Men who provide allow a woman to feel feminine and nourished

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I woke up today feeling so refreshed, lit up, nourished and loved. Last week was a really good week for me.  I experienced a few breakthroughs.  While on vacation, I had the most amazing massage by a man that truly relaxed me.  I had one man tell me that he wasn’t about to “kiss my azz or spend money on me like these other men do.” Two hours later I received a text from another man who said he wanted to give me the world and be “that man” for me. 

It fascinates me how I get to see and experience both sides of the coin. I’m in total gratitude to God and the Universe.  For the past 10 years of my life, the only thing I know is men treat me like the Goddess that I am. I had long since forgotten how it feels to have a man presenting himself into a woman’s vortex who is not going hard in the paint to capture you, simply because you are not his true heart’s desire, yet he’s unaware of that. But I did this lil experiment.

Everyone on the planet is seeking love in some form.  Many have never truly felt it, so they have no idea what they are looking for. Whether a person values you is truly based upon their own value system. 

kissy denise purple

I am the finest wine and one of the most amazing women on the planet.  But only a certain type of man will be able to ascertain my value.  I would say that he must have a certain level of life experience and wisdom.  While one man treats me like a total Goddess another would treat me like a basic b*tch, if I allowed him into my vortex.   While one man tells you he likes you cause you’re nice and confident, another man will tell you that you’re the most beautiful, most amazing, most fascinating, most kind, most brilliant woman in the world.  You see there are levels to this ish!

I also bought into a new mentor this week that I plan on working with for quite some time.  I noticed that when you buy into a mentor who is in total alignment with you, you instantly become blessed. Sales go up, clarity comes, and things seem to shift immediately; before you even start to work with them.  At least that’s what happens to me and that’s what happens to my clients when they buy in with me.  I don’t know if I’m blessed ground and my mentors are blessed ground or if it’s simply the laws of the Universe being activated.  I believe it’s blessed ground, simply because many of my clients have bought into mentors and received nothing before me. 

My first published book “You Can’t Force A Man To Value You” will also be released on Amazon this week.

My “Goddess Unleashed – Unleashing Your Inner Goddess” course is also being rewritten by me this week.  As my vacation helped me truly see what women needed and exactly what I needed to teach them inside the course. Needless to say, it’s going to rapidly and positively change each woman’s life.  It’s the type of course where even if they don’t finish it, a great shift will still happen.  Same thing happened for me with my current mentor’s course. I haven’t finished it, but making more money and more shifts still came.

Today is the first day I’ve woken up in a long time and truly feel like myself again. It’s because I have love again. I’ve let men in and allowed them to provide for me and nourish me.  I realize I’m a completely different woman when I’m with a man who spends money on me, and provides for me; versus one who isn’t willing to financially invest in me.  When I’m with a man and I see something I want and I’m going to pay for it myself I tend to float into boss chick energy.  Which is masculine. Not that I act masculine around men, it’s just an energetic thing.  When I’m around a man and I know he is going to spend on whatever I want, within reason, I’m completely feminine and in total Goddess energy. I’m childlike and glow. Everyone can see it and they want in on my vortex. It’s so big that I wasn’t even aware of it.

When I was on vacation I was in Goddess energy.  That man handed me money fresh off the plane. Took me shopping for bikinis. Randomly walked up on me and dressed me in an entire sophisticated outfit to my surprise. My toenail got messed up because apparently the nailshop  put regular polish on my toenails, instead of gel. I was on vacation though and insisted on not tripping. I also had a nail appointment for 4 days away at the beauty salon inside the hotel. But the man I was with made another appointment and took me right away.  Then he took me again 4 days later.

He also sent me to the spa for massages twice in one week. We went to the casino to gamble and he also gave me money for that too. We walked in the mall and some cute, hip hop type european woman, who just so happened to also be a stunning Dr. put me on some Shiraz eye cream that I was familiar with.  I spent $2,000 in Miami buying the whole kit.  The guy I was with liked the cream on me and didn’t even blink at the luxury price.  Not once did he tell me no to anything.  

I dropped my phone on the floor of the hotel room because I had it in bed with me. The screen cracked. When I got back to Vegas he sent me a whole new upgraded iPhone. When I got it, it was this beautiful, copper peach color. It’s called CORAL.  When I asked him about it he said “You said your favorite color was pink. So I figured you’d like it. The iPhone 11 isn’t quite out yet, so that’s the only reason I didn’t send you that one.”  On top of that he had already seen something else I needed and sent me a few thousand for that.  One day on vacation he even helped me put my socks on. I could go on and on about all the things this man did for me in one week. Even when we were at the hotel buffet and he got up to get me dessert, the bowl of ice cream he brought me back had multiple flavors, cookies, sprinkles, gummy bears, marshmallows and all kind of things to make it cute and super presentable. WHY? Because he knows beautiful things delight my eyes, and acts of service, along with gifts, are my love language. 

One thing I know about a man is that when he’s truly into you he looks for ways to feed into you. He’s not going to tell you he’s not going to do A, B, C, D & E, for you. Some things you have to ask him for, but other things he simply does. Many women aren’t aware of this so they accept dealing with men who want their body, but won’t spend $1 on them. It’s also sad how many men gip themselves out of the pleasure of being delighted by a super feminine woman; because they simply don’t nurture that side of her.

Men who provide are simply better.  I also realize that I’m not into turtle men who come at me having to think or wonder if they want to be with me. That’s silly to me. I’m on team go hard or go home. Come correct or don’t come at all. If a man doesn’t come at me with everything he has, he will never truly capture my heart.  It’s best for a man to study women, see which one he wants, then go after her. No point of making his presence  known and then moving in like a turtle. Turtle men are unsure of their own decisions, don’t trust themselves and don’t know a valuable woman when they see one. They are simply walking around dating multiple women, and each woman is just basic to him.  He hasn’t met a woman that’s spectacular in his eyes. She could be Oprah, but he’d see her as the girl next door.  A man has to move like a lion, stalk his prey, then go in for the kill. He has to walk in, eliminate all competition, shut it down and come for the crown. At least that’s what Kings do.

I noticed that men who are truly into me, even my male friends, know exactly what makes me happy. They’ve observed me. 

I feel bad for women who are having the experience of each man in her life telling her what he’s not going to do for her. She has no idea how it feels to simply be a lady and be in a divine space of feeling provided for, nourished and protected by a man.  She doesn’t get the opportunity to feel safe. So chances are she’s stressed out, trying to figure out life on her own, and probably doing a very good job of it. As a result she has no idea why she would actually need a man. Men are only good for a woman when they add to you. Adding his d*ck to you, doesn’t do anything for a valuable woman, unless it comes with time, love, gifts, affection and attention. Like my granny used to say “Ain’t no romance without finance.” He has to feed into you, in multiple ways, in order for you to receive his love into your heart.

When a man truly cares about a woman he’s going to go out of his way to show you. The rest will tell you they are busy, or that it’s simply not who they are.  Every man will give excuses until he meets the one. What one man won’t do for you, the next one will. You are not aligned until you meet a man who desires to feed life and love into you…Therefore you become his muse.  Men benefit greatly from having a woman as a muse. But if he doesn’t invest, he loses the muse. When a man fails to invest in a great woman, he fails to invest in himself. All types of magic happens when a woman is nurtured by a man. She blesses him with the energy of abundance and happiness. 

Many boss chicks don’t really care about a man’s money, because she knows how to make her own.  Therefore she will try to simply focus on love and be with a man who doesn’t provide. She has no idea how wrong that’s going to go for her.  A man does not love a woman until he’s spent his money on her. That’s just the way it goes. It doesn’t go the way you think it should go. It is what it is. Accept it and make change. 

Lastly, I’m still not actually dating. But I’m moving closer to being ready. I’m almost there. I have a pinch to go.