Man breaks down the loss of time and money for 50/50 men who chase multiple women

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I have extraordinary Facebook friends. 

Today I saw this post from Jamar Camper, and felt called to share this eloquent writing with the world. 

Spiritual meeting of the minds

Some of you dudes are really taking things out of context. My inbox tells me. Our understanding of attraction varies on our experiences and our responses to said experiences. When we first meet a human being man to woman we don’t know this MF. We don’t know their values, their perspectives, their mannerisms, their beliefs and opinions on important issues. So we have to use wisdom to distinguish if they are worth our time, energy, and yes money. I never said go spend crazy on women just cause they’re women. That’s stupid and foolish.

But what is equally foolish is to waste life chasing convenient ass that doesn’t respect you at all and brag about how you didn’t spend that much money. Over time it’s draining. Modern dudes love to brag about how they don’t spend money on women without realizing they do the very thing they love to brag about ALL THE TIME. If you really think about all the energy we put into chasing random tail you would have to admit we were foolish.

“All the consecutive weekends paying top dollar to get to the popular clubs, all the ego moments in clubs when we would overboard “buy the bar” with nothing tangible to really celebrate, the gas money to drive far to a girl’s house just to not get any, the flexing just to show we got it.”

Damn muscle over extended bruh about to pop lol. It’s fun to do that stuff but keep in moderation. The better way would be to put all that energy into you, your purpose, and your life experience. Build yourself to be a high value man. Optimize your gifts over vagina. I hate to quote the bible while discussing such topic. But Proverbs says “Your gift will make room for you and bring you before great men”. I believe it will bring you to great women as well. Gifted and wonderful women that will respect you and want to enhance you as you do them. I don’t want the ass, I want the respect. The sex is secondary. Highly prioritize women that respect manhood to have better dating/life experiences.

We are programmed to care about convenience over own self respect as men. We are programmed to value a phat ass over our own future. We are indirectly taught to disrespect ourselves and therefore the women respond accordingly. This ecosystem currently is designed for your self esteem to be built like a house of cards. Modern men will go through all kind of loops and hardships just to get the sex and will really think they won just because they got sex. That sex meant nothing to her. Husbands get disrespected in public all the time and just be looking stupid grinning about it.

This current imbalanced environment we are in flourishes off men not being respected.

The government loves it. More tax revenue for them. The divorce rate is 50 to 60% you really think the government care about functioning healthy families? “You don’t need a man for anything nowadays sis”. The prideful spirit of today. You think they care that 43% of black women have never been married? No…they need those black women working overboard. Work that horse into the ground.

If all the black men quit their jobs today, they would kinda care. But if all black women working quit their jobs at once it would be a national emergency. No I’m not saying that black women are the total production of the economy. All people working contribute their value. The work itself is not the issue it’s the constant corporate overboard/pressure of work and the chemical imbalance of stress it brings to households and relationships.

In closing, it’s better to take your time build yourself up and take pride being a dominant figure. Keep women in feminine energy to have a better life experience. Take losses like a boss. Have an abundance mindset. Trying to justify every dollar spent tit for tat with a woman (50/50 mindset) is foolish over time. Blessings.

The world is blessed when men of abundance lead the way.  Thank You Jamar. 

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What really resonates with me is his wisdom in seeing how some men feel like the prize was having sex with a woman. If that’s all he came to get, a woman won’t see him as any brighter than he feels she is for giving it to him.

MEN: Please pay your woman’s bills, AND teach her how to start her own business.

Please stop wasting her time and your time by being a 50/50 man. Such a man causes a high value woman GREAT CONFUSION. She can’t keep a solid good feeling about you, because you don’t do enough to SECURE her heart. Often-times she really loves you, but her soul can’t settle. God called her to be a Queen, and when you treat her like less, she has to let go and live in her truth.  If you think your money is more valuable than her, then….