to your relationship problems.


Location is everything

A yearly conference for singles and spiritual entrepreneurs takes place in Las Vegas every year. All members of Unicorn University Tribe get free tickets to the most ground breaking conference in the world, filled with spiritual business experts and relationship experts from all around the world. Not to mention UUT is filled with the most gorgeous women in the world who believe self-care and self-development is the greatest thing on earth. 

Unicorn University Tribe isn’t just a membership. It’s a movement. 

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Do any of these describe you?


Do you know in your heart, that God has more for you than where you are now?


You’re tired of dumbing yourself down to get along?


You are full of magic, sparkles, fairy dust and utter brilliance.


You’re tired of attracting the same low-vibe, loveless experiences.


You have a dream for your life yet struggle to manifest it?


You have a light that you are ready to share with the world?


You are a natural encourager?


You feel overwhelmed at times with all the moving parts of running your own business, and need mentoring to learn how to be more efficient and effective…


You’re tired of doing things to please other people, cause you notice they end up slapping you in the face and telling you that you’re not good enough…


You are tired of experiencing failed relationships…


You sometimes feel stuck and don’t know what to do next…


You feel confused or unsure of the next steps to take to live your true purpose and need help navigating the journey to deeper fulfillment…


You want to stop procrastinating and get sh*t done…


You desire to help change lives while feeling deeply fulfilled, happy, and being financially abundant…

Kissy Denise Spiritual Goddess

It’s time to be your authentic self and get in alignment with your highest self. It’s the fastest way to manifest the life of your dreams. 

It’s the only way you will feel whole, lit up, loved and absolutely free. It’s the only way that people will actually start to appreciate you. 

Would you like to finally have a healthy, conscious relationship full of love, integrity and honesty?

Unicorn University Tribe is full of high-vibe, brilliant, wealth-conscious people just like you. 

What you get?

  • Divine Healing & Dream Acceleration
  • Clarity on Your Purpose 
  • Money Mindset Reset
  • A community of like-minded, supportive, high-vibe souls
  • Free tickets to all Dream Life seminars and Conferences 
  • Basic daily Prayer and Meditation techniques
  • Self-Love Techniques that cultivate the Confidence needed to be successful for both yourself and clients
  • Divine Confidence
  • Removal of Fears, Anxiety & Limiting Beliefs 
  • Kick Azz Group Coaching To Get Sh*t Done
  • Spiritual Coaching & Alignment
  • Conscious relating & communication for relationships
  • Free Credit Repair Consultation
  • Monthly Trainings & Lives
  • High vibe friendships
  • Book Club – First Access to all books written by Kissy
  • Access to Ask Kissy questions
  • Opportunity to win prizes from Kissy
  • Instant access to training to start your own coaching business.

    Let me help you gain your CONFIDENCE, SOVEREIGNTY and BOSS AZZ ATTITUDE you’ve been wanting to embody forever, but were too afraid to.

Are you ready to LEAP?

Of course you are.


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