Never fear love, God will always send you a reflection of your heart

by | Love & Relationships

I am working on myself. But as of this post, I have a problem with weak women.  One group in particular are the  Twin Flame women.
I find that group of women to be the dumbest, most weakest women, I’ve ever seen in my life.  The amount of sobbing, and waiting on someone to love them  and see their value is insane.
We’ve all been hurt. We’ve all wanted someone to see our value. But us smart ones left without looking back, and healed your pain, because you actually do value yourself. 
Anyway, today I saw another dumb Twin Flame chick ask if anyone was going out on dates WHILE being separated from their twin flame. ALL of the comments said nothing and one else will ever compare to a twin flame love.
So guess what? Nothing and no one else will ever compare. I’m not calling them stupid for thinking that. I’m calling them stupid because they value themselves so little that they are sitting around waiting on someone who abused the mess out of them to come back to them, after reading a Twin Flame storyline online.  
They fail to see that a person simply didn’t care about them.  But this isn’t about that. This post is about mindset. 
When I broke up with my abusive boyfriend, I was crushed and heartbroken. That man used to buy me all kinds of clothes and bags and take me all over the country.  We traveled together, we ate together, we spent every day together, we got money together, we laughed together and were somewhat ‘best friends’.
He helped me fix my credit, taught me how to dress, how to hustle and got me a passport. He was also tall, handsome, well dressed, charming respected and very smart. We lived a life of luxury. I pretty much accepted that I may not meet a man as dynamic as him.
7 Years later I gave myself a life of luxury.  I then met a guy who blew him out the water. He also wasn’t abusive. Maybe he wasn’t as smart as the first, or as money getting as the first, but he was smart enough, fun and very charming. He also bought me better shoes, and thoughtful gifts. But he never took me out of town not once. (He took the previous women and the one after me out of town. Remember that a man will always do for the next woman what he won’t do for you.)
I was heartbroken over him too. I figured I would never meet a man as amazing as him. 6 months later, when I wasn’t even looking or open to dating, I met a man who blows him out the water. He is 10 times smarter. In fact he’s brilliant, super emotionally intelligent, heart-centered, cute, gets money, walks in his purpose, and handles his business and is really sweet.  I’m not with that guy and it’s no big deal.
Here is why.
When you love people the way I love people, God will always send you a replacement of equal or greater value. Either you’ll get the person you love, someone of their equivalent or someone way better.
I only get into relationships with amazing men. Therefore each one just gets better and better. My husband is going to be one of the most amazing men on earth and mars combined.
This is the mindset you must have.